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War of the Ring

Discussion in 'Custom Projects' started by B-Roy7, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. B-Roy7

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    War of the Ring is a control point/event income based map based on Lord of the Rings, fashioned after LTF. There are three different factions: Evil, Good and Hostile. 3 factions are permanently good and 3 factions are permanently Evil, the other 8 factions can choose between 2 of the three. Factions will not have vision of each other so communication will be of the utmost importance (though this is subject to change). This is the initially introduction thread, comments, criticisms and concerns are most welcome.
    Sauron's Triumvirate
    Sauron's Triumvirate are the main antagonist on Middle Earth. The Legions of Sauron are so vast he is split into three faction: Sauron, The Nazgûl, and the refounded kingdom of Angmar. Alll three have strongholds in Mordor, they are separated initially but can combine to become very powerful. The victory condition for Evil is to sack all opposing capitols, forming blight. Orc are weak in daylight, but have increased Hp regen and vison at night, giving them an advantage. Their main focus is to recover the One Ring, but is of no matter, Sauron's might is vast and his conquest of Middle Earth is inevitable.
    Sauron- Sauron is basically Mordor; he controls the majority of it, the apex is his Fortress of Barad-dûr. Initially his conflict will be in Ithilien and Osgiliath with Gondor. Sauron has a powerful frontline and many orc units to choose from. Siege units are another strength of Mordor. Sauron's only weakness: air units.
    Nazgûl- The Nazgûl are lead by the Witch King and initially start near Eriador, hunting for Frodo and the Ring. While the Ring is the ultimate goal, = it is of no matter whether it is captured or not; the Nine are super mobile, due to their steeds, and have base opportunities all over Middle Earth, especially Dol Guldur. Strong Points include casters and cunning units. Can gain a relatively strong frontline dominating the beasts of Middle Earth.
    Angmar- Angmar is lead by Agandaûr a necromancer in trained from black citadel of Dol Guldur. Agandaûr power grows as he levels, at level 15 he is able to raise Smaug from his watery grave. Angmars focus is undead, compared to the Orc focus of the other factions. Purple will be locked in combat with the High Elves but is able to regroup in Mordor.
    The (Last) Last Alliance
    The factions of the Last Alliance are the only permanently forces of Good left on Middle Earth. Initial members are the High Elves, Istari and the Duneidain. At the start all are in the Northwest with the Ring, deciding on the best way to destroy it. The only chance they have is for all three to work together with the Ringbearer. Their victory condition is to destroy the One Ring once and for all.

