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The World of Casus (OOC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by crawlers, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Bram51warcraft

    Bram51warcraft Lore Nerd Brigand Map Maker

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    How is this trolling if I want to make a faction that is like the Imperium of Man.

    I mean you have robots and people from a different planet using a wormhole to get on the planet?

    Why is some decaying sci fi civlization so ridiclouis?
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  2. NailBigGreen

    NailBigGreen ZUBATMAN Brigand

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    Uhh... hmmm, sounds... Interesting.

    Name: Eorkern (In human tongue... Unity of Eor)

    Species: Merphers. They are a lizard-like semi-quadrupedal species, they have scales all over their body except for the stomach. Normally they walk on two legs while in the home, when out hunting or defending/attacking they are down on four to use their tail more efficiently to stab their enemy as the tail, even though it sounds inconvenient to use like this it is what they were made to do. In their former homelands they were one of the weaker predators and evolved this strain over time to compete with larger prey. There is a difference according to what class they are assigned by birth. These birth classes, as they're called. Are essentially their purpose in the home or outside of it. They are, worker, warrior, crystal, vibral, princess and the rumored gregor. The workers are smaller, at full height about as big as a human. Their scales are much more durable and their jaw strength, as well as raw strength makes the warriors seem weak. In contrast to the workers, who can be seen as the brawn, the warriors can be seen as the fast weapons of Eorkern army. They army actually only consist of warriors as their body's have high speed. They're also hunters when there are no ongoing wars. The crystals are a group of Merpher, which are half-rare. Every year only one is born. Their strength lies in the magic storage hidden in the palm of their heads, it's a gem which passively absorbs magic. They are however unable to use magic, they are however sometimes a variant of this. They no longer absorb it from the air, but from spells. This makes it easy for the Merpher to recycle magic. The vibral are the strongest magic casters in the Eorkern army, they are also the only magic casters. They are often accompanied with Crystals as they couldn't normally use the magic in the air as it was poisonous to their body, however the crystal's crystal purified the magic enough for the vibral to use it, they are most oftenly seen using vibration magic. Princess, self explanatory but they are larger than the normal size, about twice the size of a human. The princesses are also fated to become queens, the main breeders and leaders of the Eorkern society. There can only be six queens and when a princess is born from a queen ten years later the queen dies, this is a natural process and only happen after at least a hundred years. Lastly, the Gregor. They're so rare that even the queens who live their whole lifespan of 2000 years might never see them. They're known as a legend, it is said that the Gregor are the kings of the Merphers and that it is their ancestral form which they had before their evolution. The Gregor is much different to the normal Merpher, they're fully quadrupedal and measures if bipedal almost twice as long as a standard queen. They have several tails which can act independetly of eachother, they also have the crystal's crystal. However much larger, they're also able to use magic. They only live for 25 years however and none as far as recorded history goes have survived that far. Which pales in contrast to the 75 of a warrior, 100 of a worker, 125 of a crystal and 77 of a vibral. A princess, of course lives as long as a queen as that is what they become, so 2000 years. To clarify something earlier, the queens are just the main breeders of the society. While a queen can produce a baby merpher about each three months, a normal female can produce one in four times the time. Meaning a year, meanwhile they arn't useless but they can't do too much.

    Government: Council matriarchial, semi-battle hierarchy. (Six queens and a hierarchy of who the strongest is at fighting. The twelve strongest become the mates of the queens.)
    Technology level: Fantasy-like medieval. Rune-etched armors and weapons.
    Territory: Through the vibrational portal they arrived near a mountain chain to create their underground kingdom of Eorkernia.

    History: The gregor, a proud and destructive beast. Pales in front of their former rivals. They had fled to the poison marsh, a place where even the most poison resistant beings would want to escape. However, the gregor didn't highly care as their minds. While still primitive, could sense that the magic in the air was just defiled. Which was the reason all creatures, except them. Stayed away, however. Deep within, a slumbering beast of untold powers were awakened. The numerous gregors there slayed the beast and then made their home in it's former home, making the skeleton of the giant beast their breeding nest, over numerous generations the gregor grew more accustomed to the lands and their roles became more specialised. Slowly, the gregor faded away from existance. Or so, the tales tell. Now, the Merphers were in trouble. They could no longer fight the magical serpents that invaded their lands, however they were able to do it. They didn't know. They were not liked, they decided to flee using a vibrational portal which killed 74 of their vibrals from magical exhaustion and all of their crystals. They had two workers, the remaining vibral, the queen of 205 years as well as three warriors cross the portal, there were four males and three females. Now their lives begin in this dangerous world.

