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Winner of Terrain Contest: Stromgarde

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Harald, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Harald

    Harald The Betrayer Shaman Map Maker

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    Greetings, it is time to share the winner of the terrain contest! we had 3 enteries in total which makes it perfect for 1, 2 and 3 place. I will show all three enteries down below starting with the winner .... MrPP! I will contact you regarding the prize tommorow

    We thank you three for sending in your entering and next time we hope for even more people to join in!

    We judged our enteries on these notes, each category rewarding a total of 5 point
    - Atmosphere
    - Creative use of Doodads
    - Overall aesthetic of the scene

    MrPP - 37 points
    Strtomgarde Mrpp.png

    Redpanda - 31 points

    Elbadruhel - 30 points
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  2. Robovision


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    Wow they look very good. I like how walls are made. Mrpp has very nice lights and Elbadruhel is actually the only one who used units isnt he? Anyway, I would love to siege all 3 of them.

    Can we download files for a World Editor?
  3. TheKaldorei

    TheKaldorei ❄️ Holiday Hoe ❄️ Shaman Map Maker

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  4. mrpp


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    Wow I am happy that I won only you could show improved stormgrade which I send you. Anyway great contest. I am eager for contact with you.
    P.S I would say more than 90% off this map are customs models downloaded :D.
  5. Elbadruhel


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    I like Redpanda one, its similar to old Stromgarde from Wow, but i dont like mrpp one at all (no offense mate), its just like "any random city i could create" it doesnt look likes Stromgarde from lore as mine or Redpanda's. Also, his looks... "Squarish", even the terrain looks like square patches. Idk, even the "shape" of the city is a fucking square :D (rectangle), Redpanda did much better giving Stromgarde his true lore form, with that top right "district" wich in lore is closer to the sea.

    The bad point i see to mine is that is too tiny and so has few doodads, houses, etc. But its due to being part of a bigger map, and the need to make it fit in a fixed and delimited room due to lore and gameplay. But due to "being part of somehting" i had a great "atmosphere" and "overall aesthetic of the scene" created, all Arathi, Hillsbrad, etc. I sent pic in wich you can see Stromgarde with the coast of the wetlands far beyond the city, on the other side of the sea, or the "bridge" outside Stromgarde wich leads to arathi, with its 2 water pits, or the close elemental stones... I mean, 2 of the categories are "overall scene" and "atmosphere" and only me sent anything related to "overall scene" :D. I even didnt want to send an aerie view with more overall scene cause i tought it was not fair for the other contestants since they are not doing a project. But... You know, at least set the sea, or paint a bit the grass out of the city, not just spawn it from nothing in the middle of flat green terrain :D, Redpanda at least rised a bit the terrain to represent Stormgarde higher ground.

    Also, im not too good with lights indeed, but talking about "atmosphere" im the only one who used climates, you can see snowing mountains... What is more atmospheric than climate? :D

    If "overall scene" and "atmosphere" doesnt matter, and you have only rated "cool use of doodads" i would have given the winner to @RedPandaLT

    But anyway, its easy to know this is a rigged scam, if there are 3 categories, rewarding a max of 5 points each, who in hell can i have 30 points?!!?!? 3x5=15 scammers! :D

    PD: @Robovision yep, mine is the only one with units. Theirs are dead cities. If they did ruined stromgarde i guess it could be fine? :D. I cant send you the map file, since its FoL project. But once i end the map you will be able to fight in Stromgarde ;) (but i need to notice that in my ingame version the city has a port and not coastal walls).
  6. SvnmS

    SvnmS Brigand Map Maker

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    @Elbadruhel I wouldn't keep the terrain to the left of stromgarde walkable if this is to be in a playable map. Half the city can be destroyed by siege units placed there.
    Also, nice work by everyone.
    MrPP's makes the most use of different doodads, but feels a little bit empty in places, and too many doodads feel strangely out of place, like that arch between two walls. The fact that the city isn't well divided further contributes to that feeling.
    RedPanda's has the best layout (not in a playable version, but that's not the point), I don't know if the outisde of the city is to be judged, I assume RedPanda thought it wouldn't, but it certainly would have been nice to see the city's surroundings. The whole thing would improve a lot if only the main building had a slight blue tint to match the walls.
    Elbadruhel's has the most cohesion, nothing feels off, but there isn't really much inside anyway, it's way too small for a city. It probably can't be made bigger since it's in a playable map, but that's not what the contest is about I think.
  7. RedPandaLT

    RedPandaLT Brigand

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    If I remember we were told that the map doesnt have to be playable
  8. Uther01

    Uther01 God of champions Brigand Map Maker

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    Mr pp really got some skills! Nice
  9. Julian

    Julian just a simple Lich Shaman

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    congratulation to mrpp and even when Panda lost he may have won our hearts Kappa
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