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The great shitpost thread

Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by Zerwikaptur, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Alternate history (when biased on agenda) or manipulated history is the absolute cancer in the entertainment industry. Worst of the worst. Either have the authenticity to tell history accurately or get inspired by history and use your damned brain for once to make your own creative universe and do whatever you like (e.g game of thrones). Don't copy history and change a bit of what you did not like to fit your agenda. e.g 300. battlefield 5.

    It's ok if there parts you have to make some parts that had no information on by doing as best as you can to represent things accurately or change some scenes for entertainment value of long as the core message and theme is the same. But when you change history itself and it's message and values you commit an atrocity. Not only you are spitting on the graves and lives of an entire generation of humankind. You are also spreading false information and there are a lot of uniformed people who genuinely believe the cancer you are telling as history...

    Yes they did! I have known it and unlike the popular belief and it's not the first time a WWII game has shown it. In Company of heroes 2 the bravery and resilience of women was shown in WWII battlefront 2. But in POLAND not freaking UK. Unlike Poland UK was never desperate enough to risk their women into the front lines and never tried to. There were rouge exceptions of course even for UK.

    However I am pretty god damn sure there was no woman or possibly even man with a prosthetic in UK Front lines. That would be against rules to send injured to front line like that. More importantly I don't think fighting in World War II was a place where you had fun hitting people with cricket bats and Katanas and make jokes about it. This is what it means by historical accuracy, just saying people are mad cause of women is a really narrow minded and biased generalization.

    Now EA doesn't give a fuck about equality or social justice for sure. They only did this stupidity thinking they can sell some skins. Probably hoping to add anime hot bimbo skins soldiers for easy profit off the lonely creeps. Just like other greedy and stupid stuff it has backlashed.

    Now obviously you are gonna say, it's a game and why the hell you care? You the type always says fk lore, game play matters more. And for multiplayer I am fine with it. People will always do stupid stuff and let them have fun breaking rules, this is not WWII simulation anyways. If someone wants to play as Rias Gremory in a multiplayer match. Fk it let them do it.

    My problem is mainly with the single-player story modes. If it's a nonsense story of bunch of cyberpunkes cutting Super evil German Undead zombies with Katanas then I will be pissed. Now a lot of the dislikes are overreaction imo since maybe the trailer won't represent the single player and it might actually be an authentic story. Will hopefully be good.

    Another issue is also history is not really EA's monopoly right. It's not fair when you butcher history and change it for your own agenda while also pretty much copy-pasting history as content for the rest of the game. Do it with Star Wars, fine it's own. History on the other hand matters to a lot of people and it's natural they get upset when someone lies about it for profit.
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    But no, it isn't about women, it's about women running around with prosthetic limbs (which would maybe pass but in Volkssturm, which was composed of men only but that's beside the point now), soldiers on western front running around with katanas looking like Wolfenstein characters and other similar things.

    Seriously if anyone legit makes the whole drama because "hurr durr womyn in my WW II game" thats likely some mysoginists not worth any attention or radical history purists that should't even approach Battlefield game in the first place, and tbh all this stuff would be fine if EA didn't try to brand the game as historically accurate.
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    r mom gay
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    Why does every shitpos thread turn into a ww2 debate? Lol
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