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World of Casus (IC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by crawlers, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. crawlers

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    - The Church -

    Most bishops have already received Balthazar's words about the event and now act like mirrors reflecting it towards the people. While it has encouraged and motivated the people, and an unusual amount are volunteering for the military, it has also created a great deal more zealots. While the bishops have little hope of halting all of them, they do as they are instructed and try to put an end to the more problematic or violent ones, leaving the peaceful wandering preachers be for now. The whole situation felt like a flimsily built, highly pressurized room - ready to blow up towards whoever poked a hole in it. But this was business as usual for the Church, and as long as no one did something particularly stupid or provocative, there should be no large problem.

    Unfortunately some people, like Saint Thomas, were simply too far away to get the message and continued on. Chaos waited patiently in the front door for some one to open it.

    -Zealots restrained somewhat by Church with no outlet for their zeal
    -Zealots easily provoked into something more severe
    -Some slipped past the Church
  2. crawlers

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    Unbeknownst to all, the mana continues flowing in from the edges of the universe, yet the rate is already slowing down as it gets closer to equilibrium.

    However, nothing special seems to happen worldwide at this time.

    - The Sabotage of Asyna -

    Asyna circumstance: 6
    Narlox circumstance: 10

    The infiltration of the guards proves a successful effort, and a good deal of them look the other way while the 'smugglers' set about their business. By the time they figure out what is really going on it is far too late to stop it.

    The infiltrators successfully set fire to all of their targets, but the third target, a prominent noble’s estate that was on the opposite end of the city from the temple, seemed to not have the flames spread and only a third of it was destroyed. The other two targets, a noble's estate and gardens and a temple, burn to the ground leaving only smoking ruins. The flames do not manage to spread beyond the targets, and after a couple of hours are no more.

    While some additional unrest towards the seemingly vile acts of the leadership are generated, and will probably remain for some time, no actual angry crowds have been formed. The people are somewhat angry, but not furious.

    Many of the firefighters seem to be busy in the 'festivities' and those who arrive find their effort woefully inadequate. The flames are too large to be put out so easily, but they do manage to keep them from spreading. The fires burn themselves out eventually.

    The new arsonists successfully evade the guards and leave the city, as the simultaneous nature of their attacks and sheer ferocity of the flames is quickly arousing suspicion. It is only a matter of time before a real investigation begins.

    However, it does not seem that the unquenchable nature of Utam's fire has been discovered as the sheer quick spread and size of the flames would have resisted being put out. It is not clear as of this point who is responsible.

    Year: 871
    Month: 4
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  3. DontBanTheMan


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    The fire has only begun to erupt within Livatla, as long-standing political structures are being tossed aside. Sorted from best to least well known, the following events have become common (for those with their ears are to the ground) knowledge:

    - During a weekly city council meeting in Aur, a fire broke out and a large number of city officials were wounded and killed. The Lord Mayor was injured, and six of the city's nineteen Aldermen were killed. The prominent urban Earthspeaker Byron of Aur was killed in the blaze, as was the Commander of the City Watch, Ace Ordlan. Another influential figure was severely injured: Tamar Weller, one of the infamous Seven Sons of Rowena Weller. The city is in an uproar, and with the deaths of so many important figures a power vacuum has opened up, threatening to plunge the country's most important city into a civil war.
    - In Cibyl, Rowan Cluse has been beaten to death by Aidan of the Sky, bishop of the Faith of Persei and illegitimate brother to Daegal Cluse. Aidan and some of his followers, several of whom are immigrants from Ryendar, ambushed Rowan on his way out of the city and clubbed him to death. Aidan claims innocence - stating that Rowan's life was forfeit when he assassinated Aidan's brother. The city guards' hands are tied - should they arrest Aidan, the religious conflict will escalate. However, Lord of Cibyl Ervin Cluse has already declared his intention to challenge and kill Aidan, and is on his way to the city from his manor in the south.
    - Virgil Kercher has judged that the lights in the sky may ordain something, but are not of religious significance. This ruling has largely quieted religious unrest in the Livatlan heartlands.
    - Whether or not by Feran's direction, his brothers Wyman and Barclay Weller have raised an army. Having already amassed six thousand levies, they have merged forces and march toward Aur.
    - A mysterious figure has begun a campaign of terror across the south, killing targets and threatening villages seemingly at random. A large number of Earthguard have been dispatched to deal with the bandit.
    - Gar, a lowly soldier from the east, has been adopted into the Duguid Family. After dealing with a major dispute in one of Hugh Duguid's villages, he was recognized and allowed to join Hugh as his adopted brother. Though unorthodox, this move has merely increased Hugh's reputation among the villagers, as the House was now made up of two of their own! Gar Duguid has been dispatched west to meet a challenge from Ware Weller, who is seeking to make a name for himself and ascend to the status of Lord. Meanwhile, Hugh has constructed a new walled fort in the center of his lands to keep his people safe. Many have volunteered to join his fyrd, and he already has over a hundred hundred soldiers in his standing army.
    - Banditry has become a major problem in the lower North, below the lands of House Dormand. Ruled by local lords, they've been unable to put aside their disputes and make a concerted effort to stop the roving bands. Despite efforts by the Earthguard to contain them, they've grown in power in the region.
    - Cerdic Dormand was spotted in Cibyl, though disappeared soon after.
    - Emmit of the Tide was injured in a Cibylan street riot. The Lernexi vow to put an end to the violence.

    ( If you have entered communication with one of the many Livatlans, send me a message on the forums or add me on steam@ DontBanTheMan. )
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  4. DarthLenin

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    Story of Queen Ankiara Zam
    Chapter Two: The Eternal Flames in the city

    From the Journal of Queen Ankiara of Triple A
    14 Akhiam, 871
    Unbelievable! The news of the flames in the city sound absolutely heretical! How is this possible? This must be a sign from the unnamed god. I have sent many firefighters arround, but just recently have I gotten a brilliant idea. Why not throw sand at the very structures from what the flames come from? Certainly this way fire can be thinned down. Besides, the sand is a common way of putting out fire in dry places. Why would any fool use precious water in a place like this? Siparavians? Fools. All of them! Firefighters still have to send me their reports about how much effective was the sand at keeping the flames at bay, or even hopefully diminished. One thing is certain, though. There are traitors among them. I have tasked my marshal Akon with the raising of the levies, while my champion Arura Ahatra is tasked with reinforcing the morale and ensuring the loyalty of the new soldiers and guards. Certainly there can be a traitor among the armies themselves.
    One thing is clear. No citizen of the capital could have had the materials to create the unnamed god's flames for this vile act. A pagan must have done this. Was this magic? The balthazarists are against magic and miracles of other faiths, so they're out of question. Narlox, Malverion, Siparav, the pagan nations that either directly or indirectly took the lands that once belonged to the western empire must have been the ones behind this act. Pagan rulers, all of them. Perhaps one of them had a part in this? No...all of them? Maybe...Siparav is known to be the faith that likes fires almost as much as our faith, they even copied our architecture on the temples. Perhaps they intend to create the ancient empire in their own image? With their culture as the dominant one? Their copycat culture? Maybe...maybe...But the Malverion is suspiciously silent all this time. Why is that? Are they planning an assault? But the man-witch of Narlox must be behind this act. Why? Because he is immortal! He must have found a way to cheat death by some vile black magic! My advisors keep on telling me it is just superstition, as he has not been seen at all for centuries. But if Balthazar was given real immortality by our god, then who is to say he did not find an immortality of sorts through black magic? Man-witch is behind this! I've had my spymaster reinforce the web of spies that exists in the capital so that the followers of one of the three barbarians could be sent to the palace in secrecy in middle of the night for interrogations. Especially the man-witch's imperial cultists. His faith is evil, they worship their ruler as their god. So sickening and false.
    Akon's family once came from the lands of Phoenix Empire, and they're still balthazarists. I have apponited a balthazarist relative of Akon as my new diplomat and sent him to the Phoenix Empire for the potential signing of a Non-Aggression Pact. In a word surrounded by heathens the heretics are closest to being our allies. I just pray that Phoenix Empire will see the danger of pagans that surround us. We once fought with the balthazarists at our side who lost their lands in the western empire, certainly we can fight again with the balthazarists of Phoenix Empire at our side.
    My spymaster has told me rumours about anger among the peasants. What for? Their annual celebration of unnamed god's virtues shall come in two weeks. They must have been provoked by the pagans in our lands. I sent the steward and court priestess were sent across the city to calm down the populance. Certainly the people can be made to love their queen once more if they are reminded numerous things about our god, book and the queen. May the unnamed god bless our country. The man-witch of Narlox is guilty, we need proof.
    I hope that the combined effort of my steward, court priestess, spymaster and marshall shall my capital become more safe for the followers of the true faith. I shall have my daughter give the citizens my speech, but more delegately done, today.

