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Tutorial: Saving file size space

Discussion in 'Map Making' started by Woodenplank, Nov 9, 2017.

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    1: Introduction
    So you want to avoid making your map unplayable? Finding it hard to stay below the 8MB level with all the cool custom models you want?
    Well look no further!

    First off; download your favourite model/skin/whatever from a site on the internet like The Hive Workshop.
    Download and extract the files into your library of choice. I'm using Necrokenis's "Teron Gorefiend" model as an example.

    1.1: Programs used
    First make sure you have these two programs:
    Warcraft 3 Viewer
    MDX Squisher

    2: Reducing MDX (model) file sizes
    This is, by far, the easiest step. The resulting drop in file size may vary, however.

    Simply open up the MDX Squisher program. It looks like this
    The program is self-explanatory. Hit the Squish MDX button, select a file you want to reduce, and the program creates a duplicate file with the suffix "_squished" in the same folder like this:
    You're done!

    An important thing to note here is that the file, when viewed in the World Editor's importing manager or otherwise, will appear to be the same size. HOWEVER, when you save the map and compile it with the World Editor, the file size is reduced.

    3: Reducing BLP (textures/skins) file sizes
    This requires that you open the Warcraft 3 Viewer. (There are other ways to do it, but the Viewer provides an easy method).

    It looks like this:

    The Warcraft Viewer has alot of features; we'll only need TGA-BLP and BLP-TGA (the buttons are highlighted in the screenshot).
    First use BLP-TGA to convert all BLP files to a different format - the default is .BMP, but other formats such as .jpg or .png work as well). Like this:
    (A small prop will come up telling you about Quality of Compression, just click 'ok').

    Once all your BLP files have been converted to .bmp, use the TGA-BLP converter to turn them back into .blp...
    You will get a prompt like this:

    THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. Put the quality of compression slider down to like 50%.
    The new blp file will have a smaller file size (and a slight drop in visual quality, but nothing you will notice in gameplay).

    Take a look at the Teron Gorefiend files before and after compression:
    TempCompare01.PNG Temp01.PNG
    Reduced: 208KB + Squished Models
    Regular: 360KB + Unsquished models

    4: Further Tips
    Take a look at Warcraft 3 Optimizer by Vexorian. It can reduce filesize AND optimize your map's script to improve performance (will only make a difference in trigger-heavy maps).
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    Ah, a day in the past with our SUPERIOR 125mb file size limit!
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