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World of Casus (IC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Room' started by crawlers, Nov 20, 2016.

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    When the Knight King of Livatla subjugates his realm the Ryendborn shall sharpen their steel and march to war.
    And when the Crusaders of the East rally to their prophet shall the Ryendborn grab their spears and ward off the tide.
    And when the warriors of the South rise in a screaming chorus against the Ryendborn, they shall muster their courage and meet them at the slopes of the Talethi.
    Yet when the hands of the East, West, and South be united against the Ryendborn shall they seek cover beneath their walls and fight off the storm.
    For WE are Ryendborn, we will never buckle and never yield! For when every hand turns against us we laugh at death and proclaim as one, "NOT THIS DAY!" -Emperor Lyr the Great

    Imperial Forum, Ryendar, the City of Silver
    The figure in armor colored silver strode through the crowd, flanked by two other men in nigh identical armor carrying warstaves and highshields. The crowd gathered the Forum quickly gave way to the trio with haste, carving a path for them as the various debaters argued. The Imperial Forum was a place for the trade of ideas, various speakers fought eachother over everything from philosophy to foreign policy in a sort of open court as a way for the people to be heard. But the trio of Silver Guards cared little for politics as of the moment, arguments rung over the crowds as spectators watched the intellectuals debate as a crowd would watch a play, captivated and interested in the exchange. Beyond the Forum lay what many called the City's Heart, a collection of buildings for the various government run bureaus and organizations. In the heart lay the Imperial Palace, incredibly close the the group's destination: Ryendarian High Command.

    High Command was a massive building, carved of white stone with leaf green flags of the Silver Eagle descending from the ramparts. The trio entered with little regard for the massive waiting room in the front, the clerk at the front desk quickly notified his superiors and the three were allowed entry to the War Room. The War Room was an expansive room, dominated by a massive table depicting Ryendar and a good portion of the surrounding land. On the table lay hundreds of counters, each representing a Ryendarian Regiment in the field with various miniature flags represented the Marshals and Strategoses. At the table three men stood, the first and most obvious to identify was Emperor Richard, clad in his normal Imperial Green robes and scepter. Second was Grand Marshal Jacob Vorythyn, an aging man with silver white hair and a beard whose green eyes belied a great deal of wisdom and experience. Third was Strategos Alfryn Seryndyn, commander of ten regiments stationed along the Cennyr Border with Livatla. Her presence belied the nature of the meeting between Vorythyn and the Emperor, but to any observer Rory Tyralth was the anomaly in the room. An accomplished member of the Silver Guard his official title was Sentinel Tyralth, a rank reserved for combat specialists among the Guardsmen often serving as a frontline vanguard or bodyguards. He was also an incredibly trustworthy soldier which had certainly played a part in his high stakes assignment.

    Vorythyn was the first to break the silence, "Honor bright Sentinel, thank you kindly for coming. It seems that given recent events in Livatla was have need of your services. As you all know, Ecclesiarch Thymas and his party have gone missing en route to Cibyl and tensions in the city are rising. Thus you and two others are to Cibyl by lake-galley with a smaller detachment of Ecclesiarchs, your job is to act as a guard for Diplomat Theoderic and act as a Ryendarian Champion in the event of any duels."

    Tyralth digested the information before responding, "What exactly would I be called upon to duel?"

    The three figures around the table all hesitated before the Emperor spoke, "Ervin Cluse has done little to soothe relations with his brutal honorless killing of the Bishop of the Sky, thusly he has lost most of his support here in Ryendar and among those of Ryendarian descent in Cibyl. We believe a revolt will occur and as an exceptional combatant, you would be able to challenge him upon his honor to a duel. However that is not your main goal. Vorythyn?"

    The Grand Marshal explains, "Cibyl has been able to resist our attempts to outright conquer it for centuries, eventually we've simply stopped trying. But with the unrest in Livatla we might be able to leap upon this opportunity before he manages to massacre his own people. If the city falls in rebel hands, we would support them, and we would slowly incorporate them into Ryendar proper, essentially we remove the chance for any Livatlans to attempt to remove our stranglehold. However this hinges on the rebellion succeeding, yet we cannot aid it. The first hour or so, that will be the most pivotal to our success, yet we must focus our efforts eon controlling the Starfaith for now. That is why we're sending you with the Ecclesiarchs. We can no longer prevent a rebellion in good faith, but we can hope to capitalize on it. Another factor: another Livatlan noble, Dormand, has been spotted near Cibyl, whatever his stake in the strife, he likely intends on doing something to either aid Cluse or aid himself, neither seems good for us. But that is in the hands of the Ryfenari and Ilterion."

    Ryendar planning to turn a potential revolt to their own ends.
    Efforts are being made to turn the Starfaith back to the Stars.
    A bodyguard is being sent to Theoderic for his protection on short notice.

