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World of Casus (IC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by crawlers, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. crawlers

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    Nothing special seems to happen worldwide at this time. Mana densities have reached about 80% of equilibrium levels.

    - Conflict with Saint Thomas -

    Narlox circumstance: 16
    Zealot circumstance: 18

    Saint Thomas' scouts manage to alert him to the position of the local Janissaries, and realizing in how much a danger he is in, he quickly turns his band of followers in the other direction in an attempt to lose them. However, his scouts do not go unnoticed. While they are not caught, they tip off the local military that there is a band of zealots in the area, but not to where they are. The band is sought out, but by the time they catch on the trail, Saint Thomas has escaped into the occupied territory. No actual damage seems to have been done yet . . .

    - Religious Debate in Cibyl -

    Seeker circumstance: 2
    Faith of Persi circumstance: 4
    Earthen faith circumstance: 10
    Star faith circumstance: 11

    The logic, reasoning, and calm words of the seekers fall upon deaf ears. A small number of seekers find out that the crowds do not appreciate debate with the leader they trust and wake up elsewhere with bruises and lighter purses. Others find that while the preachers are not as well prepared for debate, they have enough points to keep the crowd in their favor. Some are suspected to merely be agents trying to advance the interests of Ryendar and expand its influence, although these rumors were probably just started by their opponents to discredit them. However, they mostly manage to keep the situation from becoming worse than it is.

    The Star faith, horrifyingly, seems to be spreading among those of the faith of Persi. The people believe the Event is not explained so well by a deity that is a noninterventionist, as why would someone that leaves people to their struggles send such a great, magnificent, and dreadful sign. Fine points of theology that the layman did not understand were one thing, and bright, obvious, and universally seen signs in the heavens are another. It does not seem to spread significantly towards the followers of the Earthen faith, however.

    The unrest remained in the city, but it did not reach a boiling point just yet. For now, the debate remained civil, but all it would take to change this would be some cunning person to stir the pot and cause the situation to degenerate even more.

    //If I have somehow botched some aspect of your religion, please tell me so I can correct this, @Omey and @DontBanTheMan

    - Travels of the bishop Andronicus -

    Circumstance: 10

    Andronicus reaches Malverion safely in an uneventful journey. 3 members of the sacred guard are with him to provide a minimal level of security against outlaws.

    Year: 871
    Month: 5
  2. NikolaT.

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    The Siparavien tradering caravans sent to Ryendar in accordance to local law payed the tax on trade and set up there stands in the mayor cities they passed.
    They quickly learned that the art of dying wasn't nearly as refined as that of the Siperavian weavers and were able to make profit by selling there colourfull cloth, carpets, clothing, strings and other by products, like the blue lapislazuli stones used for this process of dying.
    Salt, destalized beverage out of turnip, books, scrolls and other tokens made there way from one owner to the next although all of those sales paled incomparison to the cloth trade.
    The Merchants spent there profits on things that wouldn't become to much of a hinderance on tthere travel back, so while the 'wierd stones' certainly peaked there interest they eventually didn't buy them.
    Especially pelts, hides and other animal products, that were hardly obtainable in there homeland became there point of interest, especially the tasty orange fruit.
    Jet the fruit would never survive the harsh weather conditions of there travels, so while they consumed a lot of them they didn't keep any back for trade back at home.
    Upon learning of the local culture some of the merchants entered the silver smith areas of there current stop and were suprised by there strange way of craftsmanship, they voice there interest in taking one or two of the talented smiths with them so there may be an exhange of knowledge on there area of proffesion.
    The last important purchases they made where of scriptures of the locals and there language to encourage a better understanding in the days to come, aswell as countless paintings and scratches of the locals architecture and cities.

    The trading caravans sent to Livatlan found a lesser demand for there cargo, but still the mans finding themself in the right spots were able to sell there products.
    While the willingness of the locals wasn't as high as the traders would have hoped, the desire of the traders to buy the luxuries of this land was, especially
    never before seen odities like pearls and the easily transportable spices of this land were bought in.
    The traders learned quite a lot about the so largely different political situation in these lands and some even managed to trade there goods between cities.
    Some of the merchants even came together to write formal letters to the local goverment of the mayor cities, for the permisision to purchase and keep a trading kontor within there respecitive city.

