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What would have happened if these..

Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by Empress Azshara, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. TheKaldorei

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    Then I’ll make my own with blackjack and hookers!
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  2. Elbadruhel


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    Lordaeeon: Black Jack and hookers.

    Who will rule over lordaeron? Starring:

    Sylvanas, the rotten beauty. Some pussy around here smells like wet cat.
    Alexstraza, the aspect is what matters. Omfg this girl is not a woman and has a tai!
    Jaina, the dominancer. Arthas u broke my hearth, garrosh u destroyed my city, all men will pay!
    Maiev, fifthy shadows of. Illidan i Will stalk u till u accept to make me yours :3
    Tyrande, priestess of sex. Guys when would u learn that when i say "i love u both" It means i want a threesome with two brothers??!!
    Móira, frau dunkle. Come inside the mountain my dear, i have an empire, i will make u rich... And in the shadows all cat are Brown.
    Liadrin, the hunger. I need Your "magic" and i will drain It all, u want It or not.
    Garona, two notches at once. I will blow ur mind, im máster of sex and murdering... Sex, máster of sex.
    Calia, the desperated nun. Really no body in fucking azertoh Wants to fuck a hot blond nun Who is the only heir to one of the greatest human kingdom ever existed??!!
    Alleria, the ethernal lover. I have past one thousand years with my husband in the abisal void... Im eager to taste New things, let me show u one thousand ways to reach the light.

    Wich one would u choose to control (or durex :D) all azertoh???
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