    Ankiara sighs at her desk, holding her face with her hands. ''Are you absolutely sure about this,'' she asked with horror and frustration in her face. How could she do this to her? She raised her up and everything. And now she decided to backstab her. Numerous visions of possible future that will come filled her head. She was woken back to the real world by the messenger's sentence.''...But there may be hope for her,'' the man said, which got her back to the real life and looked at him. ''What? What are we talking about here? What do you have in mind?'' Ankiara asks as she woke back to real life. ''We could always try...assassinate her imperial cultist husband before she leaves town with him. Since she will be holding a speech, we can in peace use the time to kill the husband and put the blame on the husband's fellow cultists.'' The man said. Ankiara nods, this could decrease the peoples' love for the imperial cultists of the man-witch of the west-Utan and could help them see the true vile of the imperial cult. She nods.''We then contact them.'' She said. And soon later began the assassination plot to kill the imperial cultist husband of her daughter and put the blame on the other imperial cultists through subtle propaganda and well places rumours.

    Satrapy of Kareni.
    The Satrap Ahzamal was in his room, listening to what the messenger said to have come on the message that the pigeon carried to them.
    ''So...The levies need to be ready simply because of how there is a potential war coming?'' Satrap Ahzamal asks while laying on his bed, coughing intensely in his disease. Inflicted by ghoulpox, he was. A disease most common in his satrapy and its surrounding lands. Some say that his ancestors were cursed with the disease by the unnamed god.
    The messenger nods to the man stuck in his bed.''Yes. The flames in the capital could have been seen as a sign of weakness that other nations will use this chance to assault us from all the fronts. She asks us to be all ready and go to the capital, ready for the potential war, my liege.'' The messenger said, while Ahzamal coughs intensely in his bed.
    ''Leave...But tell the marshal to keep the levies ready.''
    ''Y-yes, sir!'' The messenger left the room, leaving the man in his room. Sixth week with this vile disease, making breathing ever so worse. His lands were to the east of the city of Az-Hak, the capital. Yet he was most influential among the balthazar vassals, if he answers the call of the queen, other balthazars will, and then most certainly the Ameretat will, aswell.

    Namtar Army HQ

    It was a night, in the keep at the north-eastern district of Az-Hak, district that is solely dedicated to the special army of the queen. The general sits in his desk, looking at the numerous maps in the candlelight, making constant marks on all the vassals who have answered the call. Four out of Eleven vassals have answered the call. The man sighs with no sound and looks up to the roof. The man was in his early 50s, close to his death, but still capable of leading the army. His hair had dulled from once bright black to dull gray, same for his beard. Wrinkles covered his face and made him look like a pineapple or some other ugly fruit. There he reflects upon the upcoming importance of the army in charge of which he has been for the last twenty years in this fourty year long duty. Namtar Army, the silent guard of the queen. All of the guard have sworn an oath of silence to never speak words, whether it is to tell secrets to foe or ally, nor to get married. Their army consisted of bastards, born out of wedlock and urchins under the age of 10 and unwanted children under the age of 6. The army consisted of 8000 soldiers. The army was reinforced and kept alive with the money gained out of all the brothels and the donations from numerous vassals and the queen herself. It was the queen's ancestor who started the army. The first ruler of the new empire after the overthrowing of the false faith ruler. The man sighs. Despite the size of the standing army, the levies of the vassals combined together were 14 000.​

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  5. balnazzar.

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    • The Queen has ordered an increase throughout the kingdom to tie up border security and for more supplies to be sent while increasing troop numbers.
    • Spies are to be sent across the border into triple AAA to uncover certain vile acts that have been rumored while keeping an eye on current affairs. These are professional spies, please note this.
    • Secret police conduct searches for any and all spies within the Kingdom. Note: Simply be payed to give local information is not considered a crime BUT in some cases they do request the person give false information but only if it is called for. This is a rarity but does has somewhat of the time, there no reason to as of right now. This exclude state secrets but even a deal could be arranged here.
    • Secret police performs crack down on all forms of corruption and spying.
    • Far more Troops are sent to the triple AAA border then anywhere else.
    • In addation to the queen calling for a meeting between the kingdom, Ryander, and Narlox, unofficially. This is done in a more silent manner.
    This meeting was conduct near the end of the month between triple AAA and the Kingdom in open court.
    This conversion was done over steam for the last few days now.
    Protectionoflove representing as the diplomats of Narlox.
    Svarte Dauen representing as the diplomat of triple AAA.
    Bluebird4800 representing as the court of Kingdom.
    Omey representing as the diplomat of Ryander.
    Crawlers representing as the church of the one faith.
    9:54 AM - Svarte Dauen: After a long travel, the representative had arrived to the capital of the Phoenix Empire. Reports were given to the queen that a man, wearing really modest clothing and non-revealing clothing, stands at the gates. He is saying that he is from the Empire of AAA and asks for permission to enter, stating that he is on a diplomatic mission to talk with the Queen of Phoenix Empire.

    9:59 AM - bluebird4800: Eventually, a man in fine grab coloring came out he is apparently one of the many diplomats of the Phoenix Empire. He opens his mouth to speak to the other man to address him. “Sir, the Queen is allowing a meeting with you to take place. If you would please come inside we can conduct the meeting.” His tone was humble and kind. He would wait for you to respond.

    10:01 AM - Svarte Dauen: The representative nods to the diplomat, smiling.''Thank you. I will more than gladly follow you to meet the queen. Lead the way.'' The man said and was ready to be escorted to the queen for the meeting.