    The trade delegation sent to Narlox found themself in a bureaucratic nightmare which there informal leader Agl n Nasen wishes to end, in a for both side acceptable way.
  3. DontBanTheMan


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    - A civil war has broken out in Aur. After troops led by Wyman and Barclay Weller marched into the city, Edgar "Egg" Colt, a prominent Lord in the lands surrounding Aur, raised his fyrd of three thousand and demanded the brothers leave the city. He was joined by a few Aldermen, who raised fourteen hundred men to assist him in this endeavor. The brothers refused and demanded a duel; this was accepted, but turned out to be inconclusive. After both forces had been in the city for a couple days, tensions boiled over and a minor brawl led to all-out war. Religious tension in the city hasn't helped things, as fanatics have seized the opportunity and begun killing followers of other faiths. With over ten thousand armed men in the city at each other's throats, the city's in complete chaos. The Lord Mayor has yet to re-emerge after his injuries, and most of the Aldermen are part of the conflict, dead, or in hiding. The outlaw Thomas "The Wretch" has reportedly been spotted in the city stirring up trouble, and Byron of Aur's replacement was killed in the crossfire. Several more armies are converging on Aur in attempt to quell the unrest (or possibly take advantage of it!).
    - Aidan of the Sky has been brutally slaughtered in a duel against Lord Ervin Cluse in the streets of Cibyl. Hundreds of onlookers watched as the two exchanged a flurry of blows before Aidan's arm sailed off in an arc. Ervin then proceeded to beat him to death, allowing the spectacle to last over an hour. Religious fanatics were held back by Ervin's men. After the event, Ervin returned to his manor, leaving Aidan's mangled body in the street to be looked after by his followers. In the hours surrounding the event, a mob gathered and is on the verge of plunging the city into total disorder. They are loosely led by Lanken, a previously unknown lowborn.
    - An assassin has made an attempt on Eccesliarch Thymas on his way to Cibyl (roll required). The one behind the assassination [attempt] is not yet known.
    - The elderly Virgil Kercher has left his home and is travelling north to bring order to the troubled Livatlan heartland. He has made his intentions known: to first arrive at and quell unrest in Aur, and then divert west to quiet religious tensions in Cibyl. Only time will tell if he'll succeed.
    - A large number (~500 strong) of professional soldiers have entered Cibyl and joined the Town Watch in keeping order. They are part of the Lernexi standing army.
    - The near north (south of the Dormand territory) has erupted into chaos. With the absence of Edgar Colt (who marched south to instill order in Aur), over a dozen duels have taken place and territory has been trading hands frequently. Four nobles have already been killed, and the rate of duels has only increased as upstart nobles take advantage of the confusion. The bandit problem has only become worse as a result.
    - Six earthguard have been killed by the mysterious southern warrior, who has been earned the nickname "Earthslayer" by the People. It appears he is primarily targeting villages following the Earthen faith. A heretic village has already named him Lord; after doing so, they were massacred by a local Lord.
    - Cerdic Dormand has resurfaced, spotted travelling north from Cibyl with his guards.
    - Ware Weller has defeated Gar Duguid in a duel, forcing the family to cede one of their villages. However, the villagers have refused to bow down to the Wellers and abandoned their village, travelling east to settle a new area.
    - House Cudd has secured control over all southern villages producing Spice. They are now the sole exporter of the good in the entire country. Prices have risen steeply as a result.
  4. crawlers

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    - Church -

    Andronicus focuses more upon not angering the nobles than he does the peasants, as he knew the former could put his task to an end far faster than the latter. The easiest way to do this to him seems to be simply not bothering them with his presence and restricting his efforts to traveling between the small villages. The bishop hoped that his group of four would not bother many. Bishops did not often come to Malverion but it did happen nonetheless.

    -Andronicus tries not to alert nobles (@PureFunnyDeath can decide what they do) and to learn the culture (probably will require another month or more)

    - Zealots -

    The zealots within Asyna see that the heathen are advancing and little seems to be done about it. Balthazar's calming words have had a significantly smaller impact upon them, and they know action must be taken. Their enemy seems far too great to be defeated on the battlefield, but perhaps some other action can be done.

