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World of Casus (IC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by crawlers, Nov 20, 2016.

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    A small world floating in the vastness beyond it remained mostly unchanged for times longer than most beings could grasp. A body at rest would stay at rest unless a force acted upon it, so the world obeyed the law of inertia.

    Yet, a force did act upon it - some called it entropy, others said it was the decay, but whatever its name, the effect was there. Slowly, the world's own systems crumbled, one by one shutting down, relying upon backups that began to threaten to not be there. It was only a matter of time before something vital truly gave way and set off a cascade of failures.

    That time was now. The decisive blow was no stronger than the ones preceding it, but it came with the same inevitability as all its predecessors.

    The world's barrier, finally collapsing under the weight of its own dilapidated inner workings, had great breaches begin to form that swiftly spread until they tore down almost all of its power. What was once a mighty bastion against the wonders and terrors of the outside, now was reduced to a mere shadow of its former self.

    Mana once kept out of the world now seeped in through the suddenly permeable obstacle before it and began to increase in abundance in the world. It would never become abundant under current conditions, but it had no mind to care and came in nonetheless.

    The shockwaves that would follow from the collapse would surely be seen by those unfortunate enough to be within that small world.


    A seemingly unimportant day, or night as the time zones demanded, came and gave no warning of what was to suddenly come.


    What started as one bright point in the sky grew in a bizarre pattern to cover the whole sky, turning black night into a light brighter than day. It was not as bright as looking at the sun, but due to how much of the sky it covered it was quite painful to look up. Those who did saw incomprehensible patterns. Fortunately, they did not lose any sanity or gain any mystical insight.

    color lightning.jpg

    However, within a minute the glow was gone and replaced by distant dancing lights of many colors that seemed to be farther away than the sun. They looked like lightning had picked out the wrong colors out of its wardrobe to dress itself in, apparently throwing on whatever seemed to work at the time. These continued on, slowly fading and lasting for a few hours, though it was not so obvious on the day side.

    strange lightning.jpg

    What was obvious everywhere was a truly abnormal quantity and shape of lightning that some might have said was the sky tearing itself apart. It came four minutes after the event began, and lasted only a few seconds, but when it ended, the earthquake arrived. It cracked some walls and toppled some loose buildings, but did not last long enough to do a great deal of damage.

    While almost without exception everyone was physically unharmed by the event, unrest began around the world as people sought out an explanation for the wonder or horror that they beheld. Clever leaders knew that this might be a good time to twist the event to their own ends . . .

    Year: 871
    Month: 3
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    Live for today, remember for the past, and work for the future- Ryendarian Proverb Peter Warren, John Corryn

    Ryendar, the City of Silver

    It was not a good morning for Emperor Richard Candir, not good at all. The man paced through the Imperial Palace, his hands folded behind his back, this was NOT good. The sky had erupted during the night, various colors had erupted into the sky, seemingly the stars had returned. It started with a prophecy, that the Boreal Star, Polestar or North Star to those of different tongues, had appeared briefly. The star had no true significance within the Eternal Stars, but its legend had grown over the years. It wouldn't signal the end of the world, but it signaled times of great import, the barriers between the stars and the world were weakening. The Ancient Stars had been removed by Persei to save Casus from destruction, but it had removed them from the night sky in the process. Now, with this first glimpse, the stars were returning to their spots, but this time several billions of leagues away, safe to look at and revere, but not close enough to sear the world.

    This had sparked a renewed interest in the faith, and it had showed in the wee hours of the night. Emperor Richard had been up since three in the morning and had received countless messages from everyone from Magistrates to Provincial administrators to Alchemists to Grandmasters. Everyone wanted to know what they were supposed to do. In a few minutes the Patriarch of Ryendar was set to meet him, along with several other dignitaries, but there was no time to lose. Messengers were already on deck for anything the Emperor had to say, for shadows gathered on the horizon. The sound of the Silver Doors opening lead the Emperor to look up at the incoming man, Patriarch Alexandros of Ryendar, Ecumenical patriarch of the Stars and trusted Advisor of the Emperor. "Honor bright Emperor, how may I aid you in these troubling times?"

    "Hail Patriarch, what counsel do you bring? I have every Administrator of the east knocking on my door and every other Administrator has doubtless sent a rider by now." Richard replied, hopeful that the Patriarch would have some theological advice.

    "From my point of view the Boreal Star briefly revealed itself, signifying Persei, in the coming days winds will shake this world to its very core. It is a new age of intervention, if the stars return or this event has no successor, we will be seeing more intervention by Persei. Counsel the people that this signifies Persei's continued fight against the Endless Shadow, although he might begin to intervene in our affairs, we cannot say for sure. But regardless, the magic of yore is returning, send out the Alchemists."