    10:18 AM - bluebird4800: They would go through the busy streets of the Kingdom as people perform their common daily task. At a point in time you would reach the capital where after a few minutes the guards would allow the two to pass. You would now be entering into the main hall of the Kingdom. As the diplomats enter the main hall he would see a variety of people in many different clothing, outfits, and even some in armor. Most of them didn’t make seem to make a face toward this man, most seem to be happy at the fact there one at all and some seem to have expected this. The kingdom has never really wanted to war at any point in time, for they are well aware of the hardships of war and the high chance of a pagan crusade. Yet, they have always been careful and a crafty lot at any point when war was done. Yet, now you see, Cheryl, the queen of the Kingdom upon the throne in a fine grab dress whom seems to have been discussing with the rest of a lot here about things. She would open her mouth “So I see the armies of Narlox come to attack you’re peoples land, but you come to us for help, no?” The voice was clam, yet void of emotions at all.

    10:33 AM - Svarte Dauen: The representative looked at all these people, scanning their looks, to try memorize them. Then as they arrived to the grand...main hall of the queen. He would bow down before the queen gently.''Greetings, fairest of queens...''He started, before raising his back once more.''I do come to you and ask for help, if we want to be blunt about it. But we both do know that Narlox has plans at conquering both of our nations. If they attack one infidel, why won't they attack an another one? So I have come here to ask for an alliance to be made between our nations. I do hope that a wise queen such as you can see the wisdom in this alliance, for it can prevent other nations from attacking yours so easily because of how there are more troops on your side than on their sides in the distant future and its wars.'' The man said.

    10:58 AM - bluebird4800: Many of the people were completely unknown to the diplomat but PE did have a known history of some more "shadowy" organizations and groups. Some are simply military advisors along with members of the church. Yet, she would again open her mouth. “We could as we do have some reasons to ally, yet the question is simply how much can we afford, along with how much you need.”

    11:05 AM - Svarte Dauen: The diplomat nods slowly.''Just enough to make the pagans pull majority of their troops to defend against the front where your armies fight against theirs. Then we can ourselves defeat the few armies that remain and possibly occupy some of their border regions, hopefully gain back the provinces that once belonged to our old empire and bring the war quickly to a victory for us without too much bloodshed and extreme taxation on the populance. For prolonged wars weaken the nations.''The diplomat said briefly.

    11:45 AM - bluebird4800: “We could force do much but the question is what do you want? As we benefit nothing to little from this war besides slowing down Narlox and tiring up whatever they are planning in the long run. To simply state, nobody will benefit from this war in the long run; we would have to end it quickly and neatly. For us to do this it requires us to understand the goals of your queen in this war, completely and clearly. Do you want to survive? Do you want to conquer? As you have said yourself, your goal is to claim the old lands and to force a status of peace; yet the question is cast, what are the goals?”

    11:46 AM - bluebird4800: The tone was still one an emotionless one. It was almost cold one could say.

    11:48 AM - Svarte Dauen: ''What are the goals? The goals of Narlax or the goals of our queen?'' The diplomat asked as he was unsure what she ment. She did say that his nation's goal was what she just said, and then asked what is the goal.

    11:49 AM - bluebird4800: "Sorry if I wasn't clear, the goal of your queen is what I ask."

    11:51 AM - Svarte Dauen: ''Well. Her goal is to restore the old empire back to its former borders and bring a golden age. Her goal with your nation is to maintain great relations that in case either of us needs one another then we can assist one another. The faiths that our nations have is far closer to one another than the faith of the surrounding nations.'' The diplomat stated.

    11:53 AM - bluebird4800: A stranger in the group with a very strange outfit would speak up "I think the bishop would beg to differ on that statement." The queen didn't stop him nor comment.

    11:58 AM - bluebird4800: The stranger, the man named Roderik again would speak; the voice was mocking in tone. “The queen asks for a favor of us? The Queen of Indulgence who consider us what? Heretics? Horrible people and lairs? What would stop her from justifying a war in this Golden Age of her’s?” The man was clearly warring a grab of difference compare to most, yet you do remember some people in the street wearing something similar to this.

    11:59 AM - bluebird4800: They were far different from the common ramble though.

    11:59 AM - bluebird4800: The Queen didn't stop him nor do anyone else. The looks of many were still the same. Some even saw this as normality; many saw this as another perspective.

    12:09 PM - Svarte Dauen: The diplomat frowns and looks at the stranger. ''What stops her from justifying a war in a golden age of her nation? Diplomatic relations and public image. She has no intentions to attack Phoenix Empire, for it was never part of the empire, and neither will she try make it part of her empire.'' Diplomat asid and looks at the man suggesting these.''And do you trust the vile barbarians who would cut your daughter's womb up if she refuses to mate with them? Are you a sympathizer of the pagan faiths that do not follow our god? Faiths that want to destroy us the very moment they can? If Asnya Asna Asha falls, then who could be foolish enough to think that they won't try conquer Phoenix Empire next, as their only potential ally was destroyed?'' He said to the man. ''Do you even wish for your queen's empire to survive in this dark age? Do you really think that her nation can survive all alone againt the pagan hordes that could destroy us if we don't weaken them first?'' The man ranted at the mocking man. Then he waits to see if he has anything to say in return or not.

    12:19 PM - bluebird4800: “We don’t, I don’t roll everyone into the basket of barbarian and heretics. That the job of the foolish and idiotic. That is too down upon someone and thinks that they are worse than us, to think they are nothing compared to us. When in truth we are all to be judged, for I wait, for all of us wait and that is when they will be brought down to that level and including all of us, only to brought up or kept down. Though Allies are but simply people who want aid or need help, they come and go. The question is simply, when do you go? For public image doesn’t hold everyone feet to the fire, only those foolish does it. We can and will survive no matter what. For our will and faith will hold us to that day.” He seems to completely ignore the call out for a lover of pagan faith.

    12:20 PM - bluebird4800: His voice this time was more serious on the matter.

    12:20 PM - bluebird4800: Yet the edge still existed.

    12:23 PM - bluebird4800: Another voice echoes through, this time another man. His voice was humble, although with a sound of reason. "I think it in our best interest to stop the current plans of Narlox; the long term is more question-able."

    12:26 PM - bluebird4800: His grab was one of wealth, clearly one of a noble status.

    12:32 PM - crawlers: "If we should gain some advantage against those who seek to silence truth and plunge us into darkness and superstitions and not compromise ourselves in doing so, then we should do so" he said, shortly and to the point.

    12:35 PM - bluebird4800: A female would speak up "The advantage is information onto what Narlox plans and slowing down any current plans."

    12:41 PM - Svarte Dauen: The diplomat now looks at the queen.''I believe it is now the queen's decision to decide whose point to believe in. Whose ideas will actually provide the first steps to safety for her empire.'''

