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Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Arlt, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. ponasozis

    ponasozis SOVIET Angry marine Brigand

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    Lmao at gen ditching lordearon and allowing its inhabitants to be slaughtered in third war but now being mad at sylvanas sitting on lordearon throne
    Top kek
    And top kek at sylvanas and jaina becoming op cuz of no real reason except its kuulll xoxo ikssdee fanbase want it
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  2. EmperorFawful

    EmperorFawful Burn it! Website Admin

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    convo after the war between Jaina and Anduin was probably also wonderful:

    Anduin: Hey Jaina, thanks for helping again. That's a nice ship you have there.
    Jaina: Yeah I raised it from the coasts of Theramore - it's my father's sunken flagship. That's what I did, when I abbandoned you during the last war against the Legion.
    Anduin: Oh uhm... wait! I thought this was some thing you guys in New Dalaran invented. So... wait! You channel your own magic into it in order to let it fly?
    Jaina: Uhm... yeah?
    Anduin: Uhm... you know, as a magic wielder myself, I don't think that it's worth it. So you tell me that you waste most of your mana to keep that entire ship within the air-
    Jaina: Yeah.
    Anduin: -while you could have used the same ammount of mana you wasted for this arcane ship for another major dispell, that would have saved us easily in the Throne room
    when the ceiling collapsed-

    Jaina: Uh... yeah, but...
    Manduin: - if you would have used a freaking GUNSHIP like my father used to! This one has canons, too AND doesn't require you to channel magic through it! Even the Horde had one ready for their escape! We could have chased them down, you know that!?
    Jaina: But Anduin. Don't you see? I'M THE DAUGHTER OF THE SEA!
    Manduin: YOU HAVE COSTED US LIFES WITH YOUR MAGICAL NONSENSE! Heck, why would you even appear during midbattle!?!
    Jaina: Because... uhm... I was the daughter of the sea and... haven't you seen the cinematic, my sweet king?
    Manduin: How can you be so incompetent, Jaina? Those people died for the Alliance, killed by the Super Plague, but they died because you needed a special entrance!
    I can't forgive you that! Not what you have done after Legion in order to let us do the battle, while you did your unnecessary "Daughter of the sea" shit!
    Now be gone from my sight and sail to Kul'Tiras. You've caused more havoc than back then, when Daelin fought against the Horde under Thrall.
    You disappointed me, Jaina! You failed the Alliance once more!

    *Jaina cries a river because she's misunderstood*
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  3. Spectator

    Spectator Adapt or Die Donator

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    Yes but Lordaeron's situation would have been a lot better. I think alliance could have re-taken or at least had gotten massive control of Lordaeron during the time Scourge, Forsaken and Legion were in a War with each other.
    If again Gilneas wouldn't leave the alliance, the majority of Lordaeron survivors would flock to him instead of morons like Scarlet Crusade leaders and Garithos (no hate plz kappa) which in turn resulted in terrible leadership destroying the alliance. Also alliance being scattered around did not help either. With Gilneas being a place for survivors for a grouped alliance to be lead. I don't think Forsaken, Scourge remnants or Legion chance would had any chance. specially after long wars. Gilneas was fresh and could easily get the backing of Stormwind, Dwarves and even Kul-Tiras and attack Forsaken, Legion and Scourge before they could regroup.

    His decision was not tactical at all imo hiding out and weakening Gilneas while Forsaken gains strength. It was pure stupid as we currently see what has happened to Gilneas today.

    I highly doubt Scourge would have a chance against Gilneas grouped up with the alliance. If Scarlet Crusade and Garithos could this much damage to scourge and a Tirion with few nerds at his side could banish the entire scourge out of Lordaeron. Sure as hell Gilneas could it.

    As For Legion I'm pretty sure they took as much as they could to Kalimdoor and had little care for Lordaeron or South. If Archimonde could absorb the tree, it would be all over regardless of what happened in Lordaeron. Few dreadlords left behind were just there to ensure Nerzhul doesn't back-stab and attack Legion in Kalimdoor rather than control dominance of Lordaeron since ultimately that wouldn't matter.
  4. Arlt

    Arlt Administrator Brigand

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    I don't think Jaina uses that much energy on making the ship fly, it atleast doesn't seem like it as she doesn't even have to concentrate on it to keep it flying. Also, Anduin isn't a magic wielder. The dispell thing really didn't make sense in any way, but Blizzard does what Blizzard wants.
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  5. Mazzel

    Mazzel Can I help you? @Brigandsupport Map Maker Legend

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    To be fair I like Sylvanas her Sassyness right now. Everything she did was pretty well planned, so I enjoyed it. This was way less so during the burning of that damn tree.
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  6. EmperorFawful

    EmperorFawful Burn it! Website Admin

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    @Arlt Don't worry, it's more or less parody. I'm aware that Blizzard themselves probably don't know what they're currently doing. ^^
    Same goes for this one.

