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Yogg Saron Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 2, 2019.

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    Long time ago, the Void corrupted Azeroth, trying to reach its core and turn it into a servant. To manage this task, several "beings" started to conquer the surface and root into the depths... Yogg Saron, N'zoth, Y'Shaarj, C'Thun, ... They forged a Black Empire, figthing each other for supremacy, since no one could oppose them.

    Teir servants: aquir, faceless abominatios and the elemental lords, ravaged the surface of Azeroth, till one day, when the titans arrived and ripped out Y'Shaarj from the ground to safe Azeroth. But his tentacles were deep in the earth, and removing him nearly destroyed the whole world, causing a massive cataclsym. Due to it, the Titans created the Titan-forged, and gave the most powerful of them part of their power to defeat the Old Gods and jail them for eternity.

    In the far north of Azeroth, what is now called Northrend, Yogg Saron was defeated and a massive fortress, Ulduar, was built around him to protect Azeroth from his corruption. Several Titan Watchers were set as keepers of Ulduar to ensure that monster would never be fred and Yogg Saron could do anything else than rage in his chains.

    But his suffering was destined to end, and his great mind found a way to scape from his torment: Loken had an affair with Sif, the wife of Thorim, both of them being jailors of Yogg Saron. So the Hope's End confused Loken's mind, making the Keeper to kill Sif by accident, he was terrified of what he has done, and the smart Yogg Saron took his chance to infuse Loken with an idea: "He must hide this at any cost or he would be killed". So Loken said his brother Thorim that the Frost Giants had killed Sif, Thorim raged and started a war agaisnt them. To end that war, Yogg Saron suggested Loken to create an army, and so he did, the Forge of Wills of Ulduar produced a massive army of dwarves and vrykuls, wich Yogg Saron infected with the Curse of Flesh. Loken ended the war between Thorim and the giants with his new army, and Thorim got depressed.

    Loken knew his army was infected, he noticed Yogg Saron had cheated him, but he had no chance now, if anyone may ever notice it too, he would be doomed. So he convinced Helya to trap Odyn, father of Loken and Thorim, into antoher dimensional realm. And as Mimiron started to suspect, Loken killed him. Thanks to Yogg Saron power, he lured Hodir and Freya. Now he was safe, now he was the first designate, now he was the ruler of Ulduar. Now they all are puppets of Yogg Saron, who will release all his might to end the job he started years ago: corrupt whole Azeroth.



    Yogg Saron's army is a mix of forged constructs: Obsidian Statue and Obsidian Destroyer, faceless ones and elemental servants. His units are strong and sturdy, faceless ones are better than any other race of Azeroth, and they use elemental and shadow magics.


    Yogg Saron. Hope's End. Yogg Saron is an Old God, an Hero traped inside Ulduar. He CANT move, but has several long range skills to help his dark armies worldwide. Summoning dark oozes to boost your ranks, increase the corruption of the old gods to encourage his troops or even wishper into the minds of his enemies to turn then to his side... Unless they are mindless undeads of course.

    Loken. The Keeper of Ulduar. This ancient being has been cheated by Yogg Saron, but his servitude came with a gift: power. Now he is infused with the power of Yogg Saron and rules over Ulduar, he will try to conquer whole Northrend under his rule to please his master. To do that he will use several Lightning and Dark powers.

    General Vezax. Lieutenant of Yogg Saron. Yogg Saron has controled Loken, but he doesnt like to rely on titanforgeds, instead, he prefers to use his loyal C'Thraxxi to realize the hardest jobs. Vezax is a massive one, empowered by Yogg Saron will bring death and fire to the battlefield, specially good against casters or slow enemy targets.


    You start with a strong position in Ulduar and its surroundings, your first task should be to secure the whole Stormpeaks, and from there, attack the Undeads in Icecrown or the Drakkari in Zul Drak. You may also just hide in your land and attack from affar with your long range corruption skills, but remember: you are alone, so if you just turtle and leave your enemies free to grow, you will end outnumbered and destroyed. Your units are strong, and your heroes are among the sturdiest ingame, but you have 2 special weak points: some of your skills doesnt affect undeads and Yogg Saron cant leave Ulduar.

    The prision is well guarded and Yogg Saron can defend himself a bit, but if you leave him exposed, he may die, weakening your faction a lot. In early game he should be safe, but in late your enemies will have enough strenght to enter in Ulduar and defeat him, so be smart, be quick, corrupt and defeat your enemies to weaken them before its too late.
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