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Zandalari Faction Preview

Discussion in 'Fall of Lordaeron WIP' started by Elbadruhel, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Zandalar was once the core of the Troll Empire, from their holy mountain their empire grew strong, till one day, when they met the servants of the Old Gods, and to take watch over them, the Zandalari accepted several tribes to travel far away, where ancient Old Gods power relied, to settle there and guard those areas in exchange of allowing them to create their own empires, that way, Amani and Drakkari empires arose.

    With time, those independant empires became really powerful by their own, but they always remembered that Zandalar was the core of the troll culture and religion. From their golden cities they took care of the world, till the elves destroyed it, shattered in a massive cataclysim due to their greed and lust for power... Zandalar became an island, and whole Azeroth was scattered. But the trolls survived.

    The elves migrated to lordaeron and there they tried to conquer the Amani empire, stolen them great amounts of lands thanks to the magic that they had previously took from the Well of Eternithy, what caused the cataclism... Those elves never learn... They created Quelthalas in what rightfully was the Amani Empire, and even built a new well, this time called "Sunwell"... That abomination should be destroyed before they cause another disaster. But the Zandalari couldnt help the Amani, since they had to deal with the problems of being an island, less food for everyone, illness, climate change... The realm was really damaged, but the trolls survived.

    Now, part of the Sethrakk are starting to go mad due to the old gods influence, and mad trolls have gathered around Naz'watha and have started to do dark magic... All of them look to have succumbed to the influence of Nzoth, since its nagas have been attacking the Zandali fleets and coasts... But the Zandalari problems dont end there, the humans of Kul Tiras, guided by Daelin Proudmoore, protect the coast of the Alliance in Lordaeron, and will avoid the Zandalari tries of reaching Northrend, Quelthalas or Arathi to help any of the other troll tribes in their wars. What should do the great king of Zandalar? Should the core of the troll empire focus to secure its own kigndom or rush to help their kin around the world? The empire must reunite and the Zandalari are the ones to fulfill that task!​



    (I know Zandalari trolls are "not purple", but this is due to gameplay issues, making them another colour will make the players recognize them much more easily and quickly in the battlefield, to know wich unit or faction are they dealing with. Drakkari are blue, zandalari are purple, forest trolls are green and amani are green with leather armour. Gameplay and balance > lore, even if i love lore and will respect it as much as posible).
    Zandali Warrior. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Heavy. Berserker and net.
    Zandali Priest. Caster. Magic.
    Zandali Mage. Caster. Magic.
    Brood of Shadra. Light Big. Bonus vs Heavy. Shared with Forest Trolls.
    Brood of Torga. Heavy Big. Siege. As all turtles, can eat enemies and has protective shell.
    Brood of Pa'Ku. Flying.
    Brood of Akunda. Heavy Big. Magic.
    Brood of Torcal. Light Infantry. Bonus vs Big.
    Brood of Gonk. Light Infantry. Basic. ​

    As all troll factions can use the power of the loa to empower a troll into a Dire Troll, as long as the temples are up.


    You start in Zandalar, capital of the troll empire, with 2 good bases close to each other, Dazra'Alor and Atal'Dazar, you must protect them at all cost. Zuldazar is safe, but Nazmir is taken by Nzoth forces and Voldun is quite a mess. You must decide if rush agaisnt the nagas in Nazmir or to creep the rebels of Voldun, and then, if invade Kul Tiras to have free way to Northrend and Quelthalas, if destroy Nzoth completly or hurry to Arathi where you could help the Forest Troll agaisnt both humans and orcs. Your allies rely on your help, everyone will ask for it, but you have your own problems, act as a great king and solve both your war and your allies ones. Restore the empire, save the trolls. The loa support you!
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