    -Ten thousand men under Strategos Seryndyn are stationed along the Livatlan border and plans are in motion for any army of 40,000 to be mustered along the whole border, fringe companies are already in motion.
    -Marshal Saryn Bluesteel's army is being reduced with the new plans in the east, losing several regiments to redeployment.
    -Field Marshal Corryn's entire Eastern Front is being shifted south due to changing plans of attack and defense.
    -Ardent Commander Frederick Taelthyn is being reinforced at Ahn'Cyr with several additional companies.
    -Field Marshal Stenorn is redeploying his eastern front among the Talethi, thinning it out to ensure that he covers the entire expanse up to Ahn'Taleth.
    -Several new regiments are in training and several regiments are being sent to the front lines, fresh out of training.
    -Fortifications are being constructed all around Ahn'Cyr in the event of a tri-nation war.
    -Ryfenari agents are increasing activity in the capital of Asnya.
    -Spymaster Ilterion has commissioned for gold to be donated to Asnya from independent traders to help fuel their struggling war machine.
    -Fur prices are rising after new efforts to recruit Northern Hunters into the Ranger Corps, new companies will be on the field shortly yet the fur industry is certainly suffering.
    -A new Engineering School has been opened in Westgarde, now one of only three schools for the Ryendarian Engineer Corps.
    -Marble prices drop due to the newfound demand for basic stone for construction projects in Ahn'Cyr, Westgarde, and Wolfgarde.
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    The Arrival of the Tandelorians

    Near the eastenr border of the Phoenix empire in a small space of land between the phoenix empire and the Mountains.
    A hole appeared that was spitting out rock , dirt , torn leaves and plans and eventualy 34 creatures that had never seen or set foot upon this world,
    The Tandelorians.

    The group of Tandelorians looked around in total confusion where they where and what happend.
    Last they remebered they where hidding in a cave as a terrible storm was ragigng on the surface.

    However after their momentary confusion the younger Tandelorians fell back to their instincts and qucikly tending to the 3 oldest Tandelorians who were in their final stage.

    They began moving these larger and older ones with much respect near a few tree's. Eventhough they didin't reconaize them, they knew to get the older ones out of the excessive wind.

    They'd have to wait untill the sun comes out. And so began the work and hopefully eventual life cycle of the Tandelorians that arrived on Cassus.
    Working with wood and stone.
  3. crawlers

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    //as requested by @orrkon I will introduce his faction.

    - Stratarian Covenant -

    On the 3rd day of the colonization of a new world for the Stratarian Covenant, something rather unusual happened.

    Even though a survey ship and a survey drone before that had been to the planet before, they never found the strange object that looked as if it was some component to some alien power plant. The thing looked like some kind of somewhat thick square with multiple strange curved prongs coming off the corners, resting entirely upon them in a shallow cave. It was entirely black and covered with some strange patterns carved into it, made of material that seemed to defy sense. It had been here so long that it was fused into the wall.

    The technical team probed and prodded it but nothing happened. The thing was not only immune to scanning, but disrupted all sorts of sensors around it. After a few days of little results, the team decided to bring it into the lab aboard the colony ship, put there in case of discoveries like this.

    A day later, when one of the technicians was working overtime with the device, he somehow managed to activate it. What he did exactly is unknown as neither he nor the computers in the lab were heard from again. The entire ship was surrounded by an eerie blur and then vanished. As more permanent shelters were not set up yet, the colonists who were spending the night in the ship were dragged off as well.

    Where the ship went and what exactly was seen through the sensors did not seem to have any answers that made sense. Among the things the ships sensors could see were bright spheres floating in the madness, and a strange ominous dark region which the ship seemed to be dragged towards. Midway through, the ship suddenly changed direction, sending whatever and whoever was not fastened down flying at deadly speed about the ship. It spun in circles for an hour until it finally slammed into one of the bright spheres. Uneven forces found themselves in the ship, tearing great wounds both inside and outside.

    A crew significantly diminished found itself in a strange world bearing only one star and one planet, and curiously felt the ship being dragged into the planet more than the star. There seemed little choice but to land, so the most suitable location was chosen in the frozen looking north. What was left of the engines seemed to be enough to stop the impact from killing more crew or from ruining more of the ship, but it was clear that it would not fly again.

    Curiously, the lab section was intact, and the containment doors that slammed down automatically remain intact. Unfortunately there seems no way to tell what is in there now, as the object prevents scanning there. However, it should be possible to cut them open if it seems wise. The sections near the lab, including the greenhouses and reactor also seem to be functioning well enough for now.

    - Offworld Outsiders -

    //rolling to see if they notice, will be posted in spoiler if they fail

    The Black Star:
    Tandelorians: no interest.
    Stratarian Covenant: 6

    Something mysterious has noticed its power used where it should not be, but the curse it bears prevents it from finding out exactly where or by whom. But this is hardly reason to give up; a persistent search produces fruit, and when staying hidden from such enemies, no lack of diligence can be allowed.

    Attention level for Stratarian Convent: very low.

    Tandelorians: 1
    Stratarian Covenant: cannot detect this form of entry.

    Tandelorians: 9
    Stratarian Covenant: cannot detect this form of entry.

    The "Glitch":
    Tandelorians: no interest.
    Stratarian Covenant: cannot detect this form of entry.

    Forgotten of Zerfas:
    Tandelorians: no interest
    Stratarian Covenant: cannot detect this form of entry.

    Tandelorians: 5
    Stratarian Covenant: cannot detect this form of entry.