    Westgarde, Several days later
    Field Marshal John Corryn clutched the missive in his hands, his expression dour. The missive had outlined the Emperor's intentions for the western front: absolutely nothing. It was elaborately worded nothing, but it was still nothing. His official orders were to stay his course and continue the necessary preparations, but the Provincial Administrators seemed to have different orders. He had to move several of his men to the border, while expanding patrols throughout the inner regions to cope with the scared peasantry. From John's point of view, something big was happening in the cosmos, a celestial battle between Persei and the Endless Shadow, the revelation of the Boreal Star seemed to indicate Persei's victory. More men were arriving, fresh from training, and sadly they were immediately redistributed, the front seemingly growing bigger by the day. Three years ago massive new recruitment drives had been announced, several more companies of the Silver Guard and the Ranger Corps had been expanded immensely. Of course there were always more standard Foot Regiments, always coming out of training.

    The Field Marshal glanced at the city's impressive walls, seemingly unhindered by the earthquake several days earlier. The front would hold, and eventually war would be declared. But the Boreal Star's revelation and the ensuing Battle of the Stars, as it was being called, had put the nation into high alert and the economy was chugging along, trying to recover. Persei only knew what troubles ravaged the other nations of the world.
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    Capitol: Inner District
    The House of the Flayed One

    Grand Priest al Abi-Rattaš slowly took the 8 stairs to the speaking platform, that throned above the temple square beneith it, with confident steps that nobody would have expected of a man long passed the age of 80, jet the almost ancient figure stood tall in the heat of the sun, dressed in a simple robe barely destinguishable from that of a normal priest. When Al Abi-Rattaš became visible at the edge of the platform the crowd went silent, he quietly took in the moment, his from cataract slowly grey turning eyes capturing every inch of the scenery. Thousands of people flooded the temple square, barely a brick of the floor was visible between all those wide mostly white clothings of the people filling every free place and they all silently looked up to him, waiting for him to speak. Yet the grand Priest remaind silent, barely anything broke through the awkward wall of silence that was raised by this, no one of the attendance willing to break it a few silent moments passed before al Abi-Rattaš XIX. High Priest of the seccond age, took a deep breath of the completly dry and tasteless desert air and began his speech.

    "My children, in the past night we all were witness to a sign, a sign sent to each and everyone of us, no matter your social stand, age or position, for this sign was meant for everyone.
    We all received a message of the flayed one and while we jet have to understand it's full meaning, for such signs have never been seen before and are just as new as the burning star that signalised the arrival of the flayed one. But do not fear, for those that follow the teachings of our god have no reason to fear what is to come, the changes and challenges we will have to face were announced to us and we will overcome any test, for our believes are pure and neither deprivation nor temptation are going to make us falter. Remember that the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions are not from our God but are from the world. "

    [the speech goes on for a while longer]

    Strenghten your will my children so each of us may reap the rewards in our eternal life, when the time comes to meet with him!"

    Al Abi-Rattaš ends his speech, when the sun had long passed it's most central state and makes a step back from the edge, while he thinks to himself "my lord as simple sinner I do neither desire to change nor do I question your will, but I truely wish you would allow this old man to speak to your flock in the early morning before dawn ". He rubs his hand over his almost completly bald head, before making his way back to the House of the Flayed one. The crowd starts to disperse over the streets and back into there respective parts of the city, like tradition the lower folk leaves first, while the higher ups remain so they may pray for guidance in there most difficult role. The high priest returns to the still partetly under construction situated round tower.

    Capitol: Inner District
    The Grand Ziggurat

    Ea-gamil, by the will of the flayed one assigned seccond finger of the great and long reaching armof the inquisition was angry, this anger was unusuall for him. Of course his work generally consisted of things he coudln't completly get to terms with, but his current anger wasn't much comparable to the usually discomfort he felt when tortuering members of his family that fell under suspicious, no it even far exceeded the displeasure he had when he had to ram his sword into the neck of his own mother. No this was on an entirely new level, he was angry because things weren't going his way, no things weren't just not going his way they went completly out of his control. The heretics that kept popping up all arround the city questioning the god given order of things were bad enough and there almost random appearances in so all those different social standing points were causing him headachs, but then the flayed one, seemed to have choosen the worst possible moments to send his followers a sign. What used to be a few small ponds had become a giant swamp over night and it was his job to drain it, hell even that would have been a more enjoyable task atleast he wouldn't have to do so under the burning eye of the flayed one. Ea-gamil was just about done ending this dwelling in self pitty, when someone knocked at the massive door to his office. The Inquisitor grunted something that could be interpreted as a call inside and than moment Ea-gamil saw the fearfull face of his accolyte enter, Ea-gamil knew that something must had happend that would give him the opportuinity to become really angry.
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    Those who think themselves stronger or invulnerable may oppose you, those who do not understand the truth may think you cruel, but those who are of the greatest worth will see your purpose. To them, be grateful, and grant due reward. To those who lack understanding, do not mind them, do not hate them, for in time they will see the proof of your greatness. To the first, however... to those who would stand in the way of your honest goals and true greatness due to their own arrogance... show them. Show them just how weak, just how vulnerable they really are. Crush them, so that at least in death they will see the foolishness of, and destruction wrought by, their arrogance. - Vargrahk Mortreharn, O týrannos tis Kalosýni

    Malverion Capital of Mortreharn - The King's Terrance - The night after the occurrence

    The King of Malverion, Katharó Kidemóna, was looking up into the night sky when a voice called for his attention from behind. "Your highness, your humble servant brings the report you sent for." At first, it did not seem like the king had heard him, as the king spoke out in a manner that sounded as if it was directed at himself.

