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Upcoming changes in 1.1c.

Discussion in 'Fall of Quel'Thalas' started by Krotos, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    These are mostly final. The list may get expanded.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity being permanent.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity not requiring the upgrade to unlock it.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity and Rune of Frost casting each other instead of the one the player chose.
    - Fixed Sigil of Clarity giving 750% mana regen bonus.
    - Adjusted to give 15 flat instead. Duration unchanged.​
    - Fixed the positioning of Evil Watchers so that they match the runestone locations.
    - Fixed Hawkstriders being untrainable.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Rune Trap missing its SFX.
    - Fixed Fel Reavers' spells being wrong.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Falling Star hotkey being wrong in the description.
    - Fixed Sylvanas' Rune Trap missing the hotkey in its description.
    - Fixed Alleria's Straith position in level-up window.
    - Fixed positioning of buildings in acolyte's construction tab.
    - Fixed Mirdoran the Fallen no longer existing on the map.
    - Fixed Wretched Armoury, Wretched Keep and Tomb of Relics having no hotkey.
    - Fixed all Level 2 caster upgrades requiring a Sun Perch.
    - Caused some players to be unable to research them. Now requires a mystical store.​
    - Fixed Silvermoon Archers' training hotkey.
    - Now uses E.​
    - Fixed High Elven Farms using the same hotkey as Altar of Sun.
    - Now uses F instead of R.​
    - Restored missing audio lines.
    - I am not sure if there's anything I can do about it but I believe some of it got fixed.​
    - Removed a lonely Abomination that was scouting around Silvermoon City.
    - Removed an underwater sect of trolls north of Zul'Aman.
    - Reworked Silvermoon Archers:
    - Renamed to Farstriders.
    - Damage reduced by 4 and health reduced by 130.
    - Now has Multishot and Sentinel.
    - Multishot lets them hit an additional target.
    - Reworked Spreaders of Disease.
    - Now called Plaguemancers: they can now cast Pestilence and can learn Reanimate and Decrepify.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Reworked Anub'Rekhan:
    - Replaced by Seer Drannix:
    - Seer Drannix comes with 2 new spells: Vicious Spawning and Spidery Grasp:
    - Vicious Spawning: Drannix summons the Nerubis eggs to debilitate his enemies. The eggs deal damage in an area around them and slow. After they're destroyed they spawn Nerubians to fight for his cause. At level 3 it can also spawn bigger eggs that spawn stronger Nerubians.
    - Spidery Grasp: Drannix envelops his enemy in tentacles, causing them to become rooted and unable to attack. The affected enemy will take damage over time. Duration's shorter against heroes.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Added Anti-Rush measures for Undead bases.
    - There are 2 Deathspires in Deatholme and 8 Protectors of the Nest in Tribulation Lair.​
    - Added a couple troll camps in some empty areas on the map.
    - Added some wildlife to make the map seem more alive.
    - Increased the amount of bounces on Noth's Pulsing Darkness from 2/4/6 to 4/7/10.
    - Sylvanas' Ambush Tactics aura works only on her own units now.
    - Reduced training time of all units by 25% to 40% to improve the flow of the game.
    - Updated High Elven upgrade icons to ones that match them more.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Updated Glaive Master's Sun Glaives icon.
    - Updated Ballistae's icon.
    - Updated Alleria's Arrow Barrage icon.
    - Updated Huntress' icon.
    - Updated Huntress' upgrade, Halduron's Bow Mastery's and Bow of Light's icons.
    - Updated Aelthalyste's and Liadrin's icons.
    - Updated Troll Hunters' icon.
    - Updated Mana Absorber's icon.
    - Updated Wretched Manaspitter's and Wretched Abolisher's icons.
    - Updated Vereesa's icon and model.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Disabled Forsaken victory conditions.
    - Latest patch completely broke them and they were mostly makeshift anyway. I'll try to get them reworked asap.​
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  2. What map is this lol? can u add a screenshot so I know what's this about? :}
  3. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

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  4. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

    Hey man, could you add DL link?
    On the next map poll I'll try to upload every latest versions of the proposed maps so people don't have to dl IG
    Thx <3
  5. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    1.1c isn't uploaded yet, I am still finalising some changes and adding something absolutely amazing thanks to someone's help.

    Here's a link to the latest version though. http://brigandshaven.net/threads/download-current-version-1-1b.1833/
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  6. ZeroFlotsie

    ZeroFlotsie Lord of Hate Shaman Website Admin Legendary Donator

    Good goood, everything is proceeding as planned.
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  7. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Updated the OP with new icons and Vereesa's model. Will add Seer Drannix later today.
  8. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Thanks to u/genegerbread on reddit, I am now in possession of these little beauties! Question from me though: would you rather have the version with or without text?
    Quel'thalas invasion no text.png Quel'thalas invasion details.png
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  9. Skillerino

    Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity

  10. Krotos

    Krotos The Lore Judge. Brigand Map Maker

    Here's what it looks like ingame.
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    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018