    -Zealots in Asyna roll for a leader to resist the attack from Narlox
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  5. crawlers

    crawlers The Golden Spider Lord

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    Nothing special seems to happen worldwide at this time. Mana densities are about at equilibrium levels.

    //@NailBigGreen and @Bram51warcraft may now arrive whenever they wish by making a post.
    //@orrkon may also, but if you wish I can introduce you as your entry is a bit different.

    - Attempted Assassination upon Ecclesiarch Thymas -

    Assassin circumstance: 2

    Ecclesiarch Thymas circumstance: 1

    As the assassin made his way to the group his target was traveling to, he makes an unfortunate mistake and for a moment the concealed dagger he had with him was made visible. However, it just so happened that at that time, the group was not paying attention, as a significantly group of villains had set upon them with intent to loot and to kidnap the Ecclesiarch. It seems they had planned an ambush here in advance. It does not seem they know he was coming.

    Brigand circumstance: 3

    The brigand's assault goes off to a poor start as they were spotted far too quickly by the group, but in the chaos the clumsy assassin approaches his target, who is running for his life from the ambush. The assassin throws his dagger at the fleeing official, missing by two meters. He then chases down his target, who is no athlete, and beats him to the ground and tries to choke him to death. However, this is interrupted by the other criminals pointing their weapons at him. Both the assassin and the Ecclesiarch are taken hostage by outlaws (and kept separate). A ransom is posted, and every thing of value the group had is plundered. They try to hide in the countryside while awaiting an answer.

    Year 871
    Month 6
  6. Empress Azshara

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    The foundation of walls standing proud and the soldiers are working hard for it to be built. As time passes problems after problems shows and causing delay of it's construction. The mistress ordered the execution of some of her lieutenants.
    "Let this may be example for all others who tries to sabotage our work, no one will be spared" She said before her generals.
    She turned around and took a letter on her table and gave it to a messenger. "Take this to the royal palace and give it queen"
    -The letter has nothing but some request for supplies and resources for troops and construction, also ask for the queen itself to come and be present for inauguration when it finish.-
    She sits to the table and closes her eyes and she whispers "May the god help us to finish this in time"
  7. NikolaT.

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    merchant camp, somewhere south of Aur
    emin ipi.PNG Emin Ipi and seccond wife
    Emin Ipi one fo the merchants that came with the trading Caravan to Livatlan looked with a sad expression on the damaged city he had visited just weeks prior, the smokes of fires was visible was clearly visible even here, far away from the actual city of Aur. Then he heard someone walk up behind him, or more run towards him, the short steps of his youngest son Imarit, he turned arround.
    "father, mother was asking for you, she wants to talk to you about our guests", the young boy said, with a wide grin on his face seemingly unaware of the weight of his message. "Tell, her i will be right there Imarit and check on the soup when you are at it" Ipi replied with a soft smile and he could barely finish those words, before his boy already turned arround to run back into the camp.
    The Emin looked after him, while the burden he was carrying was heavily on his mind, did his decision make him feel this weary or was it the stress caused by the termoil he had experienced, he coudln't tell.
    He knew that he had done the right thing, he understood the worries of his wife, all to well since they were just so similair to his own, jet he wouldn't change his decision those people needed there help and he wouldn't turn his back on them. They had taken in various refugees over the past week, some driven out by fear, others by hunger or desperation, some even all of those things combined, but they had fled the city that was at war with itself. A concept that had taken time for Ipi to fully grasp, but once he understood the situation he had taken them in and in acordance to the customs of the desert, provided food and shelter for the night before even asking for a name.
    He started walking back from his viewpoint and back to the camp his carawan had set up, the love of his life had every right to be worried, taking in such desperate people was a risk, people like them had nothing to lose and some were even from groups that were openly hostile towards people of other believes, she had beged him to reject at least some of them.
    But Emin Ipi wouldn't change his mind, for it was the flayed one himself that had preached them charity.