    "The sky spoke with such vague yet thoughtful meaning. The entrancing bright white emphasis, the colorful confusion, and the resounding rumbling of the earth soon after." He turned to the messenger and continued. "I thank you for your service, but I believe I can predict your words. The shamans have quickly jumped to interpret the event as the voice of the spirits. The pattern and the emphasis is representative of the steady traditional ways, while the confusion is representative of the principles, exemplifying their disjointed and broken nature, the rumbling of the earth being a show of the spirits strength in order to enforce their point. Do correct me if I am wrong."

    "N-No your highness... You are right. How did you figure it out? And your highness the shamans are in fact preaching this interpretation with vigor. What should we do? If nothing is done it may grow to become too out of hand for us to control. And what about the believers in the principles? Will they not have an interpretation of their own?" The king gave a slight smile.

    "The shamans response was not a question hard to find the answer of. I simply sent for a report to make sure. As for dealing with them, have the scribes create something focused upon something along the lines of what I say next. The quake is undoubtedly connected to the event in the sky, however, shows of strength meant for all to see are for two types of entities: entities that are absolutely and brutally tyrannical in nature, and act in an attempt to secure unsure power and suppress any and all discontent, and entities that have fallen from power to a weakened state, and act out of fear for being forgotten. If the shamans wish to interpret the event as a sign from the spirits, then they must either be recognizing that the spirits are lustful tyrants who seek nothing but power, or that the spirits are weak and fearful beings. I would think that labeling the spirits as either would be quite the offense, particularly to those very same spirits. Once the scribes are finished have messengers bring the letter to all of the elder shamans. They are mostly wise, some foolish. They should all see the logic of the message or fear it's truth, and this will ultimately result in the quieting of their followers. As for those of the principles, I would not be surprised if some did begin to preach another interpretation, however I expect it will be more generalized, less focused on strengthening the principles' power in the nation and more-so focused on the reasonable explanation of the event. Nonetheless, on that matter I do wish to remain updated. Also, send word to the Grand Lord Marshall, as he so likes to be called, and inform him that I would like the eastern and southern borders to be reinforced. Not significantly, but partially. Whether something truly is signified by last night's events or not is something to contribute thought towards, however the other nations dominant faiths may rouse greater superstition within them there then here, so I do wish our men prepared for anything on those fronts, however do not want to appear to be mustering a threat of our own in these times." The messenger stood their for a few moments, stunned and unsure of what to say or do, but quickly he composed himself and offered a salute.

    "Yes your highness! At once your highness! I will ensure the messages are all sent out with utmost haste!" The king nodded in approval, and the messenger quickly made his departure. The King turned back to look at the sky.

    "There will be many interpretations of the event, but only one thing is for sure, and that is that there is indeed some meaning behind it. It will be interesting to see which proves to be correct, if any, when the proof finally shows itself..." The king drifted off into deeper thought, simply staring out at the sky.

    Two days later, City of Dukhov - Great Hall of the Elders
    "...I am sure the great elder Shamans of our grand nation will be wise in their succeeding actions... The nerve of that, that, that ublyudok! He barely hides the connotations behind the elegance of these words!" The clearly disgruntled shaman having just finished reciting his selected portions of the King's message looked bound to continue on an extensive rant when another of the elder shamans spoke up. It would turn out to be Elder Rfarnoth, one of the oldest and most respected shamans.

    "Calm yourself Byenmar, before you break something. We are too old for such enraged movements." Elder Byenmar looked conflicted for a moment, but, though still looking disgruntled, returned to his seat. "We must look at this from more then just our own personal perspective, for any one view can hold it's fair share of bias. I doubt the king's primary intent was to offer any offense or threat to our bodies or beliefs. He likely simply wishes to ensure no individual or group causes instability in the nation after the great event. And, I must admit that we and our followers did not take much time before coming to a conclusive interpretation of what happened. Perhaps he is not wrong, and in our haste did tread on the path of offending the great spirits above. Even if we are to come to the same conclusion, should each of us not take at least a little more time before deciding on what was meant by the spirits in their message? We would not wish to lead our followers astray, would we Byenmar?" There are many nods and words of agreement spoken throughout the hall. Even the disgruntled Byenmar seemed to relax and give a hesitant and slight but still noticable nod. "Then let us return to our homes and seek the council of the spirits on how we should truly interpret there message. When we truly feel we have reached the right path, we may guide our followers down it." The elders stood and slowly departed to return to their respective homes, some individually, some in pairs or small groups. Elder Rfarnoth was one of the last to depart, sighing before he rose and looked up. "I can only hope your guidance reaffirms or corrects us before it is too late..."

