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WC3 Reforged Info Compliation

Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by TheKaldorei, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. TheKaldorei

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    Because people like @Spectator and @Elbadruhel are confused here you go

    - Planned additional and more indepth tutorials beyond Exodus of the Horde campaign.
    - Automated tournies will be in.
    - LAN will still be possible.
    - Not only will be the maps be redesigned for campaign to better match WoW's if there is a correlated dgn boss they may be sprinkled across(meathook in Culling.) or flavour locations(A holdout of the silverhand bastion in culling)
    - From christie golden's interview they said they want to show off more sylvanas.
    - Wc3 editor will still be in jas. Simple to get into etc. it will not be sc2 galaxy editor.

    - They plan on additional model types of each unit. ex. spawn a footman, and it rolls a die to decide to which model of the pool to use. Could be different heralds, fem, male, scars, scuffs they did not go into detail on specifics. (from the blizzpro interview they stated the demon huntress will be one of these rng rolls. Unstated if u will be able to outright pick it)
    - DKs and Arthas will have much more model differentiation.
    - Attack timings and collision of the units will be the same. But idle stances will have much more liberty
    - Custom ingame cutscenes for campaign. Cinematics will be re uploaded in 1080.
    - Skin variations of each hero will be made, along with lore variations(Antonidas(previously didn't have one), jaina on a horse for melee, etc) It also seems possible if one of these skins effects a campaign hero, to be able to use that skin for said hero in the camp.
    - Workers will actually switch through tools depending on their job. (hammer, axe, pick)
    - They Are redoing the tile system from wc3, so terrain will be improved majorly from promotion screenshots and blizzcon demo
    - DKs and Arthas will have much more model differentiation.

    - There will be ingame achievements
    - Inventory hotkeys will be able to be remapped(previously unable to even with wc3 text file editing) Along with over all hotkey support
    - Obviously language support will be in.
    - wc3:REF. will include RoC/TFT clients
    - Drop in spectating
    - World editor will include a model editor
    - SD and HD will be able to play together.
    - Old wc3 accounts can be ported into wc3 ref.
    - Maps from Wc3 SD will be able to be ported in D1, and all features except maps that possibly bug abused for mechanics and used custom model assets will work
    - There will be tutorials for the World Editor

    (most of these post-launch to look at. Keep in mind wc3 Ref has only been in production for a year as well. Make sure to go to the reddit or official forums and feedback these)

    - They plan on making it so you can use SD and HD simultaenously.(custom maps obviously) Already if an asset does not have an HD counterpart or unable to find it, it will default.
    - UI is still wip and under experimentation. They plan on making it so you can customize different UIs entirely either on a map or addon basis.
    - Possibility of a Melee+. Awaiting player feedback(M+ would be +12 unit selection things like that)
    - Working on making it so players can reconnect to a game they previously dc'd from
    - Clans and ladder's fate will depend on player feedback at this moment.

    Grubby interview I think they said u can swap in starcraft UI, but honestly im unsure with how they phrased it. 29:15 grubby's wc3 reforged vid)

    They plan to open beta around january or february. Beta will start when UD is complete, and they plan on tossing a few campaign missions. So Or, HU, UD and some tutorial missions will be ready.(also more than likely stratholme)

    they want to push esports.

    Additional game content will not be talked about until after launch. But they said many times theyre open to adding content unlike SCR.

    For wc3 sd

    WOrld editor will be getting a massive patch before WC3 Ref releases

    wc3 sd will still benefit from balance updates

    Sources that I pieced together and ones you can piece apart
    Grubby and Back2warcraft's interview with director (B2W) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uidb63qlHQA&t= (grubby)

    Grubby's blizzcon wc3 ref. Q&A

    Wc3 ref site and panel https://playwarcraft3.com/en-us/

    Blizzplanet interview with exec producer.

    WoWhead interview: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288379...h-warcraft-iii-reforged-team-at-blizzcon-2018

    Blizzpro Interview

    Christie golden and Wc3 dev talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_aUV0bxW3w (I honestly didnt get any info I didnt already have covered before on here. The captions were far from right, and the audio was pretty quiet)

    Travis Gafford interview with director https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l9_uMiXogk
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    It is supposed to be videos or pics or something between the lanes of text? Is so annoying and hard to read so spaced text with nothing in the middle :/
  3. Krotos

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    @Arlt Sorry to ping but I know you're the right man for the job: would you mind adjusting Kal's formatting a teeny bit for readability? Cheers!
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  4. Spectator

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    Idk why you say I was confused? I knew most anyways.

    Most important thing they can do tho is allow map makers to add some sort of ranking or leveling system for players to their maps, specially if they are popular in order to have a better matchmaking. Right now the matchmaking is totally random and terrible. Hence why I always preferred Garena back then over Battle.net.

    What I mean is right now when some random hosts a lobby you have players from all skill and experience levels placed in together randomly. In dota match for example you have first timers against a guy with 1000+ games and high win rate. Resulting in a lame boring smash where both players end up hating the game. I know some bots show how many games a person totally had but that's kinda useless and has never really helped make balanced matches.

    For high player- base maps here needs to be at least option for some sort of algorithm that tries to match make balanced custom matches based on player experience and win rate etc, it doesn't necessary even have to be competitive. I've found no matter how fun and balanced a game, it's horrible when the matchmaking is imbalanced.

    Same thing applies to LTA, Azeroth Wars. It's no fun when your first game you are up against 1000+ player and he wipes out. You don't learn shit like that while your opponent is bored too. Resulting in trash game for both. At least with some sorta ranking you can try to prevent stacking.

    Also just like Netease it needs to be game specific. Having 1000+ games on MMH doesn't mean shit in AWLR for example if none of those were AWLR.
  5. Arlt

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    I no longer have the permission, so to speak, to do so. Sorry! :-)
  6. Marshmalo

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    I feel like the RNG on footmen is pointless and not needed, having them all look different or having females will make it harder to pick certain units out at a glance and seems like blizzard are just wasting development time with this. But I would love having the option of a female mage hero, and all these extra unit models are useful for map editors.
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  7. Zerwikaptur

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    Please no
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  8. Julian

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    maybe it will be morally grey what they show
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  9. Draupne

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    Sylvanas pre-Cata wasnt so bad tbh, hell one may even argue that her storyline in post-Cata with the Silverpine/Gilneas and Andorhal war campaigns are alright too. I remember that they made Godfrey actually kill her in Silverpine tho, which is a big no for a character they tend to keep alive. Strange how Godfrey was never made into a LTA hero for purp, perhaps I'll switch Arugal with Godfrey.
    One might say that Sylvanas' character arch and the plot arch of the Forsaken in general died out the moment they conquered the entire northwestern chunk of Lordaeron. Glad to see they will include her more in wc3. Loved her interactions with the other Lordaeron civil war contenders.
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  10. Arlt

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    He betrayed Genn, so that is probably why he didn't become a hero.
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