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Third War Reborn 2.02 Changelog

Discussion in 'The Third War' started by Julian, Nov 10, 2018.

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    And here we are a new Version going soon live on MMH most important Change this time is the remove of Ley Lines and barracks being splitted and are unable to Train same Units now. Most of the Changes did for this Patch go to lordaeron and Fel Horde. I may take a proper look on kalimdor in the next patch. Now here is the Changelog

    General: siege got the area dmg effect increased
    ley lines removed you can now teleport to buildings
    Barracks got the Units splitted you can no longer train all units only from one barrack
    Lich King got a rework on his spells
    new spells: Q Coil W fury of thousand souls (big range bladestorm) E stayed same R Frostfall (Starfall type of spell)
    dreadlords got mana burn removed they got now feedback what they get with chaos mastery
    nether drakes got devour Magic
    Infernal Machines got Inferno back

    ashbringer got now incinerate , pulverise and +20 dmg
    buffed footmen health to 900
    knights health to 1000
    footmen advanced training now does give 80 more health
    archers got +50 health
    archers got +6 base dmg
    calia got a rework she is now a ranged intellegence hero Q blizzard with light effect W holy light E brilliance aura R tranquility
    paladins holy light heals now for 500
    reduced Fel Kaels flamestrike dmg

    deathknights got there deathstrike reduced to 85 dmg
    reduced hellfires attack speed
    reduced felmaws attack speed
    reduced hound of hakkar health to 400 and armor to 4
    attack type changed to normal
    hounds of hakkar got a cooldown of 35 seconds now
    smoulderthorn headhunters got -2 base dmg

    riflemen gold cost reduced to 18
    defender of the nexus got there attack type changed to pierce and dmg reduced by 20
    Diamond magni added you require ulduar cp to trigger this event

    Dark Green:
    knights got now 950 health
    footmen got 850 health
    footmens got 4 base armor
    For Stormwind! (Varian Q) also increases movementspeed by 5/10/15/20% but got a nerf on the area
    Pink: Neeru got now Hero Armor

    banish got now 400 range instead of 600

    Hope you like the Patchnotes
    forgot to Mention Panda also did some new Terrain

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