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War for Draenor

Discussion in 'Custom Ideas for maps' started by Bersekr21, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Bersekr21

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    This is a project I've been working on for some time now. It has gone through several remakes and complete changes to the consept of the map untill the version which I plan on to stand by.

    The maps focus is the war between orcs,draenei and other races on Draenor. There will be 12 factions - 7 orc clans, 2 draenei factions, ogres, arakkoa and Burning Legion. The base of game is build on Azeroth Wars, just on Draenor and being more event driven.

    (Beware of gramatical mistakes and typos)​
    Blackrock Clan
    The Blackrock clans main goal is to conquer all of Gorgrond and than quickly move it's forces down south to burn down the draenei city of Shattrath. Blackrock's combine strong melee units and siege weapons. Depanding on paths chosen you can make Blackrock the leading clan of the Horde that will burn Draenor in fires of industry, or abandon the Horde and return to ancestors and traditions.

    -Blackrock starts of with two heroes: Blackhand and Orgrim Doomhammer
    -Two main bases: Blackhand's Stronghold and Doomhammer Hold
    -Two main paths aviable dividing into sub-paths later

    Masters of the Horde
    -Blackhand gets +2lvls
    -Blackrock gets new hero: Varok Saurfang
    -Blackrock gets Blackhand's Landing in Shadowmoon Valley

    Warmachines of Blackrock
    -Blackrock looses Orgrim Doomhammer
    -New base Blackrock Foundry
    -New base Iron Docks
    -New hero: High Engineer Griselda Blackhand
    -New demi-hero: Iron Destroyer (powerfull destructor)
    -New machines and ships

    Warriders of Blackrock
    -Blackrock looses Varok and Orgrim
    -Two new heroes: Maim and Rend Blackhand
    -New base Garn Pits in Frostfire Ridge
    -New garn rider and garn units
    -Overall buff to attack speed

    Forges of Blackrock
    -New base Blackrock Foundry
    -New base Iron Mines
    -Overall buff to unit damage and armor
    -New demi-hero Broxigar Saurfang

    Reign of Doomhammer
    -Blackhand dies
    -Orgrim gets +2lvls
    -Blackrock looses Blackhand's Stronghold
    -Army of creeps spawns in Blackhand's Stronghold and two creep heroes Maim and Rend Blackhand
    -New base Iron Mines
    -New hero Broxigar Saurfang

    Back to Ancestors
    -Unallies withh all clans exept for Frostwolf
    -Unallies Frostwolves with other orc clans
    -New base Blackrock Harbour in Frostfire Ridge
    -New shaman units
    -All Bonechewer villages will go to Blackrock
    -Possible to offer alliance to Warsong if they went Path of Mag'har
    -If allied with Warsong, Blackrock gets Doomhammer's Stand in Nagrand
    -Possible to summon new hero: One of Elemental Lords

    Warchief of the Horde
    -Blackrock gets back Blackhand's Stronghold
    -All creeps in Stronghold are automatically killed
    -Blackrock gets Iron Docks
    -Blackrock gets new hero: Varok Saurfang
    -All melee units get buffed

    The tample of Karabor is home to Prophet Velen, the leader of draenei race. The tample is center of the entire draenei culture and stands as the last bastion of Light in these times of darkness. Your task is to protect your people no matter the cost untill you find a way to escape from fury of the Horde. Karabor combines powerfull caster units with strong infantry units.