    8:51 PM - ProtectronOfLove: The rhythmic tapping of metal on stone proceeded the ambassador. His cane crashed down with every step, wordlessly moving the throng in front of him. Taa'sa ibn Tee'wiya al-Jwafuli Minsa, survivor of a dozen campaigns within the Janissary and an honored member of the Order of the Crestfallen Eagles. A weathered man, with hard features, several scars, the normal dark complexion of his people, and white stubble. The cane was an ornate affair, made of ebony wood, embellished with gold and ivory headings and encrusted with sapphires, the sacred gem of Utamalshkupatli (PBUH). He always limped, claiming it to be an old war wound that never healed. So the cane supported his weight, as he held up the weight of Narlox. A series of scars traversed his right eye, leaving it milk white but his accuracy never changed; leaving him nicknamed Minsa, Mooneye. Currently serving as ambassador for the Padishahnate; unanimously elected by all of the Satraps to represent each one of them. He was flanked by: a strange man wrapped totally in bandaged and wearing a silver funerary mask, who was Muhy ibn Bu'ri al-Baylai a famous Shagun theologian and Voice of the Divine Shagun; an olive-skinned woman wearing the brown sac-cloth robes and shaved dome of the Rhim Qarhet, Sama bint Faha al-An grand Reliquarist of the Alchemists; and a large man with lighter skin who wore the dress and bearings of the horse people, Qoyoria ibn Touktai who represented the Five Beholden Clans. The trio represented Narlox in total, an astonishing feat.

    8:51 PM - ProtectronOfLove: The accompaniment stood to the edge of the crowd as Mooneye approached the dais of the Empress. Despite his wounded leg, he forced himself into a proper kneeling bow. “Your highness,” despite his swarthy accent he was quite fluent in Inakese. Remaining knelt, “I would dare to remind her eminence of the treaty signed not six years hence.” He lifted his head to gaze at the Empress, his expression continued to never betray his motives. “Four more years, do we have peace. Lest, you wish me and,” he gestured to the trio, “ my comrades return home early.” He would go to rise but continue to speak, “Neither you nor the Padishahnate can stand Asnya’s blustering any longer. The satraps are simply putting the claims of this supposed great empire to the test.”

    9:13 PM - bluebird4800: Cheryl, the queen, would be the one to speak first "There no reason to bow, Mooneye. We are well aware of the peace agreement, yet it simply food for thought. We shall continue to have peace and as to the fate of Asyna that is one that has already been sealed.” The tone this time was still one of frost although be a bit less than before.

    9:17 PM - bluebird4800: 9:17 PM - ProtectronOfLove: "I, and all of Narlox, thank you your majesty," he'd back up three paces, and then spin on his heels. With a quick look to the diplomat from Asnya he'd quickly rejoin his trio at the side of the crowd.

    9:54 PM - bluebird4800: 9:29 PM - Omey: Daric Seldryn, Ryendarian Ambassador to the Phoenix Empire, kept his place in the corner. His assignment to the Empire was little more than a formality, he was the one who would argue for Ryendarian interests in vain, and the one who would give and recieve declarations of war. His existence in the capital was precarious, but the openness of the free-form court allowed him to give a watered down version of Ryendarian Foreign Policy. Daric was a gruff man, a Ryfenari Agent turned diplomat, and seemed perfectly suited to his honorary position, it certainly entertained the court's opinion of Ryendarians quite well, and Daric wasn't one to dissapoint. He respected the Narloxian Ambassador, a man of honor in his eyes, however Daric had one job, and maybe he could actually do it this time around. As the Narloxian retreated to his position Daric waded his way through the crowd and bowed to the Queen, "Honor bright Your Majesty, I understand the wisdom in your decision, however further intervention in Asnya would only serve to escalate long buried tensions in the east. Narlox and your Empire would be at eachothers throats for Asnyan influence, and Ryendar would be in a position to mediate the process with force, a position I take it that neither of your nations would consider favorable. What we need now is for cooler heads to prevail and for the dust to settle, it would be in no one's interests to have Asnya as a battlefield between Spirav, Malverion, Narlox, and the Phoenix Empire all at once. Lives would be lost and nations would submerge into antiquity if action is taken. But I understand the limited affect of my words Your Majesty, I only ask that you fully consider any action with Asnya, as Ryendar certainly will."

    9:54 PM - bluebird4800: 9:46 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Mooneye almost let out a chuckle. The Ryndarian actually defended Narlox. He was sure all of the dead in the fields below Ahn'Teluth rolled in their graves. But, with the Phoenix worrying for their eastern border might keep them occupied long enough for the Satraps to sate their lust for conquest. Whatever the case, he gave slight nod, and let loose a charming smirk, in Daric's direction. "Flowery words your grace, you honor the Padishahnate."

    9:50 PM - Omey: "I would caution Narlox the same, but that is up to whatever poor sod has the job of Ambassador to Narlox."

    9:52 PM - bluebird4800: Cheryl would nod. Roderik spoke up in voice and take to the stage, "I am sure your kingdom in all of it fanatical glory will try to attack our border, which I know you've gone out of the way to make sure that the border is quite . . . firm. Your leaders must certainly don't like what going oh on, no, no! They cannot have Narlox or our kingdom extent power! That just isn't right! No matter how many nice things you say they are always in another color of a darker shade. Oh I do wonder what if this become a . . . joint operation with Narlox and PE."

    9:59 PM - Omey: "A joint operation? I fear that you are far too optimistic, it will end over conflicting claims over Asnya, not to mention the fact that Spirav and Malverion would see a massive power vacuum and attempt to fill it. And even if Narlox and Phoenix were, by the Stars themselves, become allies, then you are assuming that the other nations of the world would not see this as a threat to their sovereignty. Although it is in Ryendar's interests to see Phoenix remain where it is, we would not want to be the ones to tip Casus off the knife's edge. So long as the borders remain where they are, Ryendar is content to keep our forces within our own borders until this fanaticism dies down. I mean no insult, Your Majesty, but it would be in everyone's interest to keep Asnya as a soverign state, lest they rally under cries of the Revelation and become a much more dangerous problem."

    0:11 PM - bluebird4800: "Oh I am positively certain that if done right Spirav could be appeased by simply giving them something of very profitable, those families do like money. Malverion, would be quite fine if you simply play the right cards in the right places. Whom to say that this would cause a war with everyone? War will always happen as it inevitability, if not us then someone will. I am sure you already such plans for war! Even though you say otherwise I am quite fine with the lies. Yet we both know Asya isn’t a threat when fighting vs a two front war.”


    0:17 PM - Omey: "I would remind you of the defeat you suffered at our hands not even half a decade ago when you underestimated another two front war, and although Mooneye would never admit such a thing, Narlox certainly has no lost love for Phoenix. The past dictates the future, and your past is certainly catching up to you. We have defeated you before when you hid behind your castles and in your woods, and we can defeat you again upon the open plains in fair battle. But Ryendar wishes for no such thing, if we wanted war, we would've ridden high on the fervor of the Revelation and launched a Crusade like the one your ancestors visited upon us. We have no desire for war, not with this climate of fanaticism and with every nation teetering on a knife's edge, but if you would escalate this with a war with Asnya... Ryendar will not hesitate to intervene. I mean it nott as a threat, but a warning. We will not have you use this event to swallow a sovereign nation whole, Ryendar will not stand for it, and we are willing to fight for it."

    10:46 PM - bluebird4800: “That war? We lost? We gain more land then lost and you simply just couldn’t fight us in the forest or the castle! All fair in love and war, to fight in the open is something your people love. To claim such as a victory is a little more than a foolish game. We even TOOK land from Narlox during that war! You claim peace but I seriously doubt anything like that is true. For now you want peace, simply to sharpen blade & sword. Prepare the right bits of natiomlism in that fine powder would make the keg explode, now wouldn’t it? You claim our past is catching up with ourselves although you seem not to be educated on such things even the crusade is an example. Our ancestors never called such thing and it was simply the fanatical peasantry that did it, we only sent a few true warriors to help in that.”