    Town of Lorevain within the central plains - Central Square
    "I speak to you not as a believer in the principles, nor while thinking of you as fellow believers, or traditionalists. I speak to you as a man of Malverion, and while thinking of you as my fellow citizens of our noble nation! All agree that the Event can not be attributed to natural occurrences, and that it occurred to present to us all a sign, however we can not let these details of traditionalist or principalist or whatever belief we may hold close to our hearts stray us from the path of unity! We can not let these divides and these specific individual interpretations break us apart or make us question what is right and what is wrong! So let me offer you this simple interpretation of the event that I will not claim to be right, and hope you will not claim to be wrong, for I do not present it to create feud, but to halt it. Let it be the interpretation you think about most until we can truly be sure. We all know the Event occurred in three stages! The interpretation I present is as follows: Let the first stage, the bright patterns in white symbolize our wondrous, beautiful, and intricate unity. Let the second, the colorful divide represent the great foundation of our nation as it stands today - our individuality! It was praise for our ability to create such intricate unity despite such unique individualism. And as for that third stage, that quake that rumbled across the land attempting to wrest loose stones from their positions, turn small cracks into great crevices, and all in all topple over the tall and grand structure that is our nation... it was a test to show all that there are no loose stones! There are no cracks! Not only is our nation tall and grand, but it is firm and steadfast! There is no weakness to be exploited, no gap to be widened. We are one! Traditionalist or principalist, shaman or priest, soldier, craftsman, noble or farmer, we, are, ONE!" As the speech had gone on more and more people had gathered, and by it's end the number was quite significant, a few hundred likely in attendance so that it was near impossible to get through, and just as the numbers had built up over time, as had the enthusiasm, for at its end, the sound was so thunderous one who did not know better would swear there must be another earthquake occurring. Or, at least, that is what it felt like within the hearts and minds of the people present. One curious fellow asked another who was this preacher, this, this great speaker of the people.

    "Are you from out of town? You must be to not know Sire Propovednik! He is known for often making speeches about both major and minor events, whether it be in front of hundreds in the town square, dozens in the town hall, or even the lonely few within an alley Inn." Though the man responded, he did not take his eyes off of the speaker.

    "Sire Propovednik? You mean his name is simply Sire Preacher? Sounds quite convenient if you ask me."

    "Well, no-one really knows his actual name. He is called that because the people of the town began calling him that after his first few speeches and it stuck to this day."

    "Hmm. He certainly is an interesting man." The curious man put his hands behind his back and turned walking off. It was at this moment that the other spectator glanced at the curious man walking away, and surprised he was to see on the back of the man's cloak the insignia of none other then the Grandmaster of Administration...

    Grand events are times for equally grand diligence, for they can pose great threats to one thing that no group, no matter how small or how grand, whether it be common-folk, soldiers, or even simple stones can last without, as such grand events can disturb foundations with such force that without this one thing, everything may come crashing down. Great administrators and great generals alike will never fail to keep note of this one thing, as simple as it may sound, for it's importance and complexity must not be overlooked. What is this one thing you ask? Why, my friend, it is unity.
    - Eirmarkus Themelió, Grandmaster of Administration under King Katharó Kidemóna
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    - The Church -

    The sun had already set upon the east, yet it seemed reality was not content to let its residents sleep easily.

    Among those awakened was Balthazar. Stepping out into the balcony of his fortified residence in the capital of the Phoenix Empire, he beheld strange sights. However, these were welcome to his eyes, as this signified that the end of his task was soon. He had not heard from his god in centuries, but this was a clear enough message.

    He was a patient man, not just because he had more time than everyone else. He waited for some of the chaos to settle, and standing statue-like in his balcony with a gaze that spoke a silent demand for quiet and order. Soon enough, both were found alongside a sizable crowd that demanded answers. It was inconvenient yet necessary that he had to make a speech without preparation.

    "What we beheld was a warning, and perhaps our last. The Lord has decided to no longer hide himself or his power from us, and I am sure that he has shown this sign to the rest of the world. The judgement he has promised is soon, and although I do not know if it should come in minutes or decades, I do know that we should spare no effort to make the world ready for when He will judge it. Do not fear this, He will bring our inevitable victory and redemption. That which remains to us is to use all skill in the effort of putting an end to the unrighteousness which plagues this world, and our hearts. I know you have already sacrificed for the cause and found the other people do not listen to our words, and sometimes even take up the sword against us. I say again, as you have heard many times in many ways, they will receive his justice, and we will receive his peace. But this is no longer a distant dream, it draws closer, and we have the wonderful privilege to be part of the means to this end."

    He then returned to his house and called his assistants to begin writing. He would need to send a great deal of letters and time was of the essence. For once in a long time, he felt excited. It was good to be alive.

    He also knew that he would need to prepare to curb the madmen who thought this was a license to do whatever they wanted to their enemies. The excitement felt significantly diminished now.

    - Zealots -

    To say that the zealots had noticed the Event would be a great understatement. Saints, the self proclaimed holy men who lead bands of zealots did not hesitate for a moment to preach whatever message they had in mind or would benefit their group. Almost overnight, bands of zealots doubled or tripled in size and new ones sprung up, traveling from village to village and city to city within the Phoenix Empire and to a somewhat lesser degree the Empire of Asnya. Occasionally the mobs would try to execute 'justice' to 'criminals' and there were certainly some cases of attempted forced conversion. And it only got worse as the zealots had more time to organize.