    *meanwhile on the Horde side during the Anduin-Jaina-yelling

    Nathanos: So... I brought you your bow as commanded, my Banshee Queen. Why again did I have to hold it?
    Sylvanas: Because it looked more mysterious and cartoony-villain style for the audience. Now if you would excuse me, I would like to rest in the cabin and cackle maniacal at my mirror image.

    *leaves the scene in order to cry in front of a mirror, why she was denied the chance to kill the Lichking back then once more*

    Nathanos: Well, good she's gone. Now regarding you guys... would you be in for another Horde rebellion?
    Baine: What? Betraying our warchief?!?
    Nathanos: Yeah - I heard you guys are good in the buiseness of secretly plotting against your leader. So Baine... I heard you have good contacts with Anduin?
    Baine: Uhm yeah, but... uh... Nathanos, aren't you overdoing it? True, it was mean that the warchief left Saurfang behind in order for him to die, but... if he wanted to die, it was probably his wish. I wouldn't rebell for some little incident...
    Nathanos: Little incident!?! Hey, I know I was back then the emotionless guy, when Garrosh nuked Theramore, but weren't you one of the first to actually phone Anduin about the whole situation? Remember, she burnt down that important tree for the night elfs.
    And I heard your Tauren druids aren't happy about that.

    Baine: But uh... it was a success, right? We won at least this battle.
    Nathanos: Look, Baine... I don't know how to tell you the best way, but she burnt down the tree, utilized the Super Plague in order to kill our men alike to the Alliance's men, she lured Anduin into a trap, he survived and we lost now the Undercity, because she screwed it up. That's not the definition of winning.

    Lor'Themar: What do you expect from us, Nathanos? Your queen does horrible things, but we expected that from you Forsaken. So what? It's not that much of a surprise for us.
    Nathanos: Well, comes from the guy, whose men volunteerly supported Garrosh in his war efforts regarding the mana bomb and some events, which lead to the Sunreaver Purge in New Dalaran. So did the Goblins. And now take a guess, who gave my Queen the brilliant idea as well to dig up the entire Azerite shit within Silithus.
    Lor'Themar: This is an insult, Nathanos! The Sunreavers had nothing to do with Garrosh and his shemes!
    Nathanos: Well, last time I met Aethas Sunreaver he didn't sound as confident as you did right now, when he made the same statement.
    Lor'Themar: Watch your clever mouth, bitch!

    Nathanos: Either way, I think I found the root of the problem. Hence why I don't understand it.
    What Sylvanas does now is definitly worth the ammount of war crimes Garrosh committed. And she doesn't even make it a secret - like Garrosh.
    We all saw that DannyDeVito-Goblin is also involved into her plans - so like with Garrosh: Goblins are once again the root of evil and will provide her probably new technology. So another Siege of Orgrimmar seems inevetable, given that the Lordaeron Palace is kinda foggy now.
    However, you guys are as blind as usual and begin to contact Thrall about it at the end of the expansion.
    Or are we now waiting for Saurfang to return in order to do it like Vol'jin?

    Baine: Yeah, let's do it like Vol'jin!
    Nathanos: Speaking of Vol'jin... where was actually the troll warleader in the cutscene? Like... who actually commands the Darkspear tribe now?
    Baine: Uhhh... Rastakhan maybe?
    Nathanos: No you idiot, that's the Zandalari guy, whom we haven't even recruited yet! Shit, we're missing an important warleader, I just realize!
    Wait, let me google that quickly who's now supposed to be our troll leader...

    Baine: Maybe it's Zappy Boy from the cinematic. He talked to Saurfang, so he's important now.
    Nathanos: Ugh nonsense! Yeah no, I looked up WoWpedia and they neither know it. Blizzard apparently said Rokhan is now unofficial leader... great... guess I'll have to talk with Rokhan later.
    But yeah, as I wanted to say: You're a bunch of selfish chieftains, who only get their arse up, when it's too late. If we act now, we can-

    Sylvanas: Sup bitches?
    Nathanos: Oh uhm... my beloved Queen, it's good to see you again. I thought you were still in the cabin.
    Sylvanas: No, the mirror broke. Too much weeping. (sceptical) You guys weren't cooking up something when I was away, were you?
    Every Horde leader: Uhm... no (no) ... of course not! (Zappy Boy for warchief!)
    Sylvanas: Good. Now Nathanos, do you remember that little Draenei ship on Kalimdor, called The Exodar. How bright do you think it can burn...?
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  7. ponasozis

    ponasozis SOVIET Angry marine Brigand

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    next expansion bolvar gonna get bored sitting on icy toilet and starts invasion of azeroth to finally put righteuos order in place and control the population

    hurr dur blizzard writing nowadays 101
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    I like the part when Anduin says "Our salt has been for nothing". As if salt is so hard to come by...
    And he says to her "Jaina, the wall!" like he knows she can summon some arcane cannons to destroy them :D
    Oh and a question: When did Lothemar lose his left eye? :0
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  9. mrking


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    Banshee queen denied :D
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