    Magic: The Merpher vibrals innately know how to cast basic vibration magic. And can be taught how to rune etch and enchant. They're not capable of using external magic except from a crystal.

    Other: *cough* You might wonder "But if there's only one queen then there can't be six people who rule according to your government!" but you forget, there's other females. The queens might be the main producer but there are others. (And yes, the queens evolved to live long as that helped their species survive the longest.)

    (Note: Didn't read through all of this so, excuse any grammatical errors. I will answer questions if you have them. It's that easy :l I have a feeling they're somewhat close to something else I've created...)
  3. Bram51warcraft

    Bram51warcraft Lore Nerd Brigand Map Maker

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    Name: Erebrum First Company
    Species: Homo homo homo Sapiens
    Government: Militair Hierarchy
    Technology level: 41th Milenia Technology Post-heresy.
    Territory: A crippeled Strike Cruiser in a stable orbit around the planet.
    The warp travel had. The Ship is unable to use its main guns and most of its sensors are disabelled. And the Librariums are currently unconcious from the perilous journey.
    It mostly serves as Thier HQ where their tech marchines try with their limited resources to keep the Chapter Strong.
    Meanwhile the chapter keeps doing its job , but all of its chapter serfs are quite agitaited by this.

    History: The Strike cruiser Erebrum was making a warp transit untill a warpstorm pushed the Ship into unkown locations , perhaps even different times or different Milenia.
    The Chapter master with their golden Thunder hammer awaits to see what can be done to reunite with the rest of the chapter and the imperium at large.

    Magic: The magic drawn from the warp to enact psychique feats by their librarians
    Not counting the chapter masters gear
    40 000 bolt gun rounds
    2000 bolt pistol rounds
    4000 Storm bolters
    300 Plasma pistol Rounds
    300 rockets
    700 Las cannon Batteries

    10 000 armour rounds for vechicels and such

    100 chain swords
    100 Bolt guns
    130 Bolt Pistols
    50 Heavy Bolters
    10 force swords
    200 combat knives
    60 storm bolters
    10 Rocket launchers
    2 Las Cannons
    3 assault cannons
    40 Power Fists

    88 mk6 Corvus armor
    15 suits of terminator power armour
    50 suits of mk7 Aquilla armour
    50 Scout Armor
    2 Venerable custom 'Anvil' dreadnought armour
    30 jump packs
    10 Naurethicum
    30 Rosarius
    1 Iron Halo

    4 rino's
    6 Land Raiders
    4 whirlwinds
    30 Bike's
    40 land speeders
    40 Thunder hawks
    100 Drop Pods


    Name: Erebrus Chapter Master
    Species: Adeptus Astartes
    Equipment: Master Crafted Relic Golden Powerhammer.
    History: Erebrus is the 16th Chapter master. Rising to the rank of chapter Master during the Purge of Nuroniam 7. Where the chapter master was slain by A vile xeno champion of Which he as captain of First company took revenge.
    Magic: He is no mutant
    Other: I don't think so

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  4. Teelvade

    Teelvade King of Thorns

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    Well this went off to a fucking wonderfull start with "totes not dwarves", "Totes not a continent spanning empire on the brink of making WMDs", "Robots in medieval", "Lizurdmen" and a troll.

    As if the others werent....

    Name: Southern Federation of Clans.

    Species: Humans.

    Government: Tribal Monarchy, the tribe chiefs select a leader that rules to the end of his lifespan and then the chiefs select a new one from among them.

    Technology level: Slightly below Medieval standard because of the land and low priority on technological advances.

    Territory: All the wild land spanning around the south pole, not legally "held" as there are no guarded borders but the clans migrate across the seemingly endless south tundras bordering the uninhabitable border where nothing grows.