    In particular, the legacy of Saint George the Rich who conquered a city of Narlox for the faithful by bribing the enemy commander into surrendering continued on. Saint Thomas took up the purple mantle of his father after a short and hastily arranged ceremony at the statue of his father whom said father ordered hours built mere after he had taken the city. The fact that the family now owned much of the city government helped greatly in expanding their coffers.

    Those who complained about Saint George's methods and greed found themselves somewhat silenced by his sheer competence as he had gotten more done than almost any Saint had in recent history. His second son proved to be quite charismatic and educated, and even though he lead a an army of 500 peasants who picked up whatever weapons they could find, he knew victory lay ahead for his god was with him. He marched toward the front lines in the west, carefully avoiding enemy armies and fortified positions, trying to find some poorly defended village he could capture to add to his fame and following.

    That he sent out scouts and spies to keep track of the local surroundings with an almost obsessively paranoid rate to ensure he never met an enemy army surely was only for the good of his followers as what shepherd did not care for his sheep?
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    Before dawn coming, on their camp up the hill soldiers are doing their morning training while their leader in main tent is making a meeting with commanders.
    "We cannot start building our fort for one more week, the soldiers have yet to prepare the hill before we start."
    -Jhoana Maria von Hogarth-
    "One more week? We canno-"
    A soldier comes hurrying in tent
    "My general, the sky. You must see it"
    Shocked from what's happening she goes outside and stops at entrace of tent watching the scene until it ended, the ground started to shake but not long enough to do damage to camp. First she was scared than she returned to normal and turned behind and said.
    "That's a sign from our Lord, tell the soldiers that god is watching and tell them to hurry to make preparation to build the fort on his cause"
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    Story of Queen Ankiara Zam
    Chapter One: The Beginning

    She was woken up by the servants by the night this all had happened. At first she could have not believed it to be true what happened. Strange signs in the sky? Nonsense, she thought. But all of that changed and she was stricken by fear as she was standing at the balcony, gazing to the night sky of wonders. What could this mean? She was uncertain. So many different shapes and colors in the sky. Is this a sign from the unnamed god? She was quickly awakened back to real world as her servant spoke.

    ''My queen, what is it that you plan on doing now,'' asked the woman in white clothing of a courtier.
    The queen would shake her head a bit as she woke back.''I...'' She paused, for she had just gotten a brilliant idea that could be helpful here. She quickly turns her head to the other servant. A male hardy and pretty guard of hers. Ankana was his name. The bulge missing still after he paid the price of castration for deflowering and trying to elope with her daughter. Still in fear of her after the punishment. 'How lovely,' Queen Ankiara Zam thought.
    ''Ankana. I want you to go and alert the guard and tell them to tell the citizens that tomorrow their queen shall come forth and tell them what the signs of tonight mean.'' Ankiara Zam said to Ankana the guard who hesitates for a while.''That's an order!'' She shouts and Ankana quickly nods as he takes his leave. After that she looks at the female servant, smiling.''Come, my sweet servant. You will accompany me to the observatory.'' She said and the servant nodded silently. Soon they made their way to the observatory where she would spend rest of the night for as long as the signs existed researching upon these signs, trying to understand them.

    From the Journal of Queen Anzeth of Triple A
    12 Anzilam, 871
    Morning after the strange night

    I feel uncertain in the wake of the celestial signs, but I cannot allow myself to lose any time. Our small realm was prosperous under my rule so far, but the signs and potential unrests could stroke the ambitions of our neighbors. And that evil pagan man-witch is likely planning his revenge from the lands to the west. Fortunately he has not yet declared a war on us, and we have a de jure claim on his lands for they were once part of the beautiful empire.
    I've stalled long enough away from this observatory; Aliana would have me burn it to the ground, my poor sweet daughter, I know she means good, but, ultimately, she doesn't know about these matters, maybe he'll be more understanding when I finally teach her how to read the celestial signs and how it is important for our success. I'll just sneak in when she's in town, she'll never even know that I am still here. If only my daughter could see the truth and wasn't so craven. Perhaps I shall try re-educate her during the mass of dedication to our beloved.
    Many nobles inside and outside the realm hate me. I refused them time and again and refused to marry anyone, it is only a matter of time before they try and topple me by force to take what they couldn't acquire by inheritage. Our own satraps are slow to answer summonings to the grand temple of everburning flames, but I'm confident I can deal with them with the help of my courtiers. What's important is to avoid our neighbors from taking any direct move against us before we've taken care of our own vassals.
    Emperor of Phoenix Empire is the greatest heretic ruler, but I'm less worried about him for the moment, he is certainly smart enough to put his gaze upon the weaker and smaller infidel lands that surround his lands.
    Our greatest threat is the man-witch, in the west. He has a realm almost as large and an army almost as numerous as Phoenix Empire and he has always fought against my family's claim on these lands. Yet, he has not the reputation of an ambitious man, perhaps I could reason with him, rumor has it he's quite a mortal, despite his vile ways.