    -Karabor starts off with two heroes: Prophet Velen and Exarch Akama
    -One main base: Tample of Karabor and several small villages in Shadowmoon Valley
    -If Auchindon chooses any other path than "City of Light", Karabor automatically gets Shattrath City
    -Paths for Karabor are in development

    Light of Naaru
    -Karabor gets new hero: Yrel
    -Caster units get buffed
    -Oshu'gun is opened
    -Karabor gets small base in Oshu'gun
    -Karabor can get new hero: K'ure

    Last Hope
    -All buildings will be lost
    -Karabor looses Akama
    -New base: Exodar (heavily damaged, player will have to repair it)
    -New hero: Yrel
    -All draenei will be hidden on small island
    -If Exodar is repaired Velen can escape Draenor
    -POSSIBLE: After 10 minutes Exodar returns with Alliance expedition gainign new heroes and units (may be removed in final version)

    -Karabor looses all buildings and heroes
    -New hero: Fallen Prophet Velen and Rakeesh the Butcher
    -All units tranformed into demons or darkfallen
    -Alliance with Legion aviable

    Auchindon is an aincent tomb where draenei were burrying their dead for centuries. As auchindon you combine caster and ranged units in more defensive strategy. You either support Karabor in it's effort to save draenei people or turn your back and find your own way.

    -Auchindon starts of with one hero: Exarch Maladaar
    -One base: Auchindon
    -Paths in development

    City of Light
    -New hero: Restalaan
    -New base Shattrath City
    -New units
    -Possible sub-paths

    -All entrances to Auchindon will be closed
    -Maladaar gets +2lvls
    -Auchindon catacombs opened
    -New possible hero D'ore
    -Once D'ore gained a secret passage will be opened
    -Karabor will get Shattrath City

    Darkness Within
    -Entire path might get reworked
    -Unallies with Karabor
    -All units and heroes get transformed
    -Auchindon catacombs get opened
    -Possibility to get darkened D'ore as hero
    -Possibilty to ally with Legion

    Shadowmoon Clan
    As Shadowmoon you lead the assault of Karabor which is right next to you. The Horde looks down upon you, thinking your leader Ner'Zhul is too fixxed on traditions, you must prove them that traditions are enough to destroy the draenei or turn away from the old ways and seek powers beyond. Shadowmoon uses mainly strong caster units.

    -Starts of with one hero: Ner'Zhul
    -One base: Shadowmoon Hold and few small villages
    -Paths in development

    The Old Ways
    -Ner'Zhul gets +2lvls
    -New hero: Orbis
    -New camp in Nagrand
    -Caster units get buffed
    -Later possibility to leave the Horde and join the Mag'Har/Doomhammer and Frostwolves.

    The Dark Star
    -Ner'Zhul gets tranformed
    -New hero: Rulkan
    -New units
    -New base Shadowmoon Burrial Grounds
    -After 20 mins and getting powerfull artifact possible to summon the Dark Star giving massive boost to all units
    -Possible to betray the Horde and later offer Alliance to Stormreavers or Ogres

    Fall of Shadowmoon
    -Shadowmoon looses everything
    -All units transformed into undead
    -New base on hidden isles
    -Ner'Zhul gets transformed into necromancer
    -New hero: Nathrezim (Dunno which one to use now)
    -Can offer alliance to Burning Legion
    -Possible sub-paths

    The strange nation of Arakkoa lives in clouds of Spires of Arakk, here they are forced to face their main enemy - the Shattered Hand clan and also their own kind. As Arakkoa you can either fight orcs on your own or seek allies beyond, or you can look down from the sky and follow much darker path.

    -One hero: High Sage Viryx
    -One base: Skyreach
    -Paths in development

    Apexis Empire
    -Viryx gets +2lvls
    -Units get buffed
    -Possibility to summon Rukhmar

    -All units get transformed
    -Skyreach will be given to neutral and creeps will spawn there
    -New hero: Terokk?
    -Possible sub-paths



    Alliance with Legion
    -All units get tranformed
    -Fate of Skyreach unclear
    -Allies with Legion and Stormreavers
    -New hero: Shadow sage Iskar
    -New base in Tanan Jungle

    Bleeding Hollow Clan
    Bleeding Hollow is a powerfull clan living in Tanan Jungle. You are the only faction in this location so you should take advantage of it. Conquer the Jungle and than lead the assault of Talador. Bleeding hollow uses powerfull melee units.