    northern Boarder
    The cold wind was blowing against Anaja face and with a shiver she took her mantel closer arround her, she blessed the flayed one to give her the wisdom to buy this piece of clothing made from the skin of a dead animal. She had now idea how else she was supposed to endure this unkown cold that even put the cold nights of the northern desert to shame, she looked over her shoulder to see her carawan slowly catching up to her.
    Her carawan, she thought to herself, what an enomrous gesture of trust, her father Emin Ipi had put into her with this, sure compared to the track of any of the other merchants the 2 wagons and the few souls acompaning it might seem laughable, but to her they represented so much more. Then she saw another figure slowly making his way to her.
    He puts all his trust into you, thats why you are beeing 'guarded' by his watchdog, a voice in her head proudly exclaimed, the words hurt, although she knew that this man was only here to ensure her safety. Yes her father had always been very protective of her since the day her mother died to a silent illness and she too was almost brought down by it, her hand instictivly went to the scars on her arms, that although hardly noticeable thanks to the work of excelent surgent still remained on her belly.
    It had already taken all her power to convince him to let her lead this small detachement to this strange northern land they heard from, so asking from him to let her go on her own was completly out of the question.
    The rider had reached her, silently and without a word he adjusted his horses rhytm to that of her own, he was always so silent, Anaja sometimes wondered if the inquisition had taken his tongue with the finger from his left hand. This was of course nonesense since ninefinger was perfectly capable of human speech, jet he choose to remain silent unless someone was specificly talking to him, but even then he was a man of few words and it was pointless to ask him what happend to him in the pyramid or anything about his life before that.

    - Some of the carawan to Livatlan took in refugees in there camps from the waring city of Aur, regardless of there believes and upbringing
    - said carawans have delaid there return significantly.
    - the other caravans make there way home across the desert
    - A small detachement travels to the northern Kingdom of Malverion (@PureFunnyDeath)
    - literaly nothing else is happening since everyone is inactive
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    "Lone heroes have no true existence, made only be way of myth, or by way of lies. The dreamers, the philosophers, the idealists. They use their minds to create these mythological personas of superhuman or godly abilities that no amount of training could amount to. Meanwhile, in the real world, for a great victory or noble act, strategists or commanders may proclaim themselves, or find themselves proclaimed heroes of the nation for what they have achieved. However, while the common people know no better, the soldiers remain silent, and the nobility couldn't care less, save for the envy that may blind them even further, the truth is that there is no realistic heroic tale that does not contain the acts of at least an entire brigade or legion, for a strategist's plans and a commander's orders are nothing without the warriors to follow them. So the lie is that one man alone is the hero, whereas the truth is that there is a single proclaimed hero who is granted the credit, while many silent and unsung heroes go about their lives, accepting their fate of receiving no reward for the blood, sweat, and tears that they have spent carrying out the plans and orders of their superiors, who have spent naught but their time using their minds. Lone heroes have no place in the real military world. Any soldier who seeks to be such have no use but to act as shields for others, blocking and taking up the assaults and attacks of the enemy, for in any other position those heroic thoughts are one of the greatest hindrances a soldier can have, bringing nothing but death." - Vochír Sidírouna, The Grandmaster of the Military

    Malverion Capital of Mortreharn - The King's Terrance
    The scribe entered to find the king looking down from the edge of the Terrace, though he clearly heard him, for he spoke moments later. "Opportunities often arise, and when they do, one must decide which are worth taking advantage of, and how to do so. On the table is the draft of a letter. Look through it, edit it as you think fitting, and then ensure it reaches Grandmaster Sidírouna. I trust that his interpretation will be the correct one for our military workings." The scribe bowed his head, taking the letter and departing. "Stability is no doubt fluctuating throughout the land. In time a level will be settled upon. Whether it will be orderly, or anarchy, is what is yet to be seen." The king raised his gaze to the darkened horizon...

    Western Border - Citadel Dytiká, Border Marshall's Quarters
    "We may not have received reinforcements like the east, but that does not mean we need be any less effective. I want an increase in border patrols, and send a few more men to the outposts to increase shift effectiveness. Though we are not bordering a nation at war with another, we face something even more unstable. A nation on the verge of war with itself. I want reports on every arrival that approaches this border. We will make up for the lack of reinforcements by taking advantage of our better developed fortifications." The messengers bowed and issued their affirmatives, quickly heading out to carry the orders to the border holdings capable of carrying them out.