    The signs were obscure, but I managed to write them down on numerous papers. These are nothing like the ones I have seen before, so there is much uncertainty. Is this a sign from the unnamed god? Or perhaps from something else? Something more powerful than the unnamed god? It's all just a mystery. I hope that after today's stress is over I can get back to my discoveries in the laboratory. I will sleep there for a few days before returning to my own chambers. Perhaps these signs might appear again?

    She stood there, in front of the grand array of citizens and civilians. She wore an elegant white dress with purple and pink lines complimenting it, with her black and fair hair well done on with a veil covering her face. Simple folk aren't allowed to see her fair face, only the nobles and their folk. And there she stood, 6 feet tall, on the stand in the grand temple of everburning flames. Ankiara Zam had talked about this for a while and planned it out with her council so she has an idea on what to do here. First the speech, then the orgy. She gazes down upon her subjects and others who have gathered in the grand temple. She shakes a deep breath in and out.

    ''He has spoken to us. The unnamed god has spoken to us. Vile things are coming from all around the world.'' She started as the satraps, their wives, children, nobles and priestesses all start to get slight worried about these words. ''The unnamed god above us has told us something that is truly a miracle. A messiah will come to us, my faithful. A child of our god shall come and when ready, will reveal oneself to us.'' She said and they begun to get more excited and more relief.''Our god has set up a challenge for us, to see which ones of us shall stay on the path of the Unnamed God's truth. Those who are faithful shall see our messiah and shall serve the messiah, for one shall lead us to paradise.''

    The ceremony was quick, as expected, with the priestesses speaking out the wisdom of the unnamed god before declaring the start of the grand celebration. The grand celebration, on the other hand, was looking like it'd last for the whole night. The courtiers of the queen who had come were dancing, singing, writing and painting, alongside the numerous others like the satraps and their courtiers and families. Sooner or later it all devolved into a mass of acts that other faiths would find vile, impure, lustful and sinful. Only on one thing the other faiths would be correct. These acts are lustful. May the unnamed god bless them, Ankiara Zam thought before she took her leave and set course back to the castle to continue her studies in the observatory section in the castle. She does not have time for the celebration. Not today. In fact, later she realized that the white veil that covered her face wasn't needed. Perhaps next time she won't use it.​
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    It was an important day.

    The Streets of Leklemshah were bustling, filled with travelers and pilgrims the world over. It was the last year Leklemshah, Utamalshkupatli’s (PBUH) own city and home to his Great Pyramid, would remain this cycle's capital. As such, a magnificent festival was being thrown in honor of the Greatest. Of all the awful things to happen to the world, from the lack of magic, to the “grace” of Balthazar, tonight’s would perhaps be marked as the beginning of the most dreaded time in history.

    Right as Em-Siraz Nar’Qundi ibn Muffarak, Divine Voice of Utamalshkupatli(PBUH) and leader of the Divine Shagun, was to give the closing speech of the festival; the sky broke. As the great shield fell, and the colors of magic filled the night void, the greedy Shagun changed his speech. His rise to power, which had been marked by flagrant and emotional speeches, all seemed fulfilled in this moment.

    Instead of decrying wicked ways, and seeking money to build his own personal pyramid. He spoke of Utamalshkupatli(PBUH). Of powers beyond comprehension spoken in the secret texts, and the dream of Utamalshkupatli (PBUH). For the first time in over two-hundred years, he cried for war. For holy war. He said that the sky breaking was a sign from Utamalshkupatli (PBUH) that the infidels were weak and the faithful, triumphant.

    Afterward, surprising his peers, he declared that Divine Shaguns would enter seclusion for one month within the Great Pyramid.

    History would remember this as the start of the Age of Conquest.

    And all the world bled.

    In Asnya:

    Sefer Al’Kalim gazed up at the night sky. The colors swirling, dancing with each other, in the great Orchestration of Morality. He took it as a sign from Utamalshkupatli (PBUH). This break in reality, would be seen as a good omen. Not as aid for the Harbinger of All Ends. And for that, he and his brothers would make their move.

    The Asnyans were celebrating some heretical festival, making fools of themselves in the streets and in their homes. These torrid streets would soon know that their ways were not welcome in Utamalshkupatli’s (PBUH) World. Upon an innocuous street, one amongst the masses, but still within sight of the palace; Sefer came upon the tavern he and his brothers had been using as cover. To avoid notice of the revelers, he snuck around back and quickly entered the hatch.

    Sixteen were gathered, the others were already in place. It stank of rotten eggs and mud, but the mixture was being carefully filled into leather bags. Sefer nodded and exchanged greetings with his fellow Kedeshtim, secret arm of Rhim Qarhet Alchemists. Here in Asnya, this world’s nation-sized rodent, they had played upon sympathies and secret meetings. Those who were sick of the decadence of the nobility, of being down-trodden, that they deserved a place amongst the Greatest. That all they had to do was rise up. It took little to prove their point when frivolous orgies filled the streets. The last of the mixtures was sealed in its bag, and the men confirmed their positions. Then they departed, with solemn vows to meet in the next life.