    10:37 PM - Omey: "I will not debate you on the concept of war, other than the fact that Phoenix had no such reservations about it when they were the ones holding the big stick. And do not pretend that your countrymen are sittling idly, your court debates over a war with Asnya, and you dare accuse us of planning to attack? The irony is rich. My point stands, Ryendar will intervene if Asnyan sovereignty is harmed."

    10:40 PM - bluebird4800: “The court is open to debate about anything; this includes war and many other things. Of course we wouldn’t sit idly in such a time and when a war is already casted by another kingdom. We debate openly, you date in secret. I wonder which is far worse than the other.”

    10:45 PM - Omey: "The Imperial Court of Ryendar is designed as an advisory body, open caucuses are held in the Imperial Forum if you would ever like to watch. However we do not openly plan for full scale war. However I would ask that you make your point, as insults do not suffice as argument in Ryendar."

    10:46 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Mooneye let out a light cough, and quickly returned to a standing position. He had little more to add, so long as that dog from Assnya stayed quiet.

    10:57 PM - bluebird4800: The queen would speak up in a voice that was kind and soft, this time it had emtion. "I ask for this conversation to end for now as it not benefiting us in anyway. Though I do have a question, Daric, does this mean you seek to aid Asya in fighting against Narlox?"

    10:58 PM - bluebird4800: "Wouldn't this simply be the logical conlusion to draw from what you've stated?"

    10:59 PM - Omey: "If it comes to that, then our hand will be forced, however we would consider the geopolitical impact in a different way, so to speak. Considering that Narlox was beaten by your Empire, we would give them a little leeway so long as Asnya remained a soveriegn nation. However, in short and in the presence of Mooneye, yes."

    11:00 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Mooneye cleared his throat and added, "The small alliance of Satraps that is currently assaulting Assnya neither represents the whole of Narlox, nor do they wish to conquer Assnya."

    11:03 PM - ProtectronOfLove: "Simply put, his grace Satrap Mujrd of Hesh wishes to see the Whore-Queen of Assnya dethroned. His son is her second cousin, and has a legitimate claim to the throne; in the eyes of the Greatest of course."

    1:09 PM - Svarte Dauen: At first the representative was outraged by what the man had just said, but then calms down.''Is that so? What is the name of this claimant that you possess? Is he willing to become a ruler? Is he really related to the queen's dynasty, or is he an illegitimate son? Because an illegitimate son can not hold a claim on lands that his halfsiblings and such possess, for he was born out of wedlock.'' The representative looked at the man.''Does this man that you claim to be the cousin even exist?''

    1:14 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Mooneye didnt even bother to look at the diplomat, "Even if he were a bastard, he is of the faith. Thus, a more legitimate ruler in the eyes of the Greatest; and thus, of Narlox."

    1:16 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Adding, "His name is Mujundr ibn Majran, and is half-brother to the Satrap of Hesh. I am at this time unaware of the circumstances of his birth; as in Narlox it is inconsequential."

    1:19 PM - bluebird4800: Roderik would once again speak up "I am sure the queen of indulgences has many ill-legitment heirs given your country . . . certain activity."

    1:21 PM - bluebird4800: "Along with the family whom I am sure sleep around with many other people and don't mind sleeping with anyone, including . . ."

    1:21 PM - Svarte Dauen: ''Of what faith? The faith that is actually the faith of the nation or the faith of the nation that just wants an excuse to spread its influence upon the world? If not of the faith of the nation and was born out of wedlock, then he is not legitimate and holds no claim upon lands that he can't inherit.'' The diplomat said and coughs.''All of her heirs are legitimate, for they were made that by their queen as our faith allows the ability to legitimize our bastards. Her eldest daughter is the one who inherits the lands.''The representative said, but he had gotten the information that he might need.''Besides, does Mujundr ibn Majran even exist in your country, or is he somewhere else?''

    1:24 PM - ProtectronOfLove: "The fact that you don't know where he is, well, I find that ironic. If you want to know, Im sure you can find him."

    1:25 PM - bluebird4800: "Oh right so it fine to have relationship with 2 men yet not be married to one? Then make that child you have ill-legitment kid who become legitment? Oh I wonder how many men she has maybe 50? Yet somehow our faiths are similar?"

    1:25 PM - bluebird4800: "Isn't that but not a hersay?"

    1:26 PM - ProtectronOfLove: "Your Grace, the Asnyans only pretend to be similar to the One Faith of Balthazar. I think they have more in common with the savages of Malverion, or the nomads of Siprav."

    1:27 PM - ProtectronOfLove: ""I also don't understand why the delegate from Asnya would think his laws apply to the Padishahnate; when soon enough there will be no Asnyan Law."

    1:27 PM - Svarte Dauen: The diplomat frowns, looking at the queen.''The malverions and Siprav are barbarians, just like these imperial cultists who worship a corpse as their god. They worship different gods, hold different virtues. Despite few changes the other virtues we share, dear queen.'' She said.

    1:27 PM - Svarte Dauen: He said.*

    1:28 PM - ProtectronOfLove: "I am shocked you are capable of saying virtue with a straight face. At least we beleive in wholesomeness, marriage, and general decency."

    1:30 PM - Svarte Dauen: ''But is that all that matters? No. There are other virtues. Other virtues that you do not share with our faiths.''The representative said, but then he sighs.''It does not matter. It is known. I shall take my leave.''The representative said, bowing to the queen before taking his leave.

    1:32 PM - bluebird4800: "You call the Malverions and Siprav barbarians? You best be careful as to whom you call such things, you prevents. Or wait aren't you barbarians?" Ringed Roderik.

    1:33 PM - Svarte Dauen: He does not respond as he takes his leave, walking out of the hall, soon the castle. This was bound to happen.

    1:33 PM - ProtectronOfLove: Mooneye would snort, give Qoyoria a look. The horseman would bow towards the Empress, and leave as well. First to write a message, then to meet up on the road with the Asnyan delegate to send another.

    1:34 PM - bluebird4800: The court would continue on about more minor manners within the kingdom.

    1:34 PM - bluebird4800: Though the more note-able outcome is the call for an increase in border defenses. Although some of the more "Shady" characters within the room would talk to the queen privately.
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    The beginning of summer is marked by a great festival which lacks the usually humbleness of this people as it is generally considered a care free and less regulated time.
    Since the inquisition isn't known to take part in the festivities at least the last part seems to be a bit of an exaggeration.
    At the 8th day as part of an extended ritual of the celebration, the king is stripped from his insignias of power infront of the crowd before the high temple, before beeing slapped by the high priest (although he is over 90 years old he still packs quite a punch) with an open hand. This serves as a reminder to the people and to the king that he is still just a human, he than pledges to uphold gods laws, to not use his powers for anything else than the good of his people and so on, after this he is given back his signs of kingship and the celebrations continue for another 8 days.

    The first signs of the upcoming summer storms are seen in the desert, they are earlier this year but nothing out of the ordinary.

    The inquisition has increased there efforts in regards to recent events and one of them has been dispatched to deal with northern affairs.

