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Discussion in 'Map Making' started by Woodenplank, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    First off; this is not me returning to WC3 or Brigandshaven. I'm not gonna pull 'an Ice' and leave/rejoin/leave a thousand times.
    But any way, before I stopped playing WC3, and left these forums... and for a while after that, I was editing a custom map of my own. It was an 8 player, spawn-based battle... much like Broken Alliances or something.

    I got the map to an early alpha/beta version, where I managed to play it online with a handful of people - and though it had/has plenty of issues, the overall consensus seemed to be that it was a fun map.
    But to the point of my post... I felt it would be sad if my 'work' ended up collecting dust on an unused harddrive, so here I'm posting it, unprotected, for anyone to download and use as they see fit.
    • The map has a lot of more or less cool and interesting spells... And some rather boring ones. But also plenty of, relatively, efficient systems, that people could copy and/or learn from
    • A lot of the spells are also MUI (multi-unit-instanceable) which, in short, means you could copy it into your map, and any and all Heroes/units would be able to use it without bugging eachother. Any triggers that aren't MUI, have it pointed out in the trigger comment.
    • That map has a total of 24 different Heroes. Some more interesting than others; but they're all unique, and sort of useful and consistent in design. Feel free to copy any and all. Or bits and pieces.
      (The human High Inquisitor is my favourite; he has a pretty cool kit... One that might also fit pretty well in other, larger maps)
    • You could try to 'finish' the map and release a beta... But I doubt that'll happen, because people usually have their own projects... why try to fix mine? o_O - and also; I'm uploading an unprotected version just now, so that'll be a problem for anyone hoping to control the map later.
    • If you want to create your own spawn based map, I feel the system I developed actually worked pretty well... Even if it needed some balance tuning and scaling. But the triggering is efficient, and relatively easy to understand, at least.
    The map doesn't require any specific 3rd party tools. It was made with the WC3 world editor on latest patch. Nothing else.

    Hope you find a use for it.
    -Woodenplank saying goodbye (seriously, this time)

    Have fun kids!

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  2. Onyx

    Onyx GrimmHeart Darksbane Shaman

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    Farewell old friend
  3. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    I thought for a moment you had returned to us :(

    It's nice of you to share resources, thanks again for all your help with LTF Wooden it has been invaluable. But remember you might want to keep hold of your map as when Reforged comes you could decide you want to get back into editing and the fact your map opens on the latest editor will mean you cna jump right in and release as soon as Rfeorged is here.
  4. Woodenplank

    Woodenplank Brigand Map Maker

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    I appreciate it, but the coming of Reforged was part of what made me quit. I know they say it'll be a seamless integration... but I feel like all the custom skins and models I use for my map would look like shit in Reforged... Would they not?

    Besides, what I enjoy(ed) most about editing, was helping others and sharing experience. Sure it was nice to play a map I made from scratch, and have people tell me they liked it (bliss!), but all the balancing, and the bugfixing, and trying to keep everyone happy with this or that part of the map... ugh! I know it's a necessary part of the process, but I never found debugging and balancing to be very fun. I just liked be creative, liked making flashy spells, using my imagination to write cool lore descriptions on items, units, and Heroes - and I didn't get to do too much of that editing LTF - and with my own map, there was still all the balancing and such crud.

    On a time investment to enjoyment scale, I really just preferred to peripherally assist in map making... Helping people here on the forums to improve their own maps/triggering and such.

    Not saying I hated it! I had a lot of fun with WC3, but felt it was time to move on. I'm busy with university studies, and while I still play a lot of video games, I mostly do it to unwind and relax. Not to stress over bug fixing and balance implementations :-)

    Now I just hope someone will find something useful in my map, and put it to good use in their own work :-)
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    2019 Is really a dead year for Warcraft 3 (at least in the first half, that's for sure). Worst year in a long time. 2020 should be the opposite once all the Blizzard patches and Reforged is made stable. :]
    Also a small memory from March 2018:
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    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  6. Elbadruhel


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    I saw myself there jajaja. Its funny to solve problems and share ideas with others indeed. I still have to test the trading system we talked about long ago.

    Gl with university!