    Istari- 5 wizards initially came to Middle Earth, only two are uncorrupted. Gandalf and Radagast control a very mobile, diverse faction. The bulk of their army will not be available until late game; it consists mainly of Ents and the Good beasts of Middle Earth. This faction is under construction.
    High Elves- The High Elves of Rivendell and the Grey Havens may be the most powerful facton of the game. The majority of their forces are anti-magic anf the High Elven Hero's are all near Demi-God teir status including: Elrond, Glorfindel and Ciridan. Initially locked in combat of the Northwest with Angmar.
    Duneidain- The Dunedain start off extremely limited, their forces are weak and scattered. Initally tasked to get the Ring to Rivendell the Dunedain are lead by Aragon, borderline the best hero, their main goal is to join with Gondor in the South and restore Aragorn's kingship; granting both Gondor and the Dunedain powerful units, strong enough to fight Gondor. This Faction is a work in progress.
    Neutral Good
    Neutral good are factions that are neutral to the Forces of Good, and are at war with evil and neutral evil. Each Fation has 2 choices, including Good, Evil and/or Hostile.
    Dwarves- The main of the Dwarven force is located in Erebor to the North. The Dwarves have a powerful frontline and can get exceptional armor upgrades. Initally they can fight the Easterling or decide to reclaim Moria. Sauron can corrupt the dwarves with a boatload of cash, or they can remain faithful to the Good guys and the Rings destruction.
    Silvan Elves- The Elves of Mirkwood and Lothlórien have the most powerful assassins and archers on Middle Earth. Their connection with Nature in also evident in their unit roster. The Silvan Elves can focus anywhere initially, though it will be to your benefit to creep Mirkwood, you don't know what Evil can be awakened there. Dark Green can pledge to the Ring's destruction or Galadriel can claim for her own (joining the Hosilte team).
    Gondor- Gondor is the last becon of hope for Good in the South, however Men are easily corrupted. Gondor can remain loyal to the King or choose Denethor's Madness (joining the Hostiles), making Aragon's Reclamation extremely difficult. Gondor is a force on its own with all around powerful units and a large chunk of territory, Initially fighting for Ithilien and Osgiliath with Sauron.
    Rohan- The Riders of the Mark are the most mobile faction in the game, consisting mainly of cavalry. Vast plains and the edges of Fangorn are under Rohans control, including Helms Deep is one of he most powerful fortresses on Middle Earth. Control of the Gap of Rohan is vital for moving the Ring closer to Mordor. Rohan can choose to listen to Saruman's Whispers granting them Wormtounge as their leader (Hostiles) or choose to remain loyal to the Good guys.
    Neutral Evil
    Neutral Evil Factions are neutral to evil and at war with Good initially. Each faction is granted a choice.
    Harad- The Haradrim of the south consist of the Pirates of Umbar, the Half-Trolls and Humans of Far Harad. There are many powerful creeps in the south, and many coastlines to pillage. Choosing to join the Dark Lord will grant power to your Half Trolls and Pirates; or choosing the elemental path of the King of Harad (hostiles).
    Easterlings- The Easterlings are initially controlled by Mongul the Balcoth Warlord and Pallando, one of the Blue Wizards who went East. This horse based faction can unite the Easterling Confederate States under Mongul, and empower Mongul by joining Sauron. The other path for this faction is the Men of Dale, who are a work in progress. Pallando is an Astronomer, his Star related events are available to both factions.
    Goblins- The Goblins are based out of the Mines of Moria and could honestly spend the whole game down in the labyrinth of the Mines. Units include cheap, weak goblins and powerful cave trolls. While the Misty mountains are an obstacle to most factions, they are the Goblins playground able to strike wherever, whenever. Events are a work in progress.

    The White Hand
    Isenguard is the backbone of the Hostile team, however he starts allied to Sauron and in search of the One Ring. Saruman has a vast spy network and with the aid of the crebain can scout much of the map. Initially Saruman will rally the Men of Dunland, until his economy can research the Uruk-hai, making him very powerful. The Treachery of Saruman can be reasearchd at any time, betraying evil and joining the Hositle Team. 2nd chances include the Scourging of the Shire and Sharkey.
    The Ringbearer
    This is a hero squad consisting of the four hobbits. Following the Hobbits's Path from the books and Movie\s will grant xp and gold, though their main goal is the Ring's destruction. Second chances include Gollum path or Tailion/Celebrimbor path (Shadow of War). Work in progress.
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  2. B-Roy7

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    Upborne, Rohans eastern most stronghold.
    Dwarven outpost south of Erebor.

    Nurnen, Fortress of the Nazgul in south Mordor.

    Crack of Doom.

    Dead Marshes



    Rivendell, powerful base of the High Elves.

    Balin's Tomb

    Second Deep of Moria

    Pelagir, Naval base of Gondor.
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  3. Cevaro


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    Love the thought of this.
  4. B-Roy7

    B-Roy7 Nostalgic

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    Made a Discord to share events and cool things for each faction. Working on Gondor right now. Check it out!
  5. Marshmalo

    Marshmalo Brigand Map Maker

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    The concept and idea of the map sounds great, but I just think the terrain needs more work so it resembles the places as they appear in the films, so people can instantly recognise.

    Isengard needs to be circular and some of the terrains look a bit empty, but I realise its the WIP. Looks like it has potential :-)
  6. Arlt

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    Please make the link permanent so we can access it. :-)
  7. B-Roy7

    B-Roy7 Nostalgic

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    Hey thanks
    Yes, it needs polishing, a few areas look really bland, Moria is tough because theres got to be enough space to fight. I cant do circles cuz im just using the base editor, thankfully the Orthanc model saves face, so you know what it is o_O. The terrain is pretty much 100% aside from some tweaks and doodads in some areas. Unit rosters are 90% complete only Istari and the Ringbearer aren't done. So im just working and practicing triggers now, definitely the most challenging part.
    Thanks a lot for the comment!!

    Heres a new link: https://discord.gg/HdCYfAB