    The merchant guild has shown great interest in improving the trade relations with the surrounding nations, some even further than that. The king and the rulling council have agreed to allow the merchant guilds to hold trade negotations with nobles and merchants in other nations, under the condition that the laws are uphold.
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    The Ryfenari are the first defense against any threat to Ryendar, the men and women responsible for some of the most heroic acts are almost all too tragically forgotten, the greatest of deeds only attributed to those in the light. - Aelfyn Ilterion, Spymaster of Ryendar

    Ryendar, the City of Silver, Ryendarian Intelligence Agency Headquarters

    Ilterion paced throughout his small study, a missive in his hands. His agents, the Ryfenari, had performed their job well over the centuries. Although the Intelligence Community in Casus was incredibly small, with only the rumored Kedeshtim and the Ryfenari gracing its ranks, it did have incredibly potential. Many nations were involved in counter-intelligence than intelligence itself. The Protectors of the Faith in the Phoenix Empire and the Inquisition in Siparav were the most notorious examples. The other thing was that many of these agencies were cloaked in the shadows, and the Ryfenari had learned of their existence due to their investigations into Ryendarian actions. The Kedeshtim were more of a rumor, however after centuries the shadows had pulled back slightly. The odd thing was that the Ryfenari and Kedeshtim often stay out of eachothers' way. The Ryfenari were used to gather intelligence, learn the happenings across the world, and report back. It was an integral part of the Ryendarian mentality of maintaining the balance.

    They worked through Ryendar's diplomats and traders, often smuggling messages back through borders. The odd thing was that if a nation simply didn't care, they didn't notice. As they were incredibly dedicated to simple intelligence missions, this meant that Ryendar was well informed, however the home countries felt no real impact. This hadn't always stopped from incurring their wrath, and the Ryfenari had engaged in several clandestine activities. Most obvious had been messing up Narloxian supply lines during several of their wars, and further mucking up Livatlan politics. In the past the Ryfenari had always provided important intel, and now in this fast moving world, they seemed to be working overtime.

    The missive in Ilterion's hands was from Trevyn Korion, Ryendarian Ambassador to Asnya and Ryfenari Agent. Most diplomats were just diplomats, and a few even helped the Ryfenari move missives through contested borders, however Trevyn was the only one who really was a Ryfenari Agent in the flesh. His official title was Keeper of Asnyan Affairs, however his codename was Keeper, and that was all that was required. And Ilterion was worried, because Keeper's missive confirmed what the Ryendarian Clergy was worried about. While Narlox had went into overdrive religiously, Asnya had doubled down on their lustful ways, and even as a cynic Ilterion could do little but sigh. The abuddance of laxness in the Ameretat and the lengths its followers were willing to go to fulfill their lust had disgusted Ryendar in the past. And now with the Revelation... Asnya's days were numbered, a sentiment shared across the Imperial Court. Although it had been determined that Ryendar would attempt to keep Queen Ankiara Zam in power, moods were turning given the news Ilterion had been relaying as of late.

    And now it seemed that support could be revoked, and maybe even Ryendar would allow a regicide. However Keeper was staunchly supporting aiding Asnya, despite their obvious flaws. The issue was that the Faith of Persei didn't believe that the Ameretat believers would face hellfire for their actions, their constant carousing broke the Codes of Persei in every way imaginable. This brought them disdain and with the loss of their empire, scorn from Ryendar. The cycle of the empires of Casus was something Ilterion had studied closely. First Asnya rose to prominence, then Narlox had their turn at imperium, which had reached its crest during the Siege of Ahn'Taleth. Now, the seat of reigning superpower was vacant. And Narlox, Ryendar, and Phoenix were all in a deadly rivalry that would see one of them propelled to greatness on the world stage, and the other two fade into antiquity. And with the Revelation, the stakes were higher than ever. The Spymaster turned to the aide walking into the room who addressed Ilterion, "Sir, the Emperor has need of your council, and the matter is most urgent."

    Westgarde, Headquarters of Field Marshal John Corryn
    The Field Marshal paced in his study, mulling over a map with two other officers. Marshal Saryn Bluesteel, a competent man who commanded Ryendar's northernmost front from southwest of Wolfgarde, stood at the other end of the table. Marshal Isabel Arylyn stood to the side, commander of the southern reaches of the Ryendarian Western war front. The two served directly under John and commander rather large armies, and all three of them had command over the front from the northernmost reaches of Boraeli land down through Ahn'Templari, Wolfgarde, Westgarde, the main Phoenix front, and all the way to Ahn'Cyr at the tri-nation border. From there Field Marshal Michael Stenorn, John's counterpart, took command with his Marshals. Thus there were four marshals under the two Field Marshals, all of them subservient to Grand Marshal Jacob Vorythyn. In addition all of the Ardent Commands and Ardent Captains of the Silver Guard were placed directly under his control, however he often delegated the Citadel Chapters to the Field Marshals for the sake of ease of command. The Grand Marshal oversaw the Livatlan border via his Strategosi and directed the entire military from High Command in Ryendar.

    Little of that concerned the trio in the room, for they had just received word of the potential for war. Ryendar intended on backing Asnyan independence, or so Corryn heard. This would likely mean sending skilled drill sergeants, and funneling arms and coin to the Asnyans, something Ryendar was all too familiar with during their Livatlan campaigns. And while full on war with Narlox or Phoenix was unlikely, it was a Field Marshal's duty to be prepared for war. The three had always considered another war with Phoenix inevitable, and their plan had been fairly developed. With the expansion of the Ranger Corps Ryendar would be able to stand a fighting chance in the dense jungles, while having strongholds like Ahn'Templari and Ahn'Cyr to retreat to. From there Phoenix warfare revolved around one key fact: Phoenix was incredibly well defended, however they were incredibly poor at taking things back. Particularly fortified things. The average Swordsman of Ryendar had some basic training in stonework, however that had been expanded so members of the Imperial Engineer Corps could be able to construct forts and outposts with incredible speed using manpower that would otherwise be wasted. The Permanent Limitassen, criminals and the like who always served in military functions rather than rotting in prison, and were incredibly expendable brute labor.

    This meant that the Ryendarian strategy was to slowly and surely press Phoenix from all sides, ensuring that they clear out jungles with overwhelming Ranger force and constructing forts and other hard points along the roads to hold territory. This would ensure the relative safety of supply lines, however Ryendar acknowledged that any campaign in Phoenix would be long and arduous, with there being no decisive battle on Ryendarian terms. This was what the Marshals debated.

    -Ryendar planning a potential war, likely won't back up threats
    -Potential interference in Asnya
    -Field Marshal Stenorn is prepared the defenses of the southern border in the event of war.
    -Ardent Commander Frederick Taelthyn has taken a brief leave of absence after receiving a missive from the Spymaster.
    -Theoderic has arrived in Livatlan, currently negotiating with Lord Ervin
    -Ambassador Trevyn Korion is schedule.ed to meet with the Queen of Asnya regarding recent developments.
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    From Malverion one will find such principled warriors with such steadfast will and training that no attempt to break through our lines will succeed, and in all our people such fervent faith and disciplined fury that any enemy will find that their military's legions, their stone walls, their wooden palisades, and their own people's will, will undoubtedly crumble beneath our feet. - Andreíos Thérmin, Border Marshall of the East

    City of Anemódisia, The Windy City - Seat of the Grand Administrator

    The robed man had been cutting through an alleyway to shorten his journey when two rough-looking figures stepped out from the shadows and stopped him. "You are that Sire Propovednik aren't you?"