    -One hero: Kilrogg Deadeye
    -One base: Bleeding Hollow Stronghold
    -Paths in development

    Fury of Bleeding Hollow
    -Kilrogg gets +2lvls
    -New hero: Arriok
    -New bases: Iron Landing in Talador and Berserk Arena in Tanan Jungle
    -Poison upgrade for all units
    -Melee units buffed
    -New units

    Visions of Bleeding Hollow
    -New hero: Grillok Darkeye
    -New bases: Bleeding Hollow Burrial Grounds and Spirit Spire in Nagrand
    -New caster and ghost units
    -Caster units get buffed

    Gul'Dan's Pack
    -Unallies with all orc factions
    -Allies with Stormreavers and Burning Legion
    -Every unit gets transformed
    -Kilrogg gets +2lvls
    -New hero: Talgath
    -New base: The Dark Portal

    Kilrogg's Might
    -Kilrogg gets +1vl
    -New orc units
    -All orc units get buffed

    Talgath's Leadership
    -Talgath gets +1lvl
    -New demon units
    -Demon units get buffed

    Stormreaver Clan
    As Stormreavers you are surrounded by enemies, the whole Horde turned on you after descovering you work for the demonic Burning Legion. The Legion very much relies on you as for a long time you will be the main instrument of their wrath untill they manage to open a gateway into Draenor. Even though you start with many enemies, over time many might turn to you seeking help.

    -Stormreavers start of with two heroes: Gul'Dan and Teron Gorefiend
    -One base: Stormreaver Hold hidden on island near Shadowmoon Valley
    -Paths in development

    Masters of Blade
    -New heroes: Jubei'thos and Azuka Bladefury
    -New base: Burning Blade Hold in Nagrand
    -New melee units
    -Possibility to betray the Legion and return to the Horde

    Shadowcouncil Path
    -Gul'Dan and Teron +1lvl
    -Possible new heroes
    -Possible sub-paths

    Reign of Gul'Dan
    -Gul'Dan gets +2lvls
    -Rest in development

    Frostwolf Clan
    As Frostwolf you start in middle of fight against Ogres serving the gronn Gruul. Crush the ogres and take over entire Frostfire Ridge and than turn towards Talador and aid the rest of Horde in siege of Shattrath. You can follow this path or turn away from Horde and return back to old traditions. Frostwolves have strong cavalary.

    -Two heroes: Durotan and Drek'Thar
    -One base: Frostwolf Keep
    -Paths in Development

    Embracing the Change
    -Durotan gets +2lvls
    -New hero: Draka
    -New machine units
    -Melee units get buffed

    Back to Traditions
    -Unallies with all other factions
    -Drek'Thar gets +2lvls
    -New caster units
    -Caster units get buffed
    -Possibility to ally with Doomhammer and Mag'har
    -Possibility to ally with Draenei
    -Possibility to seal the entrance to Frostfire Ridge

    Shattered Hand Clan
    As Shattered Hand you start weaker than others. You need to quickly group your forces and destroy the Arakkoa, once you control Spires of Arak you can move on to Talador and attack Auchindon or aid Warsong in fight against ogres. Or you can turn away from the skies and seek power deep underground.

    -One hero: Kargath Bladefist
    -One base: Shattered hand Fortress on island
    -Paths in development

    Masters of Arena
    -Kargath gets +2lvls
    -New base: Shattered Hand arena
    -New units
    -Melee units get buffed

    Invasion Force
    -Kargath gets +2vlvs
    -New bases: Shattered Hand Invasion Point in Talador and Bladefist Docks in Nagrand
    -A lot of units get spawned
    -New machine units
    -Ships and machines get buffed

    Answers from Depth
    -All units get transformed
    -Kargath gets changed +2lvls
    -New bases: Shattered Hand Mines and Bladefist's Forge
    -Possibility to ally with ogres
    -Possibility to unally with other Clans

    You play as powerfull ogres, you have no allies but you don't need any allies, you can smash all of your enemies by streangth of your army. You start with multiple bases in Nagrand and Frostfire Ridge by that you're forced to fight a war with orcs on two fronts. You can choose to stay with the tyranicall Gronn's and abandon Nagrand focusing your forces in Frostfire Ridge or you can choose to leave the gronn's and join the powerfull Highmaul Empire, or if all possibilites fail you can seek help beyond.

