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What would make Warbands of Artania great again?

Discussion in 'Warbands of Artania' started by Draupne, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. EmperorFawful

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    @Arlt With pleasure. :-)

    Well, Azeroth Wars is a balanced map.
    While LTA and LTF have to get balanced yet.

    Also, I do disagree here - just because there's less events doesn't mean that Azeroth Wars doesn't bring forth unique games. Of which I saw quite many - and just by going through Azothan's channel you'll see a lot of diverse matches. Even though it lacks events
    At the same time LTA has different match outcomes, but I think that it's an illusion to think that every game of LTA is unique. If you have to predict a winner by the following events, you can be sure that at least one of these things happens in nearly every LTA match you play:
    - Grand Alliance sticks together and stomps all their opponents (with the possibility of them betraying eachother afterwards)
    - Scourge Supremacy, as Arthas drained Sunwell early on, goes Lichking, launches his events (and eventually also manages to get Ner'zhul's Forsaken)
    - Legion takeover (happens a lot in 1.42!), where Legion team unsurprisingly dominates everything and barely anyone can fight them back (either by them being allied with Forsaken or any of their other pawns)
    - Dark Horde invasion, where Orange (and Brown) manage to conquer entire South after they won Outland before pushing up to Lordaeron.
    - Red going Illidari

    And LTA ironically has nowadays some initial fights as well: May it be Light Blue holding at Tyr's Hand, Dragonmaw doing their attack on Loch Modan and Menethil Harbour, Dark Green taking out Aerie Peak, Forsaken always pushing into Silverpine... you really want to tell me that LTA is so much more different from Azeroth Wars LR nowadays? I don't buy that!

    And LTF is though being in beta a prime example of why it will be more or less the same game routine as usual, as it's 6v6. No matter how much Marshmalo changes it, you will always see these things happening:
    - Evil preparing themselves to secure positions in South and preparing their main assault on Lordaeron
    - Good taking out Alterac and Caer Daerrow before pushing South, only to keep TPs/retreat chances in eye to protect their homelands
    - Scourge/Legion betrayal
    - The Alliance wins, because they benefit from Evil's split up/were the better organized team
    - Evil wins, because they actually killed capital and Old Dalaran and thus have no Bulwark opposing them anymore in Lordaeron
    - Neutral Hostile shenanigans happen

    Pretty much LTF in a nutshell.

    So again, why are LTA and LTF so much more unique than WoA and AWLR?
    Apart from imbalanced events, which look like game changers, but most times aren't (especially not in LTF - you just unlock every event at some point, while it barely changes your faction)