    Somewhere not far from the Central Crossroads
    ...after the five riders had passed, the farmers finally turned to each-other to continue their conversation, though they could not help but speak on what they just saw beforehand, "What business could he have in the North? And I get why he's got some protection but those aren't mercenaries, those are actual soldiers." The other farmer simply shrugged.
    "We'll probably hear about it eventually. Wherever that man goes news of him begins to spread."
    "I suppose you're right about that." The farmer turned, taking one more look at the group of riders, one a simple man dressed in a white and silver robe, the other four armed soldiers, all of which had had the insignia of the Grand Administration.

    -The King has spoken on opportunity, drafting a letter for the Military Grandmaster for his interpretation. One can not help but assume what the King may have to say to the Military in regards to opportunity.
    -The Western Border Marshall has sent out an order for all border holdings to aid in increasing patrols and outpost guards.
    -The Sire Propovednik has been spotted heading north with a small guard of troops from the Grandmaster of Administration.
    -(@NikolaT.) The carawan would likely encounter a small Malverion border patrol, consisting of 15 men.
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    - The fighting in Aur has , for the most part, ceased. Lord Mayor Ramm has emerged from hiding and joined forces with a number of influential figures: most of the current Aldermen, Feran Weller (despite the antics of his two younger brothers), and Virgil Kercher. Publicly condemning all parties involved and ordering an end to the violence, both sides have been cowed into backing down. Though there is still unrest within the city, most of the killing has stopped. Lord Mayor Ramm has declared his intention to bring both beligerents to trial, look into the fire that caused this entire mess, quell the unrest, and replace the Aldermen and other city officials who were killed in the prior months.
    - Cibyl remains on the verge of collapse. It is held in place only by the soldiers of Houses Lernexi and Cluse. The Cluse soldiers in particular have been extraordinarily brutal, going door to door and kidnapping those believed to be religious fanatics. Several prominent Starfaith leaders have already been executed; Lanken, however, has avoided arrest. The large number of soldiers in the city has prevented any public demonstrations or riots from occurring, but the religious unrest is still at a boiling point.
    - The Lord who slaughtered a town wishing to join the Earthslayer has been killed in single combat by the man himself. This has inspired several religiously suppressed villages to claim him as their Lord. Religious violence in the south has begun to rise.
    - Rumour has it that the Earthborn and Earthguard have been massing deep within the Firstwood. Word has slipped that a Grand Council, a gathering of nearly all the clergy, is about to occur. This hasn't happened in several hundred years, ever since Livatla's breakout into the north and south; partially due to logistical reasons and partially due to the lack of organization or necessity. The Grand Council used to be how the Earthseer was "chosen" (never officially, of course) in the old days, so it is possible that this or the recent religious unrest (or both) are the reasons for the occasion.
    - Ware Weller, after attempting to force the villagers who fled from him to enter his service, has been defeated in a duel by Hugh Duguid. Being defeated by this upstart peasant is a huge blow to the Weller's prestige and pride.
    - Ervin Cluse's second cousin, Wilmaer Cluse, has been making a name for himself by winning over ten consecutive duels in the course of a few months. He's been targetting many of Ervin's close relatives; this is undoubtedly because Ervin maimed (possibly leading to her suicide the following year) Wilmaer's mother, Rimilde Cluse, several years ago. Wilmaer's rising status and martial prowess is ironically reminiscent of Ervin's rise to prominence. The young warrior's most recent win was against one of Ervin's uncles, Saward Cluse.

    - The northern carawan passes through the lands of House Dormand. Despite how isolated it is, the Dormand domain is one of the most friendly to traders due to the importance of trade to its prosperity. A large number of furs and minerals pass through the desolate region, and much wealth can be gained from selling rarities to the Dormands (who have a famous art collection within the walls of their capital - though few are allowed inside the palace to see it).
    - The carawan in the south would be invited to the city. One of the Aldermen caught wind of their generosity and altruism and wishes to throw the merchant and his family a feast.
  10. NikolaT.

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    - The southern carawan humbly accepts the invitation, from there understanding and the explanations given to them, it's a grand shared meal.
    Since in Siparav giving a 'feast' is not really a thing and rather abstract concept to them.

    -meeting with the Malverion Boarder Patrol remains to be resolved.