    "Indeed I am. It is quite surprising to learn that I am known of in such a grand city. What can this humble man do for you two fine gentlemen?"

    "What can you do for us? You can stop with those speeches of yours. 'until we're really sure' was it? We all know what the shamans said was right! It was a sign from the spirits. You're damn speeches won't change that."

    "Ah, so you are that kind of people. Can you really be so assured that such a quick judgment was correct? And even if you are, what does that have to do with me? It is perfectly fine for you and I to believe and preach different things, as long as we all better the nation with our words. Now if you don't mind, I really must get going, I am keeping a very important person waiting."

    "Then it sounds as if he'll have to wait a bit longer, 'cause it doesn't sound like you're gonna stop your preaching on your own, so we'll just have to help ye out." The two drew out very crude and makeshift weapons, a rusty knife and slightly rotten club. They took a step towards the man, who made no move, but then stopped in their tracks eyes widened, quickly turning and running off.

    "Hmm? Do I truly look that frightening up close?" He then heard heavy footsteps behind him. The sound of metal boots against cobblestone. He would turn, and would see in front of him two figures in golden armor and white sashes, between them a tall cloaked man. It was none other then the man he was supposed to meet, the Grand Administrator himself, along with two of his personal Eagle Guards.

    "Quite the rough situation you just got yourself into. I presume you were bound to simply stand there and take it had I not shown up. However, my apologies for the occurrence. It is sometimes difficult to watch every little alley. Now then, let us head for my study. We can talk much more efficiently there then here." With that said, the Grand Administrator walked forward, leading the preacher while they were both flanked by the Eagle Guards. Servants say that it was not until a couple of hours had passed that the two finally exited the study...

    Eastern Citadel Construction Camps
    "Marshall, a message from the crown." The messenger presented the King's orders to the Border Marshall, who quickly looked it over.

    "Hmph. So he wants to increase the numbers on the border eh? Well if you ask me it's not necessary. With even the current garrisons we could hold out longer then any army that may approach our lands, but so be it. Even the strongest defense can grow in strength even further. We'll have to hurry up the construction of the citadel so we can properly house the reinforcements when they arrive." The Marshall sent out a call to council to all the administrators associated with the process. They arrived within the hour. "The King's put out orders for the border to be reinforced, so I want this Citadel complete post-haste. Ensure all our plans are set for completion by the end of the month, at latest the end of the next, and it better fit my specifications, else you'll have some explaining to do, alright?" All the administrators nodded and in turn departed. They largely felt no dissatisfaction or fear, for the Border Marshall, though he did have a reputation for being occasionally being reckless, he was never truly known for being rash or unfair in his judgement. If all did go according to plan, the Citadel, the center-point of the border defenses, should be finished within six week at most, four even if they made slight haste.

    Malverion Capital of Mortreharn - The King's Terrance
    "You sent for me your highness?" The woman who spoke was of average height and an athletic build, barely noticeable under her dark gray cloak and black tunic. Not far from the cuff the sigil of the Grandmaster of Intrigue was inlaid. It was a sigil that when seen, people were unsure of whether to show respect, or quietly feel fear, or both. The expressions of this woman never indicate how she feels about either reaction, as if she simply does not care, however she is not known to be careless whatsoever with any detail.

    "I see you are as beautiful as ever Lathraía. Or I would if you did not keep that hood up so often. Nonetheless, I did not call you here to charm you. I am not one for impossible endeavors. However, I am one for reports, and that is what I ask from you. I have already dealt with the most significant matters within, but I wish for your knowledge of what occurs without. Merchants and the like have brought rumors, but I would like something more concrete. Simply tell me of more major matters. Lesser or expected occurrences you can simply tell by way of writing."

    "Of course. Livatla has appeared to maintain order in association with the occurrence, but is still having inner conflicts that have guided their eyes away from their most northern regions. The matter of the highest importance would be the escalation of action regarding Asnya and Narlox. It would seem that quite the arson has occurred within Asnya, Narlox the perpetrators. Narlox forces have also moved into position, indicating that Narlox seeks to potentially expand their borders at the expense of Asnya. However, some Phoenix faithful have reportedly been maneuvering in such a manner that they likely would be in a position to potentially attempt intervention. Though they are not grand in number."

    "Hmm, bring the written report in two weeks, in case their are any particular updates. Eyes and ears sharp Grandmaster." The Grandmaster left without another word, the King returning to looking up at the sky once again.

    The skilled use two senses to masterful extents, but those who put to use all of them to grand extents, but know when to do so are the true masters of this field - Lorelei Lathraía

    The Preacher of unity was nearly attacked by traditionalists in an alley, but was aided by the Grandmaster of Administration, with whom he had a long meeting with.

    -The King's orders reached the eastern border, where construction of the Citadel is predicted to finish in three to six weeks.

    -The King met with the Grandmaster of Intrigue, who provided him with reports, particularly regarding the matters of Asnya and Narlox, as well as Livatla, another report set to be made in two weeks.
    - The King continues to look at the sky at night.
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    - The Church -

    Balthazar, after introspection using what little free time he had, had an unpleasant but wholly necessary truth form in his mind. While he worked to keep the church free of corruption and heresy, he had grown detached from the world. Words that he said to crowds now echoed in his own mind.

    . . . that which remains to us is to use all skill in the effort of putting an end to the unrighteousness which plagues this world . . .

    The words demanded an answer to a question they never said. What are you doing with all the skill you have been given? To form a good message that reaches no one is of little use. But the weight of reality set in from another direction - the enemies of truth had likely set up traps for him should he travel, and that bravery without prudence was dangerous.

    He looked at a familiar map on the wall of his study. He saw it almost every day but it has been a long time since he had really looked at it. He got an updated one every few years or whenever something significant had changed, and to say that there had been change would be an understatement.

    Reports he had listened to with limited enthusiasm now returned quickly to his mind. Asnya was under attack by Narlox, supposedly to install some relative by marriage of the queen onto the throne. He did not remember this person, but suspected that Narlox would not install anyone they did not control very well, and since his home was in that country, he was probably of their faith. He also suspected the people would not be pleased by this, but knew he could not act upon this sort of limited information. He would keep a close eye upon this place and wait, for now..

    He also remembered Malverion and Latvia had been places where the truth of God was not slain in the streets, and while the people of Latvia were never particularly open to hearing something contrary to their way of life, the same might not apply to the former. He had heard vague details of some list of virtues that the people there held sacred. If they could be convinced that the very virtues they desired were already in the faith, then they might be more willing to hear the truth. Especially if one of their leaders embraced it. He decided to read what records he knew about that place, and sent a bishop he believed to be capable of tact and not offending the people to Malverion to learn its culture. He knew he would then need to write about this, and have the needed number of copies made in order to instruct evangelists. It would all take time, and there was none to waste.