    -One hero: Gruul
    -Two bases: Bladespire Fortress and Warmaul Fortress
    -Paths in development

    Might of Gruul
    -Gruul gets +2lvls
    -Ogres loose bases in Nagrand they go to neutral and creeps spawn in them
    -New forces spawn in Bladespire
    -New units: gronns and garns
    -Possibility to get new hero when defeating Frostwolves

    Highmaul Empire
    -Ogres loose all their bases in Frostfire Ridge, they go to neutral and creeps spawn in them
    -Ogres loose Gruul
    -New bases: Highmaul Palace and Highmaul Arena
    -New heroes: Imperator Mar'gok and Ko'ragh
    -New units
    -Possibility to ally with Horde
    -Possible sub-paths

    Twilight's Hammer
    -Ogres loose all their bases and heroes, they go to neutral and creeps spawn inside
    -Ogres get new base in Nagrand
    -New units
    -New hero: Cho'Gall
    -Possibility to conquer Highmaul and get special units
    -Possibility to ally with Stormreavers

    Burning Legion
    The Burning Legion has been seeking the draenei for ages and now they finally tracked them to world of Draenor. You have them cornered and you mustn't allow them to escape. At start you are very limited with your possibilities with only few abilities with which you can send lesser demons to aid the Stormreavers, you will have to choose to follow plan of one leader of the Legion so you can wipe out those who you hate so much.

    -Two heroes: Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden (locked in Twisting Nether)
    -One base: Antorus the Burning Throne
    -Three main paths dividing into sub-paths later

    Kil'Jaeden's Plan
    -Legion looses Archimonde
    -Kil'Jaeden gets +2lvls
    -Two new heroes: Grand Inquisitor and Felsworn Varedis Felsoul
    -New caster and stealth units
    -New bases: Abyssal Rift in Oshu'gun (possibility to consume K'ure) and Gateway in Stormreaver Hold
    -If Bleeding Hollow joins Legion, Legion gets Throne of Kil'jaeden in Tanan Jungle
    -If one of the heroes reaches lvl 10 he can summon Kil'Jaeden

    Grand Inquisition
    -Grand Inquisitor gets +1lvl
    -New hero: The Jailer
    -New base: Felsoul Prison in Talador
    -New units

    The Felsworn
    -Varedis gets +1lvl
    -New hero: Caria Felsoul
    -New base: Felsworn Outpost in Tanan Jungle
    -New units

    Archimonde's Plan
    -Legion looses Kil'Jaeden
    -Archimonde gets +2lvls
    -New heroes: Mannoroth and World Breaker
    -New melee and machine units
    -New transportable base: Senitax
    -If one of the heroes reaches lvl 10 he can summon Archimonde

    The Blood of Mannoroth
    -Mannoroth gets +1lvl
    -New hero: Magtheridon
    -New base: Pools of Blood in Tanan Jungle
    -New units

    Eredar Might
    -World Crusher gets +1lvls
    -New hero: Portal Keeper Hasabel
    -New tranportable base: Lightbreaker
    -Caster units get buffed

    Sargerase's Plan
    -Legion looses Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde
    -Legion gets new heroes: Varimathras and Tichondrius
    -New base: Nathrezim Throne in Spires of Arak
    -New units

    Nathrezim Mastery
    -Nathrezim Throne gets new towers
    -Tichondrius gets +1lvl
    -New hero: Mepistroph
    -New base: Nathrezim Citadel in Nagrand
    -New units

    The Dark Titan
    -Varimathras gets +1lvl
    -New base: Abyssal Rift in Oshu'gun (possibility to consume K'ure)
    -If Varimathras reaches lvl 10, consumes K'ure and holds a powerfull artifact he can summon Sargeras
    -In moment when Sargeras enters Draenor it's basically game over

    Warsong Clan
    Warsong is powerfull orc clan, you embody the fury and streangth of the Horde. First crush pathetic Ogres and take over Nagrand, then you can turn your attention towards Talador and start siege of Auchindon or attack Shattrath. Or you can leave the Horde and join the Mag'har returning back to traditions. As Warsong you rule by powerfull cavalary.