    History: Probably driven further and further south over generations of warfare and migrations the people of the Clans eventually reached the border where no men can live and forced with the choice of venturing out there and die or fight back.
    With their backs against the tundras and meeting enemies just as affected by the cold as themselves the clans had their first victories in generations and feasted on the fallen for days before harvesting what nature there was in the savage tundra.
    Finding roving packs of mammoths (or bison or whatever the rules allow that are huge shaggy beasts) served as the salvation of the clans as they could be harvested for furs for warmth, meat and milk for survival and even ridden to war if needed.
    Ages later, having had every member of the clans tested ruthlessly throughout childhood and life all the weak are culled and only the strong remain the sadly the lack of resources have also led to the clans burying their dead by eating them as the ground is too hard to dig through and burning them would be a waste of fuel, all parts are used. Nothing is left for nature to steal.

    Tested by time, nature and neighbors the clans are hardy hunter gatherers with no need of farms or fortifications, the clan raids rarely have many in number as the clan feuds are as many as there are clans and some always need to stay in case someone aims for them while their backs are turned but if the clans united they would have a considerable part of the globes population united under one banner.

    One day (like literally now) the elders of the Icy Spear clan saw a shining light on the south horizon and sent scouts to check it out.

    Name: Suduroth


    Armor or Ice, Blade of Dark Ice, Tome of Ice Forging.

    Champion of an unknown world inhabited by almost-humans wielding magic as if it was nothing a magical ceremony/duel gone wrong sent a backlash throughout the space-time and twisted it to the point where a single step of Suduroth brought him from his own world to this one without his consent.
    The lack of magic in this world is stopping his return to his own but it does not stop his talents for hardening ice beyond the hardiness of metal.

    Suduroth wields a kind of Hydromancy to imbue ice with magic into weapons and armor on par with metal ones.

    Other: Is totes not Archaon, the lich king or the Emperor of mankind.
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  5. DarthLenin

    DarthLenin Fuck the laws. Communism to the core.

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    So...4 sci-fi factions. Meh. I suppose I shall be dank Eldar -wannabes aswell, because the amount of sci-fi factions Made this less like a medieval rp with few surprises/unexpected visitors. Besides. Rather Fight fire with fire than with oil.
  6. NikolaT.

    NikolaT. the rightful King of Scotland Brigand

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    Since Baln. wont leave me alone.
    Name: Siparav
    Species: Human
    Government: Absolute voting Monarchy
    Technology level: mediveal
    Territory: Located in a very central slightly souther location traversed by rivers and surrounded by deserts and steps.
    History: Originaly a invading force from the eastern desert the future people of Siparav conquered the land and enslaved the local population in a bloody campaign which marked the begining for there kingdom. Over the centuries the 2 cultures fused into 1 unification that now rules centered land mass at
    Magic: None
    Religion: Worshipers of the teachings of Asacha-anun (also regarded by his title the flayed one)
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  7. Bram51warcraft

    Bram51warcraft Lore Nerd Brigand Map Maker

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    Well you gotta Remember Balnazzar is the only sci fi faction that can maintain its technology indefinitly.
    And your eldar would be stuck in the system
  8. DarthLenin

    DarthLenin Fuck the laws. Communism to the core.

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    Yes, But who Said I was going to stay on the planet? Or that i did not bring with Me the resources with what to build a space portal with re-chargeable batteries linked to the main fleet to keep Me supplied?
  9. Bram51warcraft

    Bram51warcraft Lore Nerd Brigand Map Maker

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    Well according to balnazzar if I understood.

    The entire Galaxy in which this system lies only has 1 solar system , This one.
    Also as I understood Balnazzar is the ONLY ONE capable to acces his homeworld for resources and technology.

    Eventualy my company will either leave the system to hopefully re-enter their universe or de-evolve or all die in space.
  10. DarthLenin

    DarthLenin Fuck the laws. Communism to the core.

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    Meh. I suppose I'll be the tyranid hivelord and his zerg rish then.
    Because So Far there is no reason to Be a medieval nation as They will be 100% annihilated or assimilated or driven Into Chaos of anarchy or some shit.
    Really. This is a sci-fi colonization of different space nations that Fight over the Dominion of this World as it seems to serve a Gateway to other universes. So colonists vs. Natives.