    As with all jovial times in peace, men were easily manipulated. Some guards were bribed, some lied to. Others had been replaced with Kedeshtim agents in the weeks leading up to this. The first of Utam’s Fire that was to be unleashed was in a temple far from the palace. The second, a prominent noble’s estate that was on the opposite end of the city from the temple. Third, a garden and notable estate closer to the palace. If the guards would be dispatched, they’d meet resistance in the form of some two hundred armed Kedeshtim agents ambushing them in the streets. If any effect of conversion was successful, there would be peasant uprisers as well. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning the last of the mixtures would be unleashed inside the palace itself.

    Sefer would pray, should he survive, with the rising sun for the souls of his four brothers who took their own lives with Utam’s Fire.


    -Kedeshtim Agents spring their plan to raze Asnya’s Capital.

    -The Shagun spread word that the great lights were a sign from Utamalshkupatli that the “Age of Conquests” has begun.

    -The Five Tribes rally their tumen at Leklemshah to praise the Basalt Pyramid, and hear the word of Utamalshkupatli as to where to strike.

    -The King of the Free City of Lemar attempts to open a new trade lane to Siparav.

    -The Satraps of Urux, Hesh-Hedra, Utlam, and Sevos have conspired with the Rhim Qarhet to conquer Asnya. To this end, they have raised private armies and sailed them across the Sea of Ghosts into Asnya. The Grand Vizier in Sor-Kenar takes notice

    -The Janissaries are mobilized, three fourths going to the Asnya border, and one fourth going to the Phoenix one.

    -At the end of the month the Divine Shaguns seclude themselves within the Great Basalt Pyramid Complex. Their last order is for the lesser Shaguns to spread the word of the “Age of Conquests”.

    -The remaining Satrapies either give tithe of beast and bones, or gold and grain, to aid in the “Age of Conquests”.

    -The Lions of Al-Rassan begin a recruiting initiative in response to the declaration of the “Age of Conquests”
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    Across the World, the sky has broken. The machinery of this world has slowed to a halt, as the religious leaders struggle to preserve their faith in the face of such majesty. Deep within the Firstwood, a cabal of powerful Earthspeakers convene to discuss the recent developments. However, sheltered as they are deep within their forested temples, time passes...with no consensus being reached. They would spend the next several months confined inside the great stone temple known as Elbrenem, whiling away their time as the world churns.

    The same cannot be said for the many nobles sprawled across Livatla. Word has spread that in the north, Lord Dormand has left his citadel for the first time. He was seen riding south, toward the city of Cibyl. Earth only knows what he's planning. Another development comes in the form of a party. Feran Cudd has thrown a massive ball to distract the city of Erb from the display of lights that dance across the sky. Rumor has it that Virgil used the recent distraction to murder Daisy Orville, a prominent actress and niece to Ervin Cluse. Though unsubstantiated, these claims might spark conflict between the two families.

    Most important among the recent developments occurred within the City of Cibyl. The renowned bard and scholar Odi has announced that these signs were foretold, and that the time of the Earth is over. He claims that the Stars are at war with the Earth, and that unless the proper rituals are conducted the Earth will be destroyed in the conflict. He draws many of his teachings from Ryendaran culture, but it is twisted from its original intent. Odi's position as Alderman and his fame have allowed him to speak far and wide within the city, bringing the Starfaith to the forefront of Cibylan politics. In only a few weeks, a small portion of the populace has converted and religious conflicts have broken out between the Starfaith, the Earthen Faith, and the Faith of Persei. A number of citizens, merchants, and travellers within the city worship the Ryendaran faith (due to the city's close proximity with Ryendar), and they've joined the religious conflicts. Most viciously, a number of citizens were killed in a brawl now being called The Cibyl Riots. Many other cities seem poised to plunge into religious disunity, though the rural areas have been largely unaffected by the lights in the sky.

    All in all, Livatla is largely unaffected by the recent events. It is an old and massive nation, and not much can shake it into action. However, even it seems to be walking toward the knife's edge - a single shove and it may find itself walking a dangerous path.
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    Men of Ryendar! Rally to your Eagle! For there will be no day when the Eagle lays on these consecrated grounds, there will be NO day that these walls will be laid low! Ryendar will endure! We will fight every day for the next millennium for our place in this world! Men of Ahn'Taleth! Rally now! Rally for Cennyr and Lyr! Rally for your family and your brothers! We will hold these walls until our dying day if need be! KIER DEL RYFENOR! GLORY TO RYENDAR!- Ardent Commander Roraerys at the Siege of Ahn'Taleth, circa 50 R.C.

    Ahn'Taleth, Citadel of the Snowy Peaks

    As the first rays of sunlight filtered through the peaks of the Talethi Mountains the garrison of Ahn'Taleth seemed quiet. The stalwart Guardsmen were statues at their posts except for the one Ensign who was climbing the steps to the top of the tower, perfectly on time. As he reached the top of the keep tower he took out an incredibly large horn, the Blessed Warhorn of Ahn'Taleth, and faced out to the west and blew. The first blast was long, quickly followed by a second. And with a small pause the sun rose even further up in the sky, more rays piercing the mountains as the Ensign gave the third blast, lasting a whole minute as the sun crested the peaks and shone down in full force, illuminating the Ensign and letting the light spread to the smaller mountains and foothills that spread out beyond.

