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Third War reborn 0.01

Discussion in 'The Third War' started by Skillerino, May 1, 2018.

  1. Fatcat

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    This Map is Still Dead its reviving a Dead Horse then Beating It to Death before the Second Version comes out by Removing Content, and not Adding Content. To be sincere No one ever selects the Alternate Hero at least I never Did. But then I don't want a Female Demolisher in the place of Rexxar, Malkorok would be a Good Replacement but you removed Garrosh which wasn't needed at All the Evolution, and Events for Horde should have led directly up to True Horde with Its Heroes, and Units Dalaran has those kinds of Evolutions its Canon too, I never liked the Whole Dark Horde having to become the Twilights Hammer give em a True Horde alliance, and Zaela Path to counter this. This Map didn't need the Murky Zerg Path if your gonna Add a Alien Species add The Thing or something as a Hero Path or the Xenomorph Queen since this Map has Movie References littered throughout It. You fail to realize the Trivia, and Jokes in this Map that make It the Individual It Is. Once you realize that you will truly be Its Editor.
  2. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    thanks for the Feedback of Course i was going to make some paths but Right now im more trying to reduce the crashs that currently happen in the map of Course there are Events coming and true Horde is a good idea for pink green could get a zaela path but i would like that other factions get a path too before someone gets a second path already
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  3. Skillerino

    Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity

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    We are trying to avoid adding references as some people find it annoying but then again if we will feel like the map will prosper from it or will be better then we might add smt but for now we are not doing any movie stuff(hopefully never lul) also yeah Murlocs are let´s say unique so they might stay that way or we might change them but once again we will focus on that in second version or maybe in the next one.
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