    -One hero: Grommash Hellscream
    -One base: Warsong Hold
    -Paths in development

    Warsong Offensive
    -Grommash gets +2lvls
    -Warsong gets new bases in Nagrand and Talador
    -All units get buff to damage
    -New units

    Warsong Defensive
    -New hero: Garrosh Hellscream
    -Warsong Hold gets upgraded
    -New machine units
    -All units get buff to armor

    Mag'har Path
    -Unallies with all Clans
    -Warsong looses Grommash
    -New heroes: Garrosh and Mother Geyah
    -New bases: Mag'har Stronghold and Throne of Elements
    -New units
    -Possibility to ally with Frostwolves and Doomhammer
    -Possibility to ally with draenei

    Hopefully I listed out everything I wanted, I kinda got lost when writing down the paths. I'm interested in any suggestions and feedback. As you can see some parts of the paths are missing or might be reworked but I mostly stand by what is written here.
    Also this project is beyond one man so if there's anyone willing to help I will gladly accept when you PM me.
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  2. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    i would love to see this map once again so Keep it up and Events Looks good
  3. Harald

    Harald The Betrayer Shaman Map Maker

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    Carefull with this many orc clans, Fall of Draenor died becuse horde won mostely since they were so many (and other issues), might want to remove stormreaver and add another draenei at least.
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  4. Arlt

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    Fall of Draenor:
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  5. Yousef

    Yousef Paladin of the Alliance Brigand Map Maker

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    Hopefully all these orc clans won't be allied for long, maybe make some of them have path which allies them with either the Legion or the Draenei.
  6. Bersekr21

    Bersekr21 The Boneless

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    Right that might be a problem but for now I think I want to stick to the way the orc clans are done.

    Stormreavers are against Horde from the start and most of the clans have paths that lead in them leaving the Horde/joining the Legion/allying with draenei or other factions. The ones I'm personally affraid of and might consider reworking are the arakkoa who have very limited paths and most of them leave them going solo against everyone.
  7. Harald

    Harald The Betrayer Shaman Map Maker

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    Fair enough, if Stormreavers start against them it looks a bit better
  8. Devolver


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    you can give a few screenshots, I think that the Nathrezim n the service of the Ner'zhul(necromancer) somehow did not really like because Ner'zhul hated legion when he was alive and dead
  9. Bersekr21

    Bersekr21 The Boneless

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    Well I based this path more on the things Ner'Zhul goes through in novel Beyond the Dark Portal. Ner'Zhul speaks of having visions of death so I figured out that in this path his people fall and he's forced to escape and in his exile the feeling of guilt brings these visions to him and they turn him mad. Later it is revealed that it wasn't feeling of guilt but a nathrezim that corrupted Ner'Zhul.

    When it comes to screenshots there's nothing to be seen so far, i have just models and skins, some units and heroes and I'm playing with abbilities. I want to set up this stuff before the terrain (mostly because I'm not that good at terraining so I'm trying to avoid it for now)
  10. Skillerino

    Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity

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    Well he has seen his dead wife (That was KJ manipulating him) But what if this path allies him with Legion as soon as its researched and if Nerzhul dies he will be turned into armor and Frostmourne (And he can corrupt some dreanei or orc and become his vessel or champion it's mostly what if scenario) Other than that what if he kills entire clan for the burning Legion and get demons and he would power up the Legion (Get Tichondrius,Malganis for example since u want nathrezim)