    As the smaller roads that winded through the foothills became larger national roads the sunlight stretched out further, revealing the teamsters and travelers traveling the roads. As the sun rose higher in the sky the cities along Lake Cennyr were bathed in sunlight, the greatest among these being Ryendar. A lone rider in a stark green coat stuck out among the travelers, galloping past the wagons and carriages, riding at an incredibly past speed for such an early hour in the morning. The man galloped through the South Gate, quickly making his way through the artisan districts to the outskirts of the Imperial Forum before stopping at a halt. Quickly dismounting the man walked his horse to the stable attached to the building and walked in, a number of papers kept in a small case in his hand.

    The building was two stories and the cloaked man quickly made his way to the second, and with a nod to the clerk he entered a large room. Inside a number of functionaries hustled about, filling out paperwork and writing letters while a group of men, less than a dozen, debated at a large conference table. The newcomer hung his coat on one of the several coat hangers and took a seat, placing the case on the table with a resounding thump as the rest of the assembled men looked at him, stopping their debate. "I had thought that we had all agreed to hold the debate once we had all arrived, what happened?" The newcomer asked, setting up his papers as he waited for a response.

    A man near the head of the table responded, his tunic having a small badge in the shape of a dove, "News from Narlox, Theoderic, powers are moving faster than we anticipated and a full scale war may be brewing in the East less than a month after the Revelation of the Boreal Star. We couldn't afford to wait." From the look of the assembled individuals, including the supposed Theoderic, none of them had gotten much sleep. These were the Lord Diplomats of Ryendar, part of the Imperial Court and the topmost advisors to the Emperor on matters of diplomacy. Behind the head of the table there was a massive map of Casus with every country filled in. "Spymaster Ilterion has already confirmed that Narlox is moving against Asnya as we speak, but his agents haven't found anything in Phoenix, but it could be a simple time delay."

    One of the many issues with reacting to fast moving crises, even for Ryendar, was the simple time it took for intel to be relayed from trouble zones halfway across Casus, especially in the span of a month. Theoderic piped up, "What? Are you sure? Livatla and Malverion seem to be tame aside from Cibyl, and now it seems like the essay's worth of notes I've brought regarding that crisis are worthless now. But are you certain that Narlox is about to go to war?"

    Another individual, Lord Diplomat Matthias Fyenlorn, Chief Advisor on Narloxian Affairs, spoke, "It's true, our agents in Asnya report mass scale arson and the throes of rebellion in the process, and although Ilterion perfers to use his men to keep an ear to the ground, he does say there is likely Kedeshtim involvement. Utam's disciplines grow more fervent by the day. Although my colleague won't admit it, several bands of Phoenix zealots have been seen on the move and they will likely intervene in any Narloxian-Asnyan conflict. What news have you from Livatla?"

    Theoderic digested the information while jotting down several notes before speaking, "Livatla is incredibly stable, them and Malverion seem to be weathering the storm quite nicely, however the city of Cibyl seems to be a point of contention. Members of a new faith, the Starfaith, claim that the Revelation was a sign that the Stars and the Earth would be battling and that the Earth would be destroyed, and chance is that this is because of the city's mix of Ryendarian and Livatlan culture. I intend to head over there soon after this meeting so I can help set things straight. Otherwise I intend to reach out to the Cluses, Lords of Cibyl, any help we can in quieting the Starfaith could renew relations with one of the strongest families in Livatla." The young man took a breath of air after he finished, his stance on Livatlan politics a modernized version of the classic approach of ensuring that numerous families control strong-ish territory, keeping a sort of status quo by ensuring no invaders gain a foothold, but keeping eachother in check. This was complex considering the complete lack of de jure territory and constant gavelkind succession going on, most diplomats simply gave up after decades.

    "Very well. I will be counseling the Emperor to deploy more men to our border with Narlox, and although Field Marshal Corryn will grumble, ultimately it is the best. We simply cannot risk Narlox riding high on a wave a fanaticism to not consider regaining their lost territory. I will ask that Ilterion send several more R.I.A. agents to Narlox and Asnya so we can better understand the situation. Otherwise we all have our plans, carry them out." Matthias adjourned the session, Theoderic leaving the building with a frown on his face.

    -Ryendar knows about all of the stuff going down in the east and they DO NOT like it
    -An ambassador, Lord Diplomat Theoderic, is being sent to Lord Erwin Cluse, should arrive early next cycle
    -Field Marshal Corryn is further militarizing the border between Ryendar and Phoenix
    -Men are being sent under Marshal Michael Stenorn to protect the Southern Reaches of Ryendar against a possible Narlox incursion
    -The garrisons along the Talethi mountains are being weakened to reinforce the other borders
    -The Ryendarian Intelligence Agency is expanding their contacts across the east
    -The Alchemists are trying to make sense of the Revelation alongside the Triarchate of Patriarchs
    -Emperor Richard Candir has sent messages to every leader, asking for cooler heads to prevail in these trying times