    -Balthazar is starting to keep an eye on the world an politics
    -He is watching closely the conflict over Asyna
    -He is also trying to research the culture of Malverion to try to show that the one faith is compatible with their values
    -A tactful bishop has been sent to Malverion to accelerate the research, and will arrive at the next turn resolution

    - Zealots -

    The zealots within the more urbanized areas of the Phoenix Empire had mostly received Balthazar's calming letters, encouraging them to put their zeal towards more intelligent goals, such as ensuring the crops were planted and their families taken care of. Some volunteered to join the army, but many others were unhappy with this as they felt the army did not do much beside defend. They wanted to bring the war to the enemy, not to wait for their foes to come to them.

    The ragtag band that follows Saint Thomas has finally gotten close to their target; a rather unimportant village in Narlox, just south of the occupied section. His rather paranoid sending of scouts seems to have gotten him this far but it may have attracted unwanted attention. Nevertheless, they prepare for the assault.

    God willed that his truth be brought to the whole world, and somebody had to do it, so why not Saint Thomas, son of Saint George the Rich? So was the thought of the day.

    -Zealots somewhat brought under control
    -PE will get a small boost to the economy and military recruitment from zealots
    -Many more zealots will join the military if they are convinced PE will fight against heathens
    -Thomas arrives to his target
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    Live each day to better yourself. For every day is a gift to forge yourself into a better person, not for some Lord or Noble, but for the good of yourself. -Patriarch Alexios Hyloryn

    Basilica of the Stars, Ryendar

    The entire massive room was filled to the brim with people, commoners, workers, artisans, merchants, nobles, all people of Ryendar. All standing in prayer as the Patriarch went through the Monthly Service. In the Faith of Persei services were held on a monthly basis, partly due to the wide range of schedules it could support, and due to the rather small clergy. Under the Triarchate of Patriarchs, those representing Ryendar, Kyren, and Dyreholme, there were several Arch-Ecclesiarchs who were the highest religious authority in a city. Then there were the Ecclesiarchs who served as Priests throughout the countryside, the Arch distinction was simply for administrative purposes given the relative autonomy of the Order from the Triarchate. "May the Stars provide protection to our brothers and sisters, both in Ryendar and without." A resounding chorus of Acaste Fidence en Sanctyr, may you grant us strength upon this world in the Old Tongue.

    "May the Cerafi among the endless stars watch over the dead." Acaste Fidence en Sanctyr.
    "May you grant our leaders the strength and knowledge to guide our people, and all people, in these times of need." Acaste Fidence en Sanctyr
    "May you aid our beloved brothers and sisters upon the borders of our nation in their vigil over our safety." Acaste Fidence en Sanctyr
    "May you provide us with the will and determination to continue our never ending quest of improvement in every facet of our lives." Acaste Fidence en Sanctyr

    With a reverential bow, the Patriarch called the service to an end and the attendees slowly made their way out, a few staying to offer some final prayers. Out of the crowd a man in the purple of the Ecclesiarchs approached the Patriarch, holding a missive in his hand. With a quick bow, the man spoke, "Honor bright Honored Patriarch, as the hour grows dim myself and my companions are to accompany the Seeker delegation to Cibyl, and I have come to ask for your blessing and aid in the days to come."

    The Patriarch, one Alexios, responded with a smile on his old bearded face, "I would be delighted to give my blessing to your mission, considering I ordained you to take it Ecclesiarch Thymas. Although the purpose is rather simple, we've never been ones for conversion. But you especially have taken to theology and philosophy, valuable skills for anyone in the Ecclesiarchy. Your skills in debate are what we need to quiet these starfaith followers. Their hearts are in the right place, but people like the Bishop of the Sky and whatever noble spread the starfaith make the critical mistake of not backing up their claims with evidence. The starfaith fails to account for the fact that Persei and the Cerafi originally pulled the Stars away from Casus to prevent them from further burning the world, saving us, yet withdrawing the Stars and their magic from us. With the Boreal Revelation, some form of starborne magic may return, but it is unlikely. The Stars have no malice for us, for they did not know any better." The patriarch finishes, looking straight into the eyes of the Ecclesiarch.

    "I understand Honored Patriarch, I will do what I can."

    The Mansion of Cyler Frethyn, Cibyl City, Livatla, A Few Weeks Later
    Theoderic took a seat in one of the many lounge chairs in the Frethyn Mansion, known to the Diplomats as the unofficial Ryendarian Consulate in Cibyl. The Frethyns had always been close friends with the Ryendarian state and had been more than accomodating to Theoderic during his stay. But as Cyler was out trading, Theoderic was expecting guests. Lord Ervin had given him, and Ryendar, permission to try to calm the starfaith and supporters of the Bishop of the Sky in an attempt to avert war. And although the delegation under Eccesliarch Thymas was still days away, the Seekers had already arrived. The Seekers, under Seeker Nathaniel Warren, were officially under the Alchemists Guild, however the Alchemists Guild, the Magestres, and the Seekers were all under the Bureau of Magisters, but the Bureau was forgotten in all but practice. The Alchemists kept to themselves, the Magestres had become professors, and the Seekers had become the advisors, knowledge seekers, and professional conspiracy theorists of Ryendar. Seekers tended to accompany diplomats, administrators, and even spies on assignments to provide counsel and historical reference, while the Magestres became professors at the various colleges around Ryendar and tutors to the young all across Ryendar. Compared to the widespread influence of the Alchemists who ran their shops and the Magestres who taught all, the Seekers were few in number.

    Ever since the Revelation the Seekers had been looking for signs of anything, and although not much had turned up, they were optimistic. But the Seeker in the lounge room, Nathaniel Warren, wasn't exactly preoccupied with looking for signs of change. His task was to assist Theoderic in Livatla and aid in calming the masses. "It is a pleasure of you to come, Mister Warren, it will be good to have your Seekers and Thymas' Ecclesiarchs here to calm the populace."

    Nathaniel responded with a nod, "It is a pleasure to assist, but the Grand Seeker was rather vague in our mission here, what does he want to be done?"

    "Our mission is to calm the populace by challenging them when they're preaching, you simply debate them with logic, win, and the people see reason. I want for you and your Seekers to know the streets, know the taverns where speeches are often given, and don't disrupt them every time. But enough so that people realize. Of course this will be all out of uniform, as all work like this is. We have Lord Ervin's blessing, but that will not take us far if we begin to irk him. Prepare your men and walk with me, it's time you've seen the city."

    Ryendar sending Ecclesiarchs and Seekers to calm the people of Cibyl and hopefully prevent a revolt against Lord Ervin
    Some backstory on the Ecclesiarchs and Seekers

    -Field Marshal Corryn holding the west, some companies are redeploying, but nothing too serious
    -Field Marshal Stenorn holding the south, several fortifications are being reinforced
    -The Strategoses along the Talethi mountains have lost several companies to redeployment, now strengthening the southern border
    -The Patriarchs are keeping the people calm, for now
    -The Seekers continue to investigate any disturbances
    -Ardent Commander Frederick Taelthyn has returned to his post at Ahn'Cyr
    -Trevyn Korion is scheduled to meet with Queen Ankiara Zam of Asnya
    -The Autocephalous Patriarch of the Just Faith is calling for peace in accordance with the wishes of both Persei and Balthazar
    -The Provincial Administrator of Wolfgarde has finished repairing the walls and has contracted labor building several outposts along the Far North Border in